Swaragini 19th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Sanskar asks Annapurna to get Laksh and Ragini marry as he wants them at home. He says Dadi is very bad. Sujata says your bade papa didn’t want Laksh to marry Ragini. Sanskar says he will convince everyone. Doctor says he is right, if he wants to do something then don’t stop him. Sanskar says he will convince everyone. He tells you will stay in this house and asks her to promise. He calls for Durga Prasad. Annapurna asks him to calm down and says their family will be united because of him. Swara sees the door locked. Dida tells her that there is no one at home and she has the keys. Swara goes to Dida’s home. Dida says I thought marwadan asked you not to come here? Swara says Dida…….Dida asks did you meet Durga Prasad. Laksh calls Swara, but she disconnects the call. She takes the cloth from Dida’s hand and starts cleaning the mirror angrily. Dida asks what happened. She makes an excuse and recalls Laksh’s confession. Dida asks what has happened? Swara says nothing. I will meet him some other day. She takes her phone and leaves.

Annapurna comes to meet Durga Prasad. He asks what do you need. She brings Sanskar. Durga Prasad gets shocked seeing him. He asks what he is doing here? Annapurna says he will tell you……Sanskar bends down on his knees and says Ragini and Laksh. Ragini comes there. Durga Prasad asks how dare you to bring him here. Annapurna says he wants to talk to you. Durga Prasad says I don’t care about him and have no relation with him. Sanskar asks what did I do? Annapurna says nothing.

Swara opens the door and sees Laksh. He closes the door and he gets hurt. Laksh says he doesn’t care for the injury and asks her to open the door. Dida looks at them and gets thinking. Swara cries. Annapurna says it is your family now, do whatever you want to. He refuses to come to their house. Sanskar calls him bad man. He asks what do you mean? Get my brother marry Ragini…..Durga Prasad looks on while Ragini takes him from there. Durga Prasad asks Annapurna not to try to meet him like this. Sanskar gets angry and runs towards Durga Prasad, making him fall on the table. Durga Prasad gets hurt. Sanskar says you are a sinner and bad man. Annapurna looks at Durga Prasad while he closes door. Ragini takes Sanskar. Laksh asks Swara to open the door. Sumi and Shekhar come home. Laksh wipes his tears and goes to meet Shekhar and Sumi. He takes vegetable bag from Sumi’s hand. Swara opens the door. Shekhar says it is good that you came here. Laksh says he wants to talk to him. Dida tells that there is something wrong between Swara and Laksh. She asks her to enquire with Swara. Sumi says okay. Dadi hears her and says my bahu is conspiring against me with her mum.

Ragini makes Sanskar drink the juice. Annapurna and Sujata look at them and smile. Sujata says Durga Prasad hates my son, but why he has enmity with Laksh. Annapurna says don’t know why he has hatred in his heart. Sujata says Laksh accepted Ragini infront of all. She comes here for us. Ragini tells Sanskar that she will tell him story if he finishes juice fast. He drinks it. Ragini says good boy and claps. Annapurna says Ragini did so much for us. We can’t ruin her respect. Sujata says lets give relation to her name.

Shekhar asks Laksh, are you happy? He says you have declared the alliance with Ragini infront of all. He says Durga Prasad didn’t angry. Annapurna says we can’t do this. Sujata says we have to take a fast decision else Ragini won’t come home from tomorrow. Sanskar hears that and throws the glass angrily. He goes towards his room, while Ragini follows him. Sujata tells Annapurna that Sanskar got angry only with the thought of Ragini not coming home. She asks her to give name to Laksh and Ragini’s relation and asks her not to think much. Laksh says he wants to talk to him. Swara says I just hope that Laksh will say the truth. She thinks come on Laksh, please tell the truth. Laksh says actually…..Dadi comes and asks him to eat something. She forcefeeds snacks in his mouth. Just then phone rings. Dadi takes the call. Laksh says I was saying…..Dadi talks on phone and informs everyone that Annapurna called and she called us home. Laksh is shocked. Swara is confused. Dadi hopes to hear the good news and prays for it. Laksh feels helpless and sad.

Laksh asks Annapurna, why did you call them here suddenly. Sujata says she wants to fix your alliance with Ragini. Annapurna asks for Ragini’s hand in marriage for Laksh. Laksh tells that he can’t marry Ragini as he loves Swara. Sanskar hears him and gives a slap on his face.

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  1. What is this l think sanskaar is not a mad if he is mad how will he know the meaning of marriage and love why he will beat lakshya I think he is not good

    1. same thing I am thinking about that

  2. laksh is imaginin the slap from sanskar

  3. Dadi is sooooo cheap blo*dy stupid she did it only for her stupid ladoo’s happiness and even sanskaar in daybefore yesterday’s episode she said if this time anything thing happen I cant bear it n I will make him fall for me Really I Hate ragini sanskaar and parvati

  4. This is not imagination some thing is there behind lsanskaar past

  5. I think the past if sanskaar is that he fell in love with a bengali women but durga prasad did not allow it

    by the way I love you pradishma

    1. offo pradishma…… being a gud frnd, i say ths…….. son’t care about all these lines………… someone must be kidding u….. leave it.. all these are common things that happen in a social web zone. take it easy………..

    2. Thanks aami but its cheap

    3. it can happen he past

  6. Guys I think durgaprasad hidden sanskaar for some reasons

  7. too senty episode………. feeling sad 4 laksh and swara, and poor ragini…………. want more spice in this soapy!!!

  8. Btw i am not cheap I really do like you

    1. marry me then

    2. Its not written by me it was by that blo*dy cheapster khanikar

  9. why do i feel a very good story about sisters family and love is being destroyed by unneccessary drama?! couldnt they just have 2 nice couples and dadi as the villain

  10. i think there is something in sanskar’s past that is causing his actions now

  11. Okay when

  12. i guess he is angry lucky went against his father and was forgiven but he is still disowned up to this point

    1. i think its either he is angry with his entire family bcoz of the past or he just want ragini near

  13. hope it wont turn into a dark drama…………….too much crying,anger and lies.i prefered the 2 couple even the love triangle to this.lucky if u can confess to swara pls tell every1 everything so this currrent drama can end …lets move forward its been 2 weeks already.

  14. he is no villain …dadi is enough he just want ragini to stay with them forever

    1. hope so.i really really like sanskar

  15. faking_maybe….hates his family_i dont thinks so or he wouldnt cry holding the family photo if he did……villain?_definately not……………..u need to see qubool hai,yeh hai mohabatein and kumkum bagya to know how true vilains look like and act ,they are masterful leaving u in awe…..he is no villain just wants ragin near but his past is surely interesting

  16. I lyk sanskar vry much I want sanrag… I dnt lyk lucky I dnt want him to b wid rag

  17. I think sanskar luvd othr caste gal in past

  18. pradishma is my wife
    sanjeev, i wil paint ur butt red 4 proposing to my wife pradishma

    1. Shut upppppp why did u use my name above

    2. pradishma ignore khanikar

  19. Reetika shrestha

    I think sanskaar love swara frm begining
    SO he wants ragini to marry laksh

  20. no stupid reeti, sanskar wil marry swara during ragini laksh shadi

    1. no I want laksh and swara together and sanskaar and ragini couple it can be he fall in love with swara in beginning. how he saw swara in beginning and now will be love triangle it happen

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