Begusarai 19th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Begusarai 19th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Priyom says to Lakhan that you are breaking my friendship? he pushes him away, Lakhan says i will beat you, Rekha comes and ask what happened, Priyom says he is breaking my friend and relation with me, he gets emotional, Rekha ask him to go as Lakhan is hot headed person, Priyom leaves.
Bindya is making chips as Choti Amma have given her this work, Ghungroo makes fun of her, Bindya gets angry, closes door, she hurts herself, bangs her head with door, cuts her hand by pressing between drawer, she then cuts her pulse of hand with knife, Ghungro ask have you gone mad, Bindya says this is sweet pain, Ghungroo is stunned.
Priyom is sad, he recalls how Lakhan said that we have no relation, no friendship, he recalls how in childhood they would sing Yeh dosti hum nai toreingy, how they used to bond, he is sad, he sees a owner scolding an old worker for doing half work he ask worker to take things to godown, worker says i am ill, i cant walk today, owner says you will not get a penny, Priyom comes and holds him by collar.
Poonam is washing clothes and says Priyom can flit, can talk big but dont wanna work hard, she hurts herself while washing.
Priyom starts taking things to godown, worker ask him to not do this Thakur, Priyom says you said you will give money when things are placed in godown.
Poonam says Priyom is not here but his thoughts are not going from my mind, Birla ask her to come fast, you are washing clothes from much time, Birla says i will dry clothes, she sees clothes torn, she says you were washing them or beating them? what happened to you? whats in your mind? Dolt comes there, he says she must be missing me, Dolt greets Birla, he says i was missing you people, you didnt come to meet me in jail so i came, Birla says your father didnt allow me to come to meet you, Dolt jokes where is my yamraj father, Manjeeta comes there and says i am here only but where were you? you got out from jail 2 days then where were you? Manjeeta gets angry on him, he is about to beat him, he sees Poonam’s afraid face and says this warning, dont do any work which will make me send you to hell, you will not get bail from there, he leaves, Dolt says just warning? how he became flower from prick? Birla says its because of Poonam, Dolt ask how you did it Poonam? Poonam leaves.

Scene 2
Dolt opens window and sees Guddi on terrace of her house, he is mesmerized with her, he smiles looking at her.
Priyom is taking heavy bags in godown, he takes off his shirt and works in scorching heat, he completes work and ask owner to give money to worker, he ask owner to have big heart, owner goes to give money to worker. Worker comes to him and says i cant take whole money, you did half work so you deserve half money, he offers him note, Priyom takes note from him, he recalls how Badi Amma said you have to earn 100rs per day, how Poonam said that when you will earn penny, you will be proud f it, he looks at him, is in tears, he gets Bindya’s call, he says why she is calling me?
Guddi, Poonam, Piddi are playing with Pinto and Soni, Guddi jokes about Priyom, Poonam gets tensed, Guddi says you are hiding something? Pooanm ask what are you seeing on my face? guddi says you are my friend, can tell me, did you find someone in Patna? Priyom comes there with dirty clothes, Poonam thinks it seems like he has come after doing some work, so finally he will get food, Badi Amma comes there and ask did you fight or did work? she says dont make any excuse, if you have done work then put 100rs in my hand then you will get food and shelter, she ask him to give money, he says i couldnt earn 100rs, all looks on, Badi Amma says ok sleep on floor for tonight, she says if anyone gives food to Priyom then he or she will be out of house too, she leaves, Maya sadly leaves too, Priyom is going, he gets Bindya’s call but cuts it, Poonam is sad for Priyom.
Priyom is coming to Bindya’s house, Ghungroo and Bindya starts acting, Ghungroo says Priyom cant help you, you should talk to Phulan, Bindya says no i dont want any problem again, Priyom comes in and ask what problem you are going to create now? he sees bruises on her hand and ask who did it? Bindya says Mitlaish did it, Priyom is shocked.

PRECAP- Priyom is drunk and says to Bindya that you are so much beautiful that i think i did mistake by letting you go to Mitliash, i should have put stamp on you of my name, Mitlaish comes and ask what are you doing here Priyom?

Update Credit to: Atiba

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