Begusarai 16th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Begusarai 16th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

scene 1
Poonam finds Priyom coming back home with Bindya, she makes angry face. Bindya thanks Priyom for taking her for ride, Priyom kisses her hand, Poonam angrily looks at him, bindya leaves, Priyom finds Poonam and ask how was your first day, he comes to her, she doesnt answer him, he says i have a life so i couldnt take your call, Poonam says sorry for disturbing you, its your life you can talk to anyone, Priyom says i am sorry, he says you show me attitude but not you husband, Poonam says its my mistake to talk to you, she leaves, Priyom says you will come to me asking for help soon.
Badi Amma ask Maya to make tea for her, Bindya comes there and says i make great tea, i will make tea for you, Choti Amma stops her from entering kitchen, she ask Maya to make tea, she ask Bindya to sit in lounge, Bindya curses her in heart, she ask Maya to make one tea for me too then, Maya looks at her stunned, Bindya comes to Badi Amma and says should i massage your feet? Badi Amma moves away.

Scene 2
Manjeeta comes back home, he ask about Poonam, mother says she has returned and said that its not her fault what happened in college, Manjeeta slaps her wife and says you are hiding mistake of your daughter and trying to say that Thakur is wrong? he says she did a mistake today, if she commit one more mistake then i wont forgive her, i will behead her, Lakhan comes there and takes Poonam from there.
Bindya says to Badi Amma that i am practicing on new songs for dance performance, Priyom comes and says i was helping her, Badi Amma ask Priyom to go and wash his hands, he pass flying kiss to Bindya and leaves, Badi Amma notices it, Maya gives tea to Bindya, she drinks it, Badi Amma ask will you listen a story? Bindya says why not, she says there was a fish who used to live in gutter water then she suddenly came in Ganga water of Begu Sarai, she liked the purity and thought to stay there whole life and then she was trapped in net then she was cut in pieces and fried then people ate her and she reached the gutter again, Bindya ask what this mean? Badi Amma says you came here t dance then make people enjoy but remember one thing we enjoy other kind of fishes and give place to oher kind of fishes in our house otherwise you can be cut into pieces too, Bindya is shocked.
Lakhan brings Poonam to garments shop, he ask people to leave, all leaves, he says to manager that my wife want to buy clothes, show us best dresses of your shop, manager brings it, Lakhan sends manager out too, he ask Poonam to wear these clothes ad show him, Poonam takes the dress and goes to changing room, she recalls how her father slapped her mother, Poonam comes out after changing the dress, Lakhan ask her to wear another one, she changes other dress, he makes her wear many dresses, after all dresses are done, Lakhan ask her dont you enjoy it? he says you like attention so i thought to give you attention but you are not enjoying with me, he says sing infront of me too, you did a shameful thing, Poonam is tensed, he ask her to take all the dresses, she does so, they leave the shop.

Scene 3
Bindya recalls Badi Amma’s words, Ghungroo brings fish there and ask her to eat, she says we will not eat fish from now on, she says that old lady says she will fry me and eat, i will not leave from here, i will take out her eyes, i promise that i will fry her soon.
Lakhan brings Poonam back home, he says you know mistake was yours? Poonam nods, he says will you do it again? she says no, he says from now on i will pick and drop you from college, she nods and is about to leave when Lakhan says i liked the dress which you wore in last, you were looking good in it, Poonam smiles a little, he gives her the dresses, she takes it from him, he leaves, Poonam recalls how Lakhan insulted her, she wipes her tears.

PRECAP- Priyom comes in college, Poonam taunts him that people come to college for studies but you dont have respect for this place.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. i just love sweta playing bindiya….she is doing her job soo well…..the way she holds her chai ka pyala…omg just phenomenal…!!

  2. Where is the written update for 17th February 2015?

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