Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 12th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 12th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Parul calls Ritika worried, she was crying saying she knows she is disturbed but there has been a big problem. She tells her police has arrested Mausa ji and Mausi ji. Ritika asks where is Ranveer, hasn’t he returned from conference. Parul was crying saying police is beating them, she must call some lawyer. Ritika says she will do something.
Ranveer calls at Parul’s number, he asks where are they all as he has been trying everyone’s number. He asks why is she crying, she complains where he has been. He asks why is she crying. She says they have taken Amba and Mausa ji, Ranveer asks who has taken them. She says police has taken them. She says they have taken her to Varkeshwar police staion. Ranveer asks the driving man to drop him to police station. Ranveer comes to police station, he explains to the inspector then asks Baa to tell him that his parents can never beat Ishaani. Lakshmi says Baa has filed the complaint. The inspector shows him the complaint. Baa says they are worrying the way they haven’t done anything, and now they have made her invisible. Parul tells Ranveer that Ishaani left home after him. He turns around to hear the shouts of Amba and Kailash. Ranveer asks the inspector to talk to his parents, the inspector allows them. Baa takes a leave from station.
Ranveer comes to Amba and Kailash. Amba was badly beaten, Ranveer was saddened. Amba asks him if they beat him. Ranveer asks her not to worry. He watches Kailash also come crying. He asks what has happened to them, they had left this world. He says he earned everything for them, so that no one can point them again. He says he wanted to be a reason of their happiness. Amba says Ishaani is the reason behind this all, his fault is marrying her. She had told him that she will steal their home of all the peace. He can’t see anything in front of anything. He brought him to his house, what he got. What he got fulfilling his mota bapu’s loyalty. What is that love which costs you so much. She cries in pain, and tells Ranveer he didn’t understand her attitude and her Baa’s warnings. She asks him to go and show the world his parent’s condition. She says she only thinks about his welfares. Had he married Ritika, they didn’t have to see this day.
Ritika calls Shikar, and tells him her friend’s parents have been arrested. She knows he won’t deny helping. He himself was in Europe but promises to send someone else in the police station. Ranveer calls his assistant and asks him to send a lawyer, talk to Ritika or Mr. Javeri and send a lawyer here. Lakshmi asks him to do something. He asks the inspector curtly, that neither his parents nor his wife would make the complain. Ishaani never had a problem with him, how can he do this to him upon someone else’s saying.
Ritika tells Ranveer on phone that she has talked to a friend who has sent his assistant. She apologizing for not being able to come there personally. The lawyer comes there, and says to Ranveer he will handle the case. He asks the inspector how he can send his client in jail without a proof. RV says he knows Ishaani doesn’t have a problem with her, its her Baa. The inspector shows the lawyer a letter, the lawyer tells Ranveer that Ishaani’s presence is important as it can be a big evidence against them. He goes to talk to judge. Ranveer says to Parul Ishaani can’t do this, he was disturbed why Baa is doing this to his parents.
Falguni questions Baa that she is such a thankless person. Baa asks Falguni which of Ishaani’s relation is she saving, that Ranveer is doing so much with Ritika and is bearing a child with her. She says to Falguni that Ranveer will have to divorce Ishaani, and she will ask for her house from him. She says she went to complain against Amba because she danced at Sharman’s break of marriage.
The lawyer tells RV that the bail application has rejected. They have to take the FIR complaint back. He asks RV if he has a proof that they are doing it deliberately. RV says he doesn’t have it. Falguni says she has, she comes to Ranveer and says she has a recording where Baa accepts she did this to take revenge from him.
She plays it in front of the inspector. It was her conversation with Baa. RV says to inspector he had told him the FIR is fake, they must leave his parents now. Falguni says she is Ishaani’s mother, Ranveer is right that his parents are innocent. Her daughter is happy with her husband, the FIR has been because of Baa’s enemity. She takes the responsibility that Ishaani is alright. Ranveer says to Falguni that he doesn’t know how to thanks her, she has owed him a lot. She asks him not to say so, she only did it for him and Ishaani. No mother wants her daughter’s relation broken because of her. Ranveer says his maa always said he is doing mistake keeping them at home; the good thing is if they went to jail because of Baa they came out because of her. She says everything went so well, Ishaani was so happy and said everyone will know the reason of her happiness in the evening. They something happened and she went worried. Ranveer says she was talking to him, we wanted to tell everyone we love each other. He says she was worried taking him. Falguni asks where she went. Ishaani calls that she is here. RV goes to her and asks where she was. Ishaani says she wants to make a complaint. She comes to the inspector that there has been a murder, this man has murdered her Chiraag. RV looks at her in shock. She says he is a murderer. She says he killed Chiraag in front of her and asks he must be really happy. He wanted her separated from him, he was jealous of him so he killed him. She asks inspector to arrest him as he watched him kill Chiraag. Ranveer asks when did he kill him, and why was he jealous. Chiraag wanted to kill him, didn’t she call him. The inspector asks where is Chiraag Mehta, Ishaani hides her tears saying his body is at the highway. The inspector asks was he with him. Ranveer says he met him but he didn’t kill him.

