Thahaan – a new start (episode-43) (the truth)

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Guys shefali sharma as Lisa.u guys can imagine her..

Lisa was sobbing at her faith when she saw a hand key near her face.she looked at the person who offered her a hand key..she turned n saw manish standing beside her.
Lisa remembered him as she saw him in the room with Jigyasa.she thinks that why he is here?..his appearance was completely unexpected to her.
Lisa:you??manish smirks
Manish:yes..btw hand key ur face is full of tears n also ur eyeliner is dispersed on ur left cheek..Lisa looks at him doubtfully n takes the hand key.
Lisa:why are you here?..I mean u don’t even know me..she shrugs.
Manish:well I’m here because,I want to know about you
Manish:yes that’s right I want to know more n more about you.
Lisa:what is it?dont try to flirt with me.
Manish:I’m a married men n I love my wife..Lisa was sure that he is talking about the scene that happened in ishaan’s room..
Lisa:see I don’t want to talk to u more,I don’t have anything to tell u.she walks few steps away
Manish:u don’t have it but ur eyes say a lot of un described things..Lisa stops n hears.
Manish:ur eyes say everything.they are in pain,they look weak n drowsy,they are shouting for help,they need someone to free them,they are waiting for love n care,they are wanting for care,they look helpless..they look Miserable.they are not guilty at all.manish turns towards the door to leave.lisa looks at him turning herself.she recollects everything happened in her life in that one minute..she thinks what to do?what all happening with her is not right?.what all he said is true n no one ever read her eyes that how painfull they are..she quickly waved her hand in air n
Lisa:wait mr——-Manish stops n smirks.he turns towards her.
Lisa:umm u wanna go for a coffee with me??.she puts her hands on her waist n twists her belly a little in a seductive way..manish looked weirdly at her but more then that it was more important for him to know about her so he smiled with attitude n nodded.
Manish:wait I’ll ask my driver to drop us.
Lisa:sure.she moves herself more.
Later the driver comes n Manish gets seated on the front seat n Lisa sits on the back seat.
Manish:take us to the cafe please.
Driver:sure sir.n they moved.
In the cafe.
Manish n Lisa get inside the cafe n takes a table for two n gives the order.lisa opens her small clutch n does a little makeup.manish keeps looking at all her actions.her lip moment n her expressions..later their order is served n while having the coffee Manish initiates the conversation.
Manish:so what’s ur name?..Lisa stops applying her lipstick, puts the lipstick in her bag n places her leg on the manish’s chair.manish gets shocked seeing that.also she was wearing a short dress which was revealing her thighs..manish looked around n saw few people gazing at them and talking bad
One person saying to other:look, look at that couple they sold their shame n look the way she is sitting n he is not even concerned..shame at the new generation..
Second person:ur right he looks like he came from a good family by his dressing but hangs out with such friends n girlfriends.
Manish was shocked n angry the people who were judging with out even knowing about the reality..but even if he stands up for himself it’s of know use because of her he kept quite.
Lisa:ohh I forgot that ur with me.actually I often come to cafe alone so never mind sorry of that.she said taking out a cigaret..manish was hell shocked.
Manish:listen first of all keep that cigaret in ur bag.have it Later on I don’t care but not when I’m with u understand.lisa looks at him n makes a seductive pout.she quitely puts the cig in her bag. tell what u had to ask.
Manish:ahh what’s ur name?.lisa smirks.
Lisa:Lisa.I’m Lisa.
Manish:ok Lisa second thing I want to tell u is put ur legs down my chair n behave properly.
Lisa: u have problem with everything I do..manish breathes n says calmly with a sarcastic smile
Manish:see I’m from a reputed family I have my own business n many people from New York know me if anyone sees u like this with me than it will be a problem n more over I am a disciplined person I don’t like this kind of behavior kindly put ur feets off my leg please..I request.lisa makes an irritated face n puts back her legs down..manish sighs
Manish:thank u.btw want to eat something.
Lisa:yeah damn hungry.she says loudly.
Manish:ok ok I can hear nicely what’s there to shout.wait.waiter two pancakes please.
Lisa:two??why aren’t u eating.
Manish:umm??I’m eating,one for me one for u.
Lisa:hey miser King I am very hungry haan I can’t fill my stomach with one pancake I want more.
Manish:ahh ok how many do u want to eat?
Lisa:four nooooooo five yeah..manish gets shocked n chuckles.
Manish:ohh ah ok I’ll order,waiter six pancakes.bring five in one plate n one in a seperate plate.waiter nods n leaves.
Manish:tell me more about u?.
Lisa:more means?.
Manish:ahh about ur.lisa stops him
Lisa:see no one ever asks me before anything.u don’t have to ask too.lets talk about the money I’ll take 500 dollars for a night ok.manish gets shocked.
Manish:do u know what ur talking? I didn’t brought u here for that.n by this I got to know that ur not a good women ur a pr*stitute n works for Ishaan right.n how dare u ask me that?
