Begusarai 12th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Begusarai 12th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Seniors ask friend of Poonam to sing song a part of ragging, her friend says we cant sing, they ask to recite poetry, she says she cant, they ask her to come tomorrow prepared, they then ask Poonam to sing now, Poonam gets tensed and starts signing Banjare ko ghar.. all claps for her and says it was great, he says class is done for today, they leave, friend says to Poonam that you sang really well.
Some seller comes to Badi Amma and says we have brought, gives us 2lac, she ask who has brought it? seller says name is thakur, Badi Amma ask Phulan and Bhushan did you order it? they say no, Badi Amma ask Priyom to call Mitlaish and ask him if he has ordered bike, Bindya comes there with Ghungroo, Ghungroo shows her Priyom and says he is still bachelor, Bindya says if i trap him then i will become queen, Priyom sys to Badi Amma that Mitlaish is not picking call, give them money, we will ask Mitlaish when he returns, Badi Amma says why this bike is so much expansive? is it of Gold? Priyom says no its great bike, it gives great mileage, Badi Amma says you know much about this bike, she ask Seller to take bike back, Ghungroo tells Bindya that Priyom has had many girlfriends, Bindya says so he is jerks like me, seller says i cant take it back, servant of Priyom comes there, Seller says that this person came in showroom and ordered bike, Badi Amma says i knew it that Priyom have ordered it, Priyom says i was about to tell you, he ask Badi Amma to give him money, Badi Amma says you wont get me so soon, Priyom says you will not listen to your grandson, she says i will not give it, he says if you dont give me then i will steal it from your carton, she says touch my money and then see, he takes money from carton so Badi Amma points gun at him, he sys will you kill your grandson? she says to save my son’s money, i can kill my grandson, Ghungroo says to Bindya that this old lady is mad, Priyom gives money to seller so Badi Amma shoots at him, Priyom runs away from there, Ghungroo and Bindya gets afraid, Ghungroo says if she can fire at her grandson then think what she will do with us? lets leaves from here, Bindya says if you want to get rich then you need to take some risk.

Scene 2
Mitlaish makes Lakhan meet Tiwari, Mitlaish says this person gives us government contracts, he says we have got tourism contract this time, i want you to look after it, he says to Lakhan that keep yourself calm as you anger can destroy things, Lakhan nods, Mitlaish leaves. Lakhan gets a call from his friend, his friend tells him about some guys in college doing Poonam’s ragging, Lakhan gets angry and ask who were they?
servant says to Priyom that today we got saved from Badi Amma but she will kill us, Priyom says her bullets have love too, even if it had hit me then nothing would have done to me, Bindya comes there, she says to Ghungroo that i used to dance around lousy, fat men but look at Priyom, he is so cute that i want to kidnap him, she ask Ghungroo to think something and make me sit on backseat of his bike, Ghungroo says dont dream much, Priyom calls Bindya, she ask what? Priyom says to Bindya that i am sorry for bringing you here like this and i will repay for this mistake by taking you on my bike, i will show Begu Sarai, Bindya is about to fall, ghungroo supports her to stand on feet, Priyom ask arent to satisfied with it? Bindya says i am not free but you are Thakur so i cant say no to you, i am coming, Bindya sit on his bike.

Scene 3
Lakhan comes in college in angry state. Priyom is showing Begu Sarai to Bindya, she holds him tightly on bike and enjoys the ride, Piddi sees them and is stunned.
Poonam and friend comes in class, some girls talks to them and they become friends, Lakhan comes there and calls out for Poonam, she is stunned, he calls her out of class, she comes out, he ask did someone made her sign, she nods, he leaves angrily, Lakhan comes in ground of college and starts beating the guy who made Poonam sing, he says you know i am Lakhan thakur and the girl whom you made to sing is Poonam Thakur, she is my would be wife, will you do her ragging? he beats them, the guy runs, Lakhan runs behind him and beats him alot. Lakhan brings the guy in class, Poonam is stunned, Lakhan says to class that i am Lakhan Thakur, son of Bhushan Thakur, and Poonam is my would be wife, if anyone tries to tease her then i will kill him, he throws guy away and leaves, Poonam is embarrassed.

PRECAP- the guy who informed Lakhan about ragging says to Mitlaish that Poonam should have told the ragging group about she being daughter in law of Thakur family but she didnt and instead she sang song and enjoyed it. Poonam calls Priyom, Bindya picks it up and says he is busy, call later, Poonam gets tensed. Mitlaish says to Lakhan that you cant even handle your would be wife then how will you handle our work? Lakhan looks down.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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