Beautiful Distraction – Prologue

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“Be Mine!” he whispers into my ear, pulling me to him.

“What?” I stare at him unbelievably. Did he just ask me to be with him? Is he gone mad?

“Be mine..!” he looks into my eyes as I look back at him.

“This can not happen, Sanky” I try pushing him but he holds me more tighter.

“I didn’t ask you. It’s my order” he tucks some of my hairs behind the ear. Damn man, who is he to order me?

“There is nothing called love between us and I told you before. I don’t believe in it. Then why?” I look at him with puzzle.

“Did I say, I believe? I just want you, that’s it..!! Being with Edward and being with me is same, isn’t it?” how does he know about me and Ed? “Don’t look at me with those accusing eyes. I’m your lawyer, I have the right to know everything..!!” He presses me hard to the wall.

“But not my personals” I push him back, this time harsh and he leaves me.

“So partners with benefits? In the process I’ll have you and you’ll have your divorce” he smirks at the end. Now I’m trapped. I want this divorce at any cost and none can deal with the wicked man except him..!!

“Okay but I want my own life. I won’t be your mistress” I cross my hands and stare at him. Men, huh..! Only want to have women on bed.

“You will get it, you’ll have your own freedom but at the end of the day when I want you, you would be mine, only MINE..!!” the next moment his lips were on mine. I closed my eyes enjoying the foreign feelings I never felt before. Sanky was kissing me sensually everywhere. His hands caressing my waist, stomach and slowly reached to my blossom.

He pressed me to the wall without leaving my lips, his hands roamed around my bare back, his magical fingers made me shivered wherever he touch. We were lost in the moment completely, both of our eyes were closed. I knew he was under the same hypnotic spell which I was feeling now.

When we were out of our breathe then he pulled his lips from mine, he stopped and I felt his heavy sigh on my face. He shifted my tangled hair from my face, yet he didn’t move. I opened my eyes in annoyance, why he has to stop..??

His eyes, oh god his sinful eyes interlocked with mine. Now I got conscious about the situation, hell I wanted myself to fade away like an air, his gaze was making me uncomfortable.

He palmed my face cautiously, then his thumb tressed my lips, I clutched my clothes to control my moan. He leaned his mouth, he kissed my forehead, my eyes and my cheeks. I instantly caged him in my arms. He smiled, a beautiful smile solely for me, seeing my desperation. I pulled him closer to give him an access of my mouth. His hand reached to my hem of the top, he was taking his time to pull my top, revealing my body when suddenly I yelped “Stop!”

What was I doing..?? Am I attracted to him..?? God! No..I just need him as he needs me..!! Till when I have to bear this? He’s annoying me..!!

Author’s Note:

Do give me your reviews. Hope you all will like it..!! ?

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  1. Sus


    1. Mango_Love

      Thank you ☺

  2. Nice dear

  3. Simi


  4. awesome epi dr plz continue it

  5. awesome post nxt part soon….

  6. Savanshi27

    Interesting plot!!!
    Eagerly waiting for UR next update…
    be back soon☺

  7. Awesome dear

  8. Raina

    i love it as swasan!!
    but still, if swara is married, these things are kinda so bad!!
    i am sorry! i don’t know what you have planned for the story, maybe you have your own plans to make this right, but as far as you have described in the prologue. these things are bad!!
    i didn’t mean to hurt you. sorry!
    but i loved this so much only because i am a swasan fan.

    1. Raina

      i am sorry! i really didn’t mean to hurt you!

      1. Mango_Love

        I don’t know actually what you meant! I didn’t feel bad dear.. But I’m sure that I’m continuing the story.. If you don’t like please don’t read?

  9. Awesome dear bt can you start your ff on wattpad

    1. Mango_Love

      Yes I’m in wattpad!

  10. nice dear

  11. Mica

    waaaa….. huh ! sound soo bad 😀 , i mean in moral thought , but let it be.. i will pretend kinda watching western serial.. glee or scandal or empire or even hmmm…bing bang theory 😀
    well, at least it’s for entertainment only 😀

    1. Mango_Love

      Well well Mica! Don’t teach me moral.. Ahhhh! I know how much of morals you carry?
      The best thing for you is criticizing! ?
      U dont have any other works to do except that.. If you don’t like don’t read…

      1. Kakali

        Mangoooii Lover, be a good writer dear, ehem ehem.! It seems you know Micaaaaaa so well, isn’t it?
        Being a reader,if we find something wrong in story then no doubt ev1 will share their pov as did Micaaaaaaaa..!!

      2. Mango_Love

        Thank you! Kaku..! Will look after it?

