“Beauty is not in the face; beauty is a light in the heart ” OS

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Hi Guys From Long time I didn’t Wrote any OS………..So that’s Y I thought to write a OS from all of you….Hope you like it.

Darkness, ugly face all these are curse on any girl’s face. A dark skin’s girl not loved by anyone today all boys wants beautiful girls as their wives. Beauty this word “BEAUTY” I want ask you what is beauty?? Beauty is just a glamorous face ,White skin color, Sharp nose, red rosy lips, long hairs, big blue eyes long height and slim and smart.

All these qualities are requires for being beautiful??

I nothing have these such qualities my color is dark I haven’t any sharp nose. And I haven’t red rosy lips and not my eyes are blue. I have good height and I’m not fate. But after that why mostly peoples denied to become my better halves my soul mate why?? I didn’t understand.

But that guy with whom I could able to spend my whole life with him. His thinking is very different from others. He saw me first time when he came to our home for seeing me. I was very nervous on that time. My mum and his parents send us for some talks we went on the terrace. I was dam sure that this guy is definitely going to reject me. Because he was so handsome than I ever met. I opened my mouth and uttered to him in clear words that “Look I know you are very handsome and you are definitely going to reject me. If you are really going to do that then tell me I don’t mind because it’s your decision with whom you want spend your life. But accept my one request plz don’t tell to my mom that you are not accepting this relation just because of my ugliness I loves my mom she is everything for me. I don’t want to hurt her anymore because before you so many other boys rejected my proposal and this time my mum don’t able bear that anyone rejected her daughter just because she is not beautiful like other girls”.

He smiled at me…I wondered why he is smiling??

He asks me to go I agreed we both reached in the hall where everyone were waiting for us.

I looked at him he looked me, a hopeful smile consistently exist on his face he was looking very calm and cool and (laughs) trust me this attitude is really suits on him.

He said: “Mujhey yeh Rishta manzoor hai (I accepts this relation)

My eyes widely opened in shock… I immediately looked at him. From his this confessions happiness spread in my family like wind. I saw everyone’s eyes were glistened and smile visibly exist on their faces. Soon we got married. On our first night after wedding I was stood near window he came in the room my heart beats become running very fast he came near to me I turned to him and asked from him. “Kabir tell me one thing”

He said: “Yes saanchi say”

“Kabir I don’t understand till now. When I said to you to refuse for accept this relation then why you accept it?? You are really handsome man one side all boys rejects my proposals even they are not good-looking like you ap ko toh koi bhi mujh se ziyada axhi ladkii mil saktii thii.”

Shuuu.. he put his finger on my lips.. our eyes met. He replied: “Tum se axchi toh mil saktii thii par tum se ziyada sachi nahi mil saktii thii…haan tumari uss din kii baaten joh tum ne mujh se kahin thii woh baaten koi aam ladkii nahii karsaktii thii yeh sab toh koi saaf aur nek dil ladkii hii keh saktii thii….aur khubsoortii kii baat kar rahii thii na tum come with me” he took me in front of mirror and he stood behind me.” look at your eyes and tell me what are uttering these eyes?? Not understand okay let me tell you, Saanchi see your eyes are uttering your inner beauty…these are uttering that how much beautiful? heart you have… kisi bhi ladkii kii khubsoorti ka andaza uss kii bahirii sundartaa se nahi lagaya ja sakta…  uss ka dil acha aur sacha hona zaroori hai.. uss ke dil main sab ke liye izzat aur dherr saara pyar hona zaroori hai. And that thing I saw in you…and trust me on that moment I fell for you I decided on that time if I’ll marry then it will be you.”❤❤❤ I blushed my eyes moisten he hugged me.

So this was a story on mine I’m Saanchi kabir Kapoor.


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Bye Love You All.


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  1. Priyanshipp

    Beautifullllllll story my dear…. n I agree with u a girl is beautiful only when she has a good thought n a beautiful heart… outer beauty is not everything… thankuu for giving such a lovely msg… luv u my sister ??❤

  2. Dimple457

    Beautiful one di……..everything was written so perfectly and all the words written here were so true loved this one from the core of my heart??……..come soon with another OS like that take care????

  3. Vanu

    its lovely

  4. Lovely os with such a great concept, you explain everything very beautifully, keep writing, take care.

  5. it’s amazing Anee
    post soon

  6. Dhruti

    amazing story like you dear……………………..tc……………….love you………………..post next one soon……………

  7. I totally agree with u….. The conceot u gave is beautiful

  8. Neha.love7873

    Lovely os with such a great concept !!! Amazing

  9. Amazing dear and you delivered good social message ?

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