Bakula Bua Ka Bhoot 29th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Aditya Rescues Flight Passengers From Hijackers

Bakula Bua Ka Bhoot 29th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Rekha sells papers and gets 12 Rs. She asks for more 12 Rs, but the paper buyer refuses to give her more. Rekha diverts his attention and steals copper glass. She thinks she is roop ki rani and also choron ki rani. Inspector comes there and asks Rekha to call everyone. Rekha calls everyone. Inspector tells that one guy is missing from this locality. Vinay says I didn’t do anything. Inspector warns Vinay and tells that he will keep eye on them 24 hours. Vinay tells Aditya that he was beaten yesterday because of him and asks him not to go after evening. Aditya gets the message and gets tensed. Bakula reads it and tells Chanchal that she wants to die. Chanchal says you don’t have life. Mani Dadi asks what happened? Bakula says today is Aditya’s night duty and says she has to do something. She says Aditya…your Bakula Bua is alive.

Aditya talks to Bakula’s pic and says he knows that she is behind his success and asks for her blessings. He tries to open the window and sees it locked. Rupal locks the window climbing on the stairs and tells Madhuri that she don’t want to lose Aditya, and don’t want him to be kidnapped. She gets emotional. Madhuri comforts her. Rupal is standing in the hall to protect Aditya. Madhuri asks her to go to room. Rupal says she don’t want him to get kidnapped. Bakula thinks she has to do something and gets an idea. She goes to Dabbu. Dabbu talks to spoon and tells how to make everyone believe that Bakula Bua’s ghost is troubling me.

Bakula Bua comes there and asks her to make Rupal go from there. Dabbu says she has to cut the potatoes as Rupal asked. Bakula gets an idea and asks her to cut unshaped potatoes so that Rupal gets angry. Dabbu agrees. She cuts uneven shapes potatoes and comes to Rupal. Rupal asks her to cut square shape potatoes. While Dabbu takes her to kitchen, Aditya goes. Munna tells that if Aditya is kidnapped, Dadu will be arrested. Rupal asks Shyam to call Aditya. Chandu asks why curd is watery. Dabbu says it is butter milk. Shyam comes to Aditya’s room and thinks he is sleeping. He returns to dining table and tells that his son is sanskari and have slept. Rupal says she will take food for him. Bakula asks Dabbu to stop her. Dabbu tells Rupal that he had food already, let him sleep.

Aditya comes to airport. Sanjay is already there and asks when is her flight. Aditya says no flight today, I came to get form. When he gets in the flight, he sees Sanjay and gets shocked. Sanjay asks airhostess to call Aditi. Aditya gets tensed. Airhostess asks him to talk to Sanjay nicely. Aditya goes to him and asks how can I help you. Sanjay says my mom asked me when I will marry. I showed her pic and shows his pic in airhostess uniform. Aditya says I can understand your feelings, but I already have a boyfriend. Sanjay gets heart broken.

Rupal informs everyone that Aditya is missing. Madhuri says who kidnaps like this. Chandu says kidnapper might be nurse or acts in drama company. Rupal tries calling him. Mohit goes to talk to his friends. Munna says I made everything fine and called police. Rekha gets worried. Inspector comes and asks where is Vinay kant, I came to arrest him. Rekha says she feels utmost pain when you say this. Rupal asks why you came to arrest him. Inspector says Munna said that Aditya is kidnapped. Rupal says Aditya is sleeping in his room and asks him to go.

Everyone is sitting in the hall worried for Aditya. Rekha says it is morning and asks Madhuri to make Megha and Malhar sleep. She takes the kids. Aditya comes home. Rupal