      3. Mica

        Mango…. did what i said is wrong ? i think we all teach by our parent that being married woman to be an affair is bad until they hold divorce paper. isn’t ?

        btw i think you misunderstood me, i just wanna say that i’m OK with this type of story, i will carry it as i watch western serials, which most of them gave us no Value but entertainment only…
        and i commented that as i want readers carry it as entertainment too, no need to asking about moral or value because some art work no need value or moral to enjoy..
        don’t forget no matter the fact that we live in different country, we are somehow have same value as eastern, and don’t forget that most readers here are teenagers
        that why i said soo…
        but hmmmm….. seem you know me so well then

      4. Kakali

        Mangooooo lover, tell me one thing which words we have used which weren’t proper?
        Dear, you are a old member of TU, so you know us that we love criticising, isn’t it? hmmm! what to say? Are you sure about it?
        We just said you to be polite with readers..!! That’s all..! Look the way you talking. Do you think it’s a proper way?

        Well we duno about your TRUTH.! whether TU posted full part or not, but we would be definitely reacting reading the part which have been posted..

        Oh haaaaaaa! I forgot to say one thing. “If we started to use improper words as well criticising then trust me Mango lover, Trust me……………………………….!!” Let me stop here..

      5. Vyshu10

        First of all, i have dropped the idea of suggesting seeing your reply to Raina’s comment.

        As far as criticism is concerned…As you sow shall you reap

    2. Vyshu10

      U didn’t say anything bad Mica….
      As a reader, i thought of giving a suggestion to the writer but after seeing her replies…it will be a waste of our time

      1. Mango_Love

        Sorry to say Vyshu, Kaku and Mica but you could have been proper in ur words as well! Like one of the commenters put here RAINA.. but u all have no work except criticizing and to tell you the truth TU didn’t post half the part that carried the actual story.. When you don’t know something properly then try to ask or be polite! Mica had directly pointed out waste.. And Mica I guess I don’t need to learn morals from you ?

      2. Mica

        hehehehe,,, let it be ah…i only said that this story kinda bad in moral thought, but entertaining in other way as i got entertain when i watched western serial..
        but seemed author didn’t understand about it as even i don’t criticizing her or whatever, my first comment was about compliment actually if only she didn’t take me wrong since beginning.

        be frank, i raised my first comment when i read Raina’s comment, by thought that maybe some of readers thinking the same as Raina, i just try to defense the author INDIRECTLY by said that ( my first comment)
        mean…. i agree with Raina that from moral side, this story kinda showed bad thing, but i just want readers (at least myself) to read this story as entertainment only, No need to ask about moral… just it….because some of works don’t need moral value to enjoy.
        huh! whatever…..

        and Mango, i DON’T NEED to ask anything as i don’t have objection about your story, if only i want to CRITICIZE you since beginning, i will POLITE to do it, but since i don’t want to criticizing you or whatever, i carried it away in casual way…
        but seemed you have much thought about me 😛 😛

      3. Mica

        oh yaaaa.. i don’t know how deep you know about Kakali, but as far as i know, she didn’t use improper words HERE….. i don’t know from where you dragged it

        btw, as author you asked about review but hmmm.. seemed you only want compliment…

  12. TanuLaksh

    It’s awesome… Continue soon

  13. Intrstng.continue dear
    R u on wattpad??bcz i rarely visit

    1. Mango_Love

      Thank u ☺
      Yes I’m on wattpad

  14. Pramudi


  15. nice…but pls deal it well…as swara is already married…

    1. Mango_Love

      Thank u ☺
      Yeah sure..!

  16. Gayathri.visu

    Interesting…. Please continue.

  17. nice…but hope u will it well

  18. Seebu_s

    plot seems interesting…continue soon..
    may i know ur name…i guess u r not new to tu…and a suggestion..dont be rude to readers…they will give their pov.. authors should handle them but not with rude replies…bcs of this attitide of authors..they lost so many readers…pls dont go to that category…as an author my suggestion to u…

    1. Mango_Love

      Sure Seebu ?
      I’ll try not to be rude

  19. Kakali

    Wohooooo..!! Mango lover welcome back,
    Swara is married and still attracted towards Sanskar..!! I hope your further parts will help me out to digest it..!! Continue soon dear..!! Thnk u.. ;-*

    1. Mango_Love

      Thank you Kaku

  20. interesting…dear,u said give reviews…if some ppl give their review..y u r being so rude…it’s u who asked for review…and if readers gave honest reviews,that is for ur betterment..not only compliments…but also accept criticism…

  21. Kriti249

    Awesome dear…..loved it and please try not to be rude to your readers.

    And I have read a fan fiction a little similar to yours. The only similarity is that they both are married but still they are attracted to/loves somebody else. And the story was about how they overcome the fear of what people will say. Well coming back to ur story it was awesome and a request if you write any mature content please don’t forget to mark it as 18+

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