Better Half…(Part 2)

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Hey guys…! I’m back again…! Thank you very much guys….fa ur awesome cmnts…! Thank you so much…!
And yeah I’m extremely sorry fa the other writers fa not commenting within the possible time after u have submitted ur posts…! (Though cmntd late)
So ….hereafter I would post the updates after every 2 days as its holiday time….we were planning fa a trip….though in my schedules I would try to give u the update.

Part 2
It’s devakshi’s wedding today. Though both opposed arrange marriage within themselves they never tried to express their views in front of their family as they would know that their families would not be satisfied with their so called thought on arranged marriage.
Bose family was waiting eagerly fa the baarat to be arrived. Sona was seen getting ready in her room while Elena leave no stones turned to tease her yet to marry sister. Sona couldn’t do anything but just admire her sister in the utmost way teasing her as it might take days to meet each other after her marriage. Sona completely sat on her chair tears rolling down her cheeks.
Elena tried consoling her but ended with tears in her eyes too. Asha arrived there to console her both daughters but who could ever do so as her own daughter gonna get married within an hour and leave them all. Their emotional sequence was disturbed by the Dixit sisters came consoling the Bose ladies assuring that they would take care of their bhabhi well as they do.

Later, the baarat had arrived and dixits were welcomed by the Bose’s with due respect and happiness brimming in their eyes. The time passes, the priest asked dev and sona both to take pheras. As they completed, dev was announced to tie up the mangalsutra around sona’s neck and he does. Later, he filled sona’s parting with sindoor and they were declared as husband and wife. Dev looked at sona whose eyes were with mixed emotions, with happiness, confusion, sadness leaving her family behind, nervous, thought of leading a new life, awaiting fa a bright future. Dev just assured her that he would be there always and they took blessings from the elders.
It was the time for the vidai. All members of the Bose family couldn’t see sona moving out of their family settling in another though they were happy fa her. Sona hugged each and everyone thinking the moment not to end and to freeze. As sona was crying her lungs out silently, dev came from behind and caressed her silently while she continues weeping. Dev made her sit in the car while Bose family bid her adieu. The car took leave from the mandap. Sona was seen weeping all the way while dev tried consoling her.
Dev: sonakshi, please don’t cry. Don’t worry. I hope u do believe me.
Dev couldn’t see her crying who termed as his wife just an hour ago but was a stranger a week or twice ago. He couldn’t believe that he was married to a person who would deserve better than him.( but we know that these two were made fa each other …hain na???). Dev thought how would Sonakshi adjust with his tough life but reassured himself that he would never allow his complicated life to disturb her smooth one.

He couldn’t see her crying. Dev kept his hand on sona’s and tried turning her facing him. He looked into her eyes which was only with tears of sadness leaving her family behind. Dev couldn’t see that and hugged her tight. Sonakshi, firstly couldn’t decipher anything but reciprocated as she was in utmost pain.
Dev: sonakshi, please don’t cry. I will promise u today that I will be there fa u the whole life though we need time to accept our relation. I will be there fa u. Hope u understand.
Dev, who is still waiting fa his just married wife to reply, broke the hug and saw her wiping tears saying thank you. He wiped her tears while they reach home. Dev helped sona getting down and walked to the entry of the house. This was the first time sona was seeing Dixit mansion. She was mesmerised by its interiors and said,

Sona: Mr Dixit, interiors of ur house was just perfect. I loved ur way of taste.
Dev: I think its ur home too Mrs Dixit.
Sona smiled at her so called husband while dev smirked. Ishwari was happy to see dev and sona together as she was the one who wished Sona to be her DIL despite she being Bengali. Ishwari welcomed the newly weds in with all rituals while dev helped sona in everything.
Nikki: okok, as all rituals were done now, there is something that makes us curious….yes, who is gonna rule..? Haha…fine,fine. Wait.
Ria and Nikki get a bowl contained with milk and gold rings while both dev and sona were instructed to get the rings first. Both tried taking it as they were three to four rings. They searched for the ring and finally it was found.
All, ria, Nikki, Neha, left their jaw drop with the scene as the ring was found by ……dev.
Ria: Bhai…..! U found the ring?? But how.?

Dev: Y ….don’t u believe me?
Neha: No bhai….not like that…..that its always the girls who win this but its completely opposite here.
Nikki: But I’m sure it might different in ur case may be.!
Dev: Matlab
Nikki: Matlab.! Though u win the game….there are chances where bhabhi might rule u. Hain na bhabhi.!?
Dev glared her and smiled at sona while sona just kept admiring the brother-sister bond. She reminded her saurabh Dada while ishwari interrupted,
Ishwari: Dev, beta take Sona to room …u both must be tired right. Chal.
Ria: (whispers) All the best bhai

While neha and Nikki giggled. He gave a death glare to his sisters while it was clearly noticed by Sonakshi too. She just admired dev how he was helpless in front of his sisters. Later both sona and dev were taken to the room. Dev locked the room behind his sisters teasing him right way along his wife. He landed on his bed despite knowing sonakshi around the room. After a while, he saw sonakshi looking at him. He woke up from the bed and mumbled a sorry and ask her to rest. Sona, then tried taking off her jewellery while dev offered a helping hand. She thanked him and sat on the bed adjusting with her saree weight. Dev sat beside her changing into his night wears. They sat silently for almost few minutes and finally sona gathered up her courage and spoke,
Sona: Mr Dixit , I think….
She paused as words were failing to come out of her mouth while she continued again.
Sona: Mr Dixit, as u know before our marriage was completely arranged by our parents and we hardly get time to know each other. It was just a week before we met but now….OK let me come to the point.
Dev couldn’t help but just adore at his wife fa talking much on their very first day. He encouraged his wife to speak keeping mum. She continued,
Sona: Mr Dixit….I think…I need time to adjust myself with..
She paused few seconds while he completed.

