Yeh Vaada Raha 23rd June 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Vaada Raha 23rd June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Kartik’s residence
Unable to bear any further allegations on her character, as kartik so callously points out, Survi slaps him tight across his face. all are shell shocked including kartik. riya who has just come in, sees it too. survi eyes him tensedly. she then tells that if he wishes to know then so be it. she says that he isnt the father, and neither is she the mother, and that khushi is an orphan. he along with others are shocked. riya hears this and is stunned. survi tells about how she had gotten her, on the very same day, when they lost their own Khushi, but she managed to find a new way to live through this little girl, Khushi. she narrates him everything, as to what khushi means to her, and how she cant live without her. riya hears all this. she goes out and finds khushi playing with rohit. Riya mocks khushi, while they both are boggled. she tauntingly tells khushi, that she is tensed that kartik isnt her father, additionally she tells her that even survi isnt her mother, and then narrates everything she heard. khushi is aghast to hear this. rohit asks riya to stop talking nonsense. riya explains everything. she callously comments as to god knows whose daughter she is. khushi is in uncontrollable tears. rohit turns to her, and sks her not to believe riya. khushi runs away from there, and starts running, dishevelled and distraught on the road. rohit too runs after her, but not finding her anywhere, he gets tensed.

Inside, survi says that she knows that she wont be believed here, and she doesnt care, as she wouldnt want to prove her point, and if they have a problem, they can live with it, as a woman can bear on incessantly. she says that if anyone shall succumb down, it has to be kartik now. just then, rohit comes in and tells kartik and others what riya did, and how khushi felt. survi is apalled and shocked to hear this. they both rush out, while tai is amused.

Scene 2:
Location: On the road
Khushi walks listlessly on the road, her life shattered, as riya’s stinging words resonate in her ears, and her moments spent with survi flash before her eyes. Meanwhile, survi and kartik frantically search on the road for her, one in his car and the other on the streets. she then calls jatin and tells what happened. he says that he shall come straightaway. kartik meanwhile finds survi, and asks her to get in the car, so that they can together search for khushi. she says that she doesnt need his help, as she can search her daughter on her own and asks him not to pretend that he cares for her. she storms off, and he too drives away. they both keep looking. jatin meets survi, while she is distraught, wondering what must she be going through. Meanwhile, Khushi doesnt notice an oncoming car, which collides into her, and she is thrown at a distance. crowd gathers around her. she screams and surv i rushes to her screams. its kartik’s car and he steps out, to find her in a blood bath as blod gushes out of her head. he gets frantic and berserk, and picks her up, and rushes her in the car and immediately rushes to the hospital. Meanwhile survi continues her search on the road. she gets kartik’s call, and is scared. she picks it up, and when she hears whats happened, she is aghast and the phone falls from her hands, as she runs berserk. jatin rushes after her.

Scene 3:
Location: Hospital
Kartik carries khushi in his arms, and then gets the doctor to hurry up with the treatment. they immediately start with the treatment. he is apalled to see khushi’s treatment, and wonders how could he do this. he remembers his promise to his own child, at their first meeting. survi arrives there too, and is aghast to see her daughter like that, injured and unconscious. she is in a distraught state, while he fumbles. just then, jatin comes from behind, and kartik retreats from there. when the doctor coems out, survi asks whats the matter. he says that the girl is out of danger, he says that they need to keep her in observation for sometime still though. he says that she has sustained mental trauma or maybe an emotional shock, and that she was mumbling in unconscious state. survi tells what just happened. he asks her to be over cautious. kartik standing behind, feels survi’s pain, as she cries incoherently, but helplessly stands. finally, he rests his hand against her shoulder, but she jerks it away. she asks if he saw what he did, as he always does, and then thinks and that he is responsible for this, and she wouldnt forgive him for this. she says that khushi is her daughter, even if she hasnt given brith to her, and asks him to stay away from her daughter and leave. kartik complies and walks out in a huff. survi is apalled to see her daughter. jatin consoles her, and kartik is enraged to see survi finding solace in someone else’s arms. he walks out and gets in his car. he gets the doctor’s call, and tells them the details of khushi, and asks them to give the best medical care and inform him immediately if they need anythin, but not compromise on khushi’s treatment at all.