Lisa:yeah I know I know u didn’t brought me here for that but u look super handsome so I was thinking.
Manish:shut ur mouth right now or I’ll forget that ur a women understand.he stand from his seat angrily.
Lisa:ok ok relax I was joking don’t burn like that I was joking I’m sorry please calm down n sit everyone is looking.manish sees around n sits quitely.
Manish:before u again start speaking dirty I want to say that I’m here for some secret mission n I need ur help for that n if ur more concerned about money then u will get it not only 500 dollars u will get 50,000 dollars for my work ok.for that u need to answer my few question.
Lisa:keep ur money with u..I said that I was joking n i genuinely mean it.i was just checking if ur like all other men or not.
Lisa:yes right from the age of 16 I have met a lot of people.a lot of men but never found a person like u.all the men are just full of lust n they only see my body.ur the one who read my eyes n also my feeling too..yes I look like well dressed,stylish n modern girl but my eyes capture a lot of emotions.i was just checking if ur really truthful or sorry for saying that.n u can asks anything I’m ready to help..manish understands n nods.
Manish:but why do u work in this profession?u know this is wrong.
Lisa:poverty.i lost my family in an accident n a little wealth my mom n dad had was snatched by my aunt.i was very young at that time.after the death of my family my custody was taken by my uncle n aunt.they didn’t had children.i lived with them for a month or so.n they were nice to me first.even I started believing them n loved them.but they betrayed day they asked me to sign some papers I thought it’s for my betterment so I signed with out asking the truth of the papers..the papers were the property papers which were on my name after my family but they took it n cheated me n left me abandoned again.after getting my sign they started taunting me n hitting me at very small matters.making me do all the house chores they made my life hell so I decided to run away..after that i shifted to New York from In New York I was caught by some red alert area persons..first I used to hate this job but then when I started getting big amount n a good life I thought that this is only my work that I can do right at that age so I had to n at that time I was in need of money.since then I’m doing this.andalso this life is much better then my past..manish feels pity at her story.
Manish:so u do this with ur wish?no regrets at all.
Lisa:yes I regret..I regret that I could not study further..I studied till 9th n if my mom n dad would be alive I would be holding some degree now.she smiles sadly.
Manish:it’s ok..
Lisa:no it’s ok we pr*stitutes never think of past n have emotions.
Manish:no I think u have a lot of feeling hidden inside the way I’m very good at reading eyes.eyes are a mirror reflection of our heart.what ever is in our heart reflects in our eyes n I see a lot of emotions in ur eyes..
Lisa:yes ur right I have a lot of emotions but I don’t have any one to share my feelings.btw u had to ask some questions.
Manish:yeah I was asking that how do u know Ishaan?.
Lisa:Ishaan already said it in the office right.she shrugs.
Manish:see don’t lie I know there is something big ur hiding please help me Iam in much need right now..u love Ishaan right.?lisa gets shocked.
Lisa:how come you..ahh no ur wrong that’s just attraction not love.
Manish:aha u love him as I said I can read eyes.
Lisa:no I don’t.
Manish:hmm I have also heard ur conversation with Ishaan.
Lisa:I was cheating on him he said everything in the room.
Minish:but I know the truth.that u love him.lisa sighs
Lisa:yes I do..I do love him a lot but he doesn’ just his need his servant his.h..his she stammers
Manish:ur his?
Lisa:I’m just his s*x buddy.manish gets shocked.till now he was thinking that they are really in relation but not a s*xual relation.he never thought that Ishaan would stoop soo soo low,he hired a pr*stitute n stay with him in the nights..
Manish:listen li..listen to me carefully Ishaan is playing with all all of us plzz I need ur help plz tell me more about Ishaan n u plzz.
Lisa:I can’t I’m sorry I can’t cheat on him.she stands to go.
Manish:he is also cheating with u Lisa he is using u don’t forget that.dont forget how he humiliated u in the office.i know u love him n it’s hard for u but if u don’t help me then many many relations are in trouble plz.she sits back.
Lisa:ok i can only tell about Ishaan n my relation.he hired me three years that time he said to me that he proposed a girl n she rejected him.he tried all the things n used different ways to propose her.he also proposed her in a mall in front of everyone but she just never understands his love n ignores him always.keeping a distance n relation of friendship.ishaan has a very big ego n his ego hurted when she rejected him always.n in frustration he hired me n since then he used to take off all his frustration on me.since few days I started having feelings for him n I proposed him too but he never understands my love.he always reminds me that I’m a pr*stitute n working for him.he always tortures me hits me n what I think that life would have been better before but…she starts crying