PRECAP: Ishaani tells Ranveer she didn’t love him, she didn’t want to lie and he couldn’t hear the truth.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. if the main leads go in different directions,
    whats the point in watching this serial
    ishani is completely stupid,vo paagal ho gayi….

  2. I suggest watch English serials friends . They don’t drag this way. I think Ishani paagal Ho chuki hai. Usko psychiatrist ka zarutat hai . Koi to bachavo yeh paaagal ko. Wait for today, it is driving ma crazy yaar

  3. Ranveer kaise apne maa baap ke payar se bada apne pyar ko manta haidunia main parents ka pyar sab se bada hai ranveer ko apni maa baap ke baat maan na chahiye ishanee vaad main jaye

  4. Rubbish storyline iv stop watching because waste of time….

  5. Kya faltu ka nutanki hai yar…socha ab lv stry start hogi..but kya bakwas hai ye..

  6. Sometime I think that Ishani is smarter than RV her husband . Its not the first time that Ishani save RV life. Do any one remember how the show started how Ishani Nana was blame someone elope marriage and someone got the punishment really bad. Some time later she Nana is doing the same thing again. Could it be that Nana is jealous from her son death, really think about, Nana really know how her son die and who is the one that save Ishani representation life’s. It’s mostly Nana who treated RV parents with disrespect and treated them worst than dogs. Than I was thinking about after the leap, OK so Ishani go to jail for the murder of Chirag, mean while RV come home and hear from the family that Ritika and Sharman has canel their marriage contract due to the fact the Ritika is pregnant and RV has been blame to be the father….. But that is all we know ……. But this is what I think, no one has order DNA pregnancy test of Ritika baby, that will tell the real baby daddy. And that would be surprising to find out that is not RV ………but wait for it….. It’s CHIRAG baby. You ask why……… Ever since Chirag lost the case of marrying Ishani and and to have ful ownership of Ishani property……. Chirag lost everything, he doesn’t ever live with his parents anymore. Chi rage has ever lost the apartment that he used to live in. Again CHIRAG HAS LOST EVERYTHING and I forgot to mention that Chirag has ever lost his girlfriend and put her the hospital cause almost killed her by running her over that her our brother doesn’t know why. According American law base on more that enough evidence this should go to trail…. All truth will have to come out…if RV is to marry Ritika RV will not love Ritika cause RV already live Ishani that is the love of his life, RV will only marry cause the baby, but RV heart belong to Ishani and Ritika heart will always belong to Sharmen. And one more comment , before I go to sleep, Nana was she thinking before saying all these things to RV parents …… Nana is not thinking that Ishani base on this fact today Ishani family like tomorrow be on the streets looking for some place to live,….. Cause Nana mouth. Peace out

    1. What exactly r u trying to say ?? Can’t understand one word…
      Who nana

  7. It’s so boring…..

  8. Who is Nana?

  9. Nana means baa I guess

  10. Maybe Ishani is accusing rv of murder so that he gets jailed and then Ritika confesses that she had actually killed Chirag

  11. What does Ritika have anything to do here… think she went to that sunsaan ghaat in her attempt to get some fresh air?? I still think there is one character we are not looking at….Shanella’s brother….