Dev: I know sonakshi ….that u need time to adjust urself with me with our relation. And also to take our friendship to the next level ..right?
She nodded relaxing thinking that her husband is very understanding.
Dev: I know. So don’t worry …even I need time is it. So let’s be good friends till that. Let’s first try to know our self.
Sona: First let’s try to break the secrets between us Mr Dixit.

Dev: Sure.
They spoke fa few minutes considering the time to be least but to their shock the time already crossed 2 and they both decided to rest. Both drifted on the either side of the bed saying a long good night but to their disappointment the sleep play hide and seek with them. They turn to their sides drifting to right and left but no. There is the big inability of sleep fa the couple. Later, both sat on the bed besides to talk few more. At last dev said,
Dev: Sonakshi ….I have an idea…y don’t we go on a drive.
Sona: Mr Dixit, are u out of ur mind.? In this odd hour…a drive…impossible.
Dev: Y is it impossible.

Sona: No one will allow us now.
Dev: Let’s go without letting know to anyone. And say, to whom should I seek permission to take my wife fa a drive.
Sona blushes while dev noticed her then he continued,
Dev: OK Ms Bo.. ( laughs ) Mrs Dixit let’s go.
Sona blushed more when dev gets off the bed. Sona stops him
Sona: Mr Dixit, u have changed into ur normal but what about me..? I can’t come with this heavy weighed saree.
Dev: Sonakshi, simple change into ur normals.
Sona: OK wait, but my bag…?

She searches fa her bag but it seems missing.
Sona: Mr Dixit …my bag was not here. I think it might be in the living room ….u wait here I would get it.
Dev: No sonakshi…u be here …I will take it back here.
Sona agreed and was waiting fa his husband to return as soon as possible.
Dev went downstairs ensuring no one sees him. He took her bag and was about to return when his bad luck knocked.
Neha: Bhai, what are u doing here. Why are u taking bhabhi’s bag. U can take it by morning right.
Dev: WO….WO…Neha….actually…hmm…
Neha: Bhai, kya hua.

Dev: Haan…actually Neha…Sonakshi was not comfortable with her clothes. It was very heavy to wear at night. So she need to change her…
Neha: oh…complete joru ka gulam is ready now to serve his wife
Neha commented teasingly. Dev ignored her and gave a possible angry glare and left to his room.
Sonakshi thanked him and came out of the washroom with normal chudidhar.
Dev looked at her for few minutes when he snapped out of his trance by himself.
He looked at sonakshi and asks her to move. He grabbed his car keys and went out of the house making no one awake.

Precap: Devakshi’s long drive
Dev: I’m sorry Sonakshi….pls.
Sona: . ……

That’s all fa today guys….hope I wasn’t boring u all…sorry…if its boring…
And yeah how was it…
There are more way fa dev and Sona to be devakshi with most sequential possible ways….
Pls give ur views through cmnts.. Feel free to cmnt.. And u can also give suggestions…if u need any change in the story r any scenes to be added….
Thank you fa ur cmnts in the previous epi guys…! Love u all..!
With love

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  1. Darshana

    That was completely unexpected..going on a long drive on the very first time…
    the way u described the bonding between Bose women’s and dev and his sisters was ?????…neha saying abhi se joru ka gulam????…
    precap is omg! Dev saying sorry..truly interesting?…
    post soon…and ya enjoy ur holiday!
    love u di?

    1. Heshine

      Thank you Darshana…! Love u too dear…!???

  2. Akshita

    Perfect….just perfect..I love your story line its very different ??
    plzzz try to post soon yr
    lots of love❤

    1. Heshine

      Thank you so much Akshita…!???
      Love u..!❤❤

  3. DramaQueen1004

    Really very nice
    pls post soon

    1. Heshine

      Thank you Nafia..!❤❤???

  4. ShrutiP

    Sorry for not commenting earlier Heshine….You know I am busy in my studies…We still didn’t get holidays…But I have been reading it from the intro and it is fabulous…I really loved it….The way you have written is amazing… Post soon dear…I am waiting…
    Love you
    Shruti ????

    1. Heshine

      Thank you Shruti…!????
      That’s absolutely not a problem…! And I’m glad u liked it..!❤❤dear..!

  5. V.V.harshita

    Awesome Post soon
    And precap ??
    I did nt Unterstand it properly

    1. Heshine

      Thank you Harshita..!❤❤????

  6. gooodddddd 1 yrrr
    keep writing nd make us happy with ur this ff loved it

    1. Heshine

      Thank you Dev..!??❤

  7. It was really awesome episode dear

    1. Heshine

      Thank you Princess..!❤????

  8. nice episode…concept of knowing each other is best as it was a arrange marriage…post next episode soon

    1. Heshine

      Thank you Ekani…!!????❤

  9. It was veryyy nice….
    I loved it..?
    Will be waiting for the next one…?

    1. Heshine

      Thank you Vaishali.. !❤❤???

  10. Aarti32

    Sweet n cute one..

    1. Heshine

      Thank you Aaru..!????❤❤

  11. Priya12

    Akka, it was a fabulous epi…
    I luved it…
    AAnd Neha saying jhoru ki gulam …omg…luved it
    It was a marvellous piece..
    U nailed it..
    Post asap

    1. Heshine

      Thank you Priya. !!❤❤??????

      1. Priya12

        Ennum thungalayaa akka??

      2. Heshine

        Haan ila..! Thukam varala… Ne thungala?

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