Manish:listen don’t cry plzz don’t cry I can’t see anyone like this..he remembers that Jigyasa said that Ishaan proposed to her so just to clear his doubt he asked.
Manish:who was that girl whom he proposed?
Lisa:VANI..manish gets shocked.
Lisa:yes that’s VANI..n finally he is going to marry her.he loves her a lot.
Manish:no he doesn’t if he did then he would never hire a pr*stitute to sleep with him..he doesn’t loves vani n I can say that because I heard ur conversation with him n he seemed very happy with u..Lisa can u help me to break this marriage plzz
Lisa:no no no I can’t I can’t betray Ishaan.
Manish: don’t forget everything he did with u in the past..u only said me right n I know he will leave u.
Lisa:no he won’t how can u say that?..he promised me that he won’t leave me.manish laughs.
Manish:ur believing him who still considers u as a pr*stitute after staying with u for three me Lisa he will leave u after he gets everything marrying jig..he was about today Jigyasa but stops.
Manish:ahh I mean vani..n also don’t forget how he humiliates u everytime ..u only told me right..lisa thinks for a while..
Lisa:but I’m afraid if he gets to know he will kill me..
Manish:I’m always with u.he says holding her hand.lisa feels protective for the first time n she smiles.
Lisa:ok I will. even I want Ishaan to learn a lesson.
Manish:thanks then tell me more why does he wants to marry vani?
Lisa:everything he is doing is just a he doesn’t loves her.he hates I said his ego hurted when vani rejected him.his love for her turned into hatred.he thought that vani has a lot of he decided to teach her a lesson.he sees himself as a diamond.she giggles while saying that.manish also smiles seeing her giggling
Lisa:he think he is the only good looking guy in this world.he wanted to show her that she rejected a diamond n wants to make her life hell.he wants to take over her business n torture her..he has a lot of plans n he said that I’m a part of it..I know only this much..
Manish:that’s enough to break this marriage.but I know vani won’t listen to me as her blind faith on Ishaan.and also Ishaan can make any stupid story to proof us wrong so I think we need to be patient n stop this wedding n also show his reality to vani..Lisa nodded.
Lisa:ur very intelligent.manish smiles at her n both say a bye to eachother n leaves the place..
Jigyasa comes home n n finds no one in the hall room.she checks in the kitchen for aunt Mary.
Jigyasa:aunt Mary I’m home..
She shouts but hears no response.
Jigyasa:where did everyone go at this time.there is no servant here.i think all the servents have gone to servant quarters but were is aunt Mary she never sleeps before I come home..I’ll check in her room.saying so she proceeds in her room n finds no one there.
Jigyasa:even Manish went early from the office where did everyone go.I’ll check for Samaira.she proceeds to Samaira’s room..
To her shock everyone were in the room together but tensed there were few servents standing in a row n aunt Mary standing at side of the bed.manish sitting on the bed n Samaira lying on the bed holding manish’s hand tightly n constantly murmuring “MAMMMA” a doctor checking her.she gets tensed n quickly runs towards Samaira.
Samaira:MAMMMA mama..mmmmmaaaamma..she panics Jigyasa takes her daughter in arms n calms her down.
Jigyasa:don’t worry baby mamma is here see nothing will happen..she look at the doctor.
Jigyasa:what happened to her doctor.
Doctor:miss vani she has high fever.but don’t worry I gave her an injection n plzz give these medicines to her.he passes a prescription paper but before Jigyasa could take it Manish takes it n glares at her which shocked Jigyasa a lot.
Manish:thank u soo much doctor..
Doctor:ur I will take ur leave
Manish:our driver will drive u to ur clinic.thank u again.he smiles n leaves with a servent..manish gets off the bed n gives the prescription paper to a servant n asks him to bring the medicines quickly n asks all the other servants to leave for their works.
Aunt Mary:vani Samaira was in her play school when i received a call from her principle saying that Samaira has high fever n she fell down unconscious.there was no car in the home so I called u many times but u didn’t pick up so I texted Manish to inform u about Samaira’s health he quickly went to the play school n fetched Samaira there n brought her home.since a long time she is murmuring ur name..
Jigyasa:I….I switched off my phone because I was in a meeting.she quickly switches on her phone n finds numerous missed calls n texts from Manish,aunt Mary n samairas principle..she regrets for putting her phone off n cries seeing Samaira..
Manish:I don’t think meeting is more important then Samaira miss vani.u should be careful..
Aunt Mary:yes vani Manish is right be careful I was soo scared to see Samaira like this..she comes near her n pats her shoulder n goes out.manish stood still glaring at her.jigyasa sees his look at her but didn’t say anything as she knew it was her mistake.
She looks at a sleeping Samaira n weeps..

Precap:both Manish n Jigyasa takes care of Samaira..

Sorry guys some changes in the precap u guys will get romantic scenes soon.plZ plzzz plzzz do comment guys I need ur love n support..:-)Juveria.

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