Scene 4:
Location: Kartik’s residence
Kartik comes back enraged, while lata asks if the child is okay. tai asks him to calm down, while he angrily looks around for riya. when the sisters come with the kids, he asks rohit to go to his room. but hema asks him to stay and see what happends, when you make a mistake. kartik is enraged and asks riya why she did so, and if this is what she has been taught, and if she even realises the implications of what she did. to save her from his ire, tai hurriedly asks her to apologise. riya apologises and tai sends her away. kartik stands helplessly. he then turns to tyhe lord, while all watch him tensedly. he steps inside the temple, and with folded hands, he prays for khushi. lata comes to console him, while he says that whatever happened today wasnt right, as he didnt wish to harm khushi, and just wanted to teach survi a lesson. tai asks him to forget whatever happened. lata too complies. he talks about the emotional turmoil, khushi went through due to him, and when she gets to his senses, he shall go and meet her, and also shall try and talk to survi. tai is tensed, and then asks him why is he so tensed. she says that she shall go, and be there till khushi gets better. he complies. she is amused.

Scene 5:
Location: Hospital
As survi sits holding khushi’s hand, she continues to rant about how she is an orphan, even in her unconscious state. she is apalled. just then, jatin comes inside and asks her to relax. she asks how could she relax, as this is the reason she didnt want to come to mumbai, and wodners what she shall tell her when she wakes up, and how shall khushi bear that she is an orphan, and that her heart shall be shattered and she wouldnt be ble to see that. she is distraught. the nurse asks him to get meds. but survi asks him to stay here while she gets the meds.

Meanwhile, outside tai tells pyare that the child is okay, and asks him not to get too emotional over her, as she talks with her over the phone. Tai tells him, that if survi and kartik get to know, that its their child, then nothing can stop them from uniting. she is oblivous of survi coming in from behind her, while she continues on a venomous rant against survi. The screen freezes on both their faces.

Precap: Khushi tells survi that now they shall all sty together, as a happy family, with her father. kartik and tai, outside the room is boggled. survi says that now their shall all stay together, with their father, as she is jatin and her daughter. kartik, who is just about to come in, is shocked as he hears this. however, tai is amused as she says this. Survi doesnt realise kartik’s presence. he leaves from there in a huff. Back home, Kartik is frustrated and enraged. he starts breaking and throws everything away in his room. he collects all of survi’s memories, and burns them away, screaming out in angst and frustration.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

  1. Please update the rest of the part fast

    1. abhi kartik tadpega nahi wo survi ko tadpayega

  2. Good that wat he get for being an a*sh*le

  3. Yar pls don’t drag this serial also as kumkum bagya.. It will be much better if they don’t drag by showing each of their faces for every minute.. This saves more time man

  4. this is disgusting
    seems lyk kart nevr lvd surv..hell…
    dragging ans just dragging
    without reason
    Kartik can’t even respect survi…
    shameless character he has got???

  5. it is best serial on zee

  6. Sandeep saxena

    mujhe ye bataye plse kya ye dono mil paynge ya nai survi aur kartik ke bich ki duria bad rahi he plse dirceter ke contes dijiye

  7. Omg if they could bring a next hero for survi, it would be good.
    But plz don’t tell me one big fatso! Smh….

  8. Karthik could never understand survived nor did he ever trust her!! True love is only when there’s complete trust!! Survi forgave him so many times!! Karthik even if he trusts survi 1/10th of how much he trusts tai,it would have been good!! He doesn’t value his wife at all!! Fatso or whatever,DAT jatin is far far better than Karthik!!
    At least now make Karthik realize his mistakes writers before itz too late else therez no meaning in karvi relatnshp!

  9. update for the 24th!!

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