    Ishaani is trying to probably keep Ranveer safe and also keep her Baa out of jail. It is clear they love each other. But abhi yeh baat samjhaayega kaun. Ritika and Ranveer were meeting secretly because of Gauri…uska re-entrance bhi abhi baaki hai.

    Shanella has to get up, Gauri’s life has to take a turn for the good…and that will convince Baa in some manner about Ishani and Ranveer.

    Picture abhi baaki hai…Interval tak bhi nahin pahunche hain abhi lol

  12. pls dont make this serial boring by making such stupid comments by ishani to ranvir that i dont love u and bla bla bla… let it go smoothly ..let police decide what to do…ye naya nautanki derial ka trp gira dega….

  13. Ishani ne RV ko bachane k lye drama kr rhi h…..Use lgtha h RV ne murder kya h aur agr vo directly police station me confess kya tho RV rok lega aur vo khud apne sar p ilzam le lga…bt r ko tho kch pta h nhi vo khud confuse hga…nxt police vha jake dkhega aur saboot dkhe ishani ko arrest krega…bcz ishani ne vha RV watch k badle apne bangle aur dress piece rakhke aya h is RV ko kch samajh nhi ayega aur vo samjhega murder ishani ne kiya….Ufffffff……….

    Ye script writer b na khud tho pagal h aur hum viewers ko b pagal bnate h 🙂

    1. Sahi. Script writers ko kuch naye ideas ki zaroorat hai. Love Story ko poora crime drama bana diya…pehle domestic violence, abhi murder. The script writers dont obviously know what it is like to be in love…acha jaa raha tha jab they had to convince the families only….waise hi jaate….but abhi yeh twist kuch hazam nahin ho raha

      1. Ya itna acha chal rha tha….murder n al ok bt ye RV n Ritika’s marg bakwas bna diya….shadi n divorce n remarg n al…itni achi luv story ko bakwas bna diya 🙁

  14. Chalo hum sub paaagal ho gaya, yesterday my hubby was there with me accidently . He usually don’t look at it but yesterday he asked what mad drama is this!!!!!! I am getting annoyed at myself now .see what happens !!!!!

    1. This is the only serial jo main dekhti hoon. Main mom ki khilli udaati hoon baaki drama dekhne ke liye. Yahan poora ulta ho gaya ek dum se. Ab meri mom mujhe tease kar rahi hai lol

    2. Ya tat oly….evn ma sis lso telling d same… 🙂

  15. Yaa this is the only drama I watch ab kya karoom I don’t know . Others are making fun of me . I thought it would be a love story now unwanted pregnancies popping up during ceremonies I am ashamed at times. Our serial makers make all modern , educated , independent & broad minded women witches. All serials are full of female insults , as if born to cry . This is not different either I think I should stop it ,any way I started watching from November only. I regret wasting my time !!!!!

  16. from past two days in my home ppl r happy…bcz b4 i was watching dis serial n nt letting dem to watch other channels….but nw i stoped watching bcz of this stupid story…writer s mad….today also i opened the link to check any change in story….but its full peak level stupidity…..congratulations fr writter….dis much fast he decreased the trp….but by seeing ur comments….really its fun to scold dat writter….;)

  17. I am so bored with this drama. Just it off air and get some new writters

  18. They need to come up with something better than this. I agree there should be a twist in story but not confusion. They need to learn how to put things together to make sense in reality. We are not some bunch of kids, we are grown up. What was shown yesterday &day before was &serial is quite different. Please evaluate this writer, producers and enter team there is needs to wise up guys!!!!!
    Please can I just say this don’t insult the cast again is not there fault they will act what they told them to do. Please !!!!!

  19. I am not upset with actors , they are doing what they are told to do. At some extend Radhika really did great job. Shakti is always at his best I started to watch only because of him. Both actors are doing good job even falguni & rest.
    But it is turning in to a crap because of the writer & director. There can’t be such communication gap between lovers or husband & wife. It is foolish . We can’t do things like 90s we are is Internet era yaar

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