Yuvi pressed his sob with his teeth holding his lips.when it was uncontrollable.he just ran away to his room.

“How much i love you twinkle.? How much i love her? How much i want this? Thank you bhagwan that you are changing her for a good.sani needs her”

He got a call and his jaws tightened

“Yes—-what—no i cant come again and again—i cant lie everyone— was going to be caught today morning,u know—-plss try to understand—–” there was big silence..he closed his eye..
“Ohkay—i’ll be there— tomorrow morning,same time—yeah–thank u so much for the help—really thankful to u—-no,i am not ready yet—hmm—its not easy———”
He sat on the bed sobbing and taking out his diary,he wrote as usual.
He was habituated to write a diary.

Twinkle went to the office.she had a meeting with kunj.
Everyone sat in the conference waiting for his arrival.
Twinkle glanced at her watch..
10 minutes late already,she tried to control her raising temper. The deal need to be signed,today…he was delaying from many days.

Kunj entered the hall busy on his call.
“Yeah,i will talk to u in 1 hour…love you..” He disconnected the call and saw twinkle shamelessly gawking at him.

The reason she herself dint knew.
Twinkle was aghast listening ‘love you’ on the call.
“Who could it be? His girlfriend?” Her mind spoke

“Nah,he would have told me na”she retorted back.

“But who are you that he would tell you his personal issues?” ,her mind answered

“his friend…dont i?”

“Who said?”
Twinkle snaped out as a lazer light was projected on her face.
It was kunj

“Miss taneja, the meeting has ended where r u lost” he said having the lazer in his hand which was used for the presentation.

“Nah,nothing…” She replied ” so shall we sign the deal finally,hope u r pleased…ku— i man mr.sarna”.

“Professional lady,huh?” He chuckled

“Very much…and u dint answrr”

“Yeah…we should..where’s the papers then?”
Twinkle forwarded him the documents.
He read it all and was about to sign when his phone rang

“Yeah baby……..(long pause)..fine see u there…in a hour?…. Ohk” he disconnected and signing the deal,he left ina hurry.

Twinkle too went to her house.
No-one was seen.
She ask the servant
“Ma’am sir and sani have gone for a dinner outside” he said.

Twinkle felt can yuvi forget her?
She should have been asked onec to join?
Dont she have that right? As a mother?

Oh, when did she accepted that she is a mother?
Her head ached alot and she left for her room.
On the way,twinkle listened some voices from anita’s room

She entered the room to find anita struggling for a glass of water.
Twinkle ran and made her drink.

“Nursee…” She shouted angrily and the nurse came in a hurry.
“Where were you?”

“Ma’am i–i just went to use washroom”

“Silly excuses, i will not like her alone anothr time,got it?”

“Yes ma’am and sorry ma’am”

“Twinkle beta…how r u?”anita asked

“Hmm..fine..but i should ask that question to u”.

“I am alright”

Nothing was left to talk about,was there?

Twinkle left the room as tears welled up.

She missed her mom.
Her usha maa….
She grabbed her photo frame.

“Maa..i miss u…i am all alone here…see…..anita mom forcefully made me married to uv…u knew much we hated eachother…but she made us marry..i know u wouldnt let this happen..n made me marry the hero..(she smiled a bit) maa…i am left alone… You trio left me ??.. Your death was because of me,only..i shouldnt have let u go for the donation….its my mistake..i am alone..please calk me there..i cant live here,anymore…”
She cried till her phone went off..

“Yess..” Twinkle wiped her tears

“Twinkle…u okay?” Yuvi sound made her alert.

“Yeah,what is it?”

“Did u had ur dinner?”

“Not yet,why?”

“Would u like to join us. We are moving towards the royal restaurant for the italian dishes. Sorry couldnt notify u as sani was still not feeling well with the dream…i brought her to the park…we are heading there…if possible,pls join us”

“Fine,will be there in 15 minutes”
Living there alone would make her feel more low..instead she should go,she thought.

Twinkle left for the she reached and moved outvo her car..she find yuvi s car entering the parking lot.

He came with sani and the little angel ran towards her mom
“Mumma..thank you fol coming” she muttered and hold her one hands and yuvi’s with another.
Twinkle dint reacted except a slightest smile.
She had wrapped herself in a good amount of be caught for the dark bags under her big eyes

They entered and asked for the corner table to avoid medias and public’s.
They were given a special 5 star hall and the corner table.

They were about to sit until twinkle’s eye caughtghe front table.
There was a couple kissing eachother their life out.
Twinkle closed sani’s eyes as she was gawking at them.
They parted and made the twiraj more shock seeing them.

It was kunj with another girl.

“Kunj?” Yuvi asked grabbing there attention
Kunj looked perplexed and then passed a smile.

“Hey you guys here?”

“Yeah for a dinner..seems like we spoilt your night coming here” yuvi teased and he blushed

“No,not at all..” He wraped his hands around the girls waist as she rolled her eyes
“Meet to-be-mrs.sarna…mahi goenkaa…and mahi this is yuvi luthra,his wife twinkle TANEJA and their daughter sani”

Twinkle and mahi looked eachother aghast….



Twisty much?

SO please patience?
And dont assume anything..

One word for the upcoming chapters

I will give,how much the chapter demands..

Thank you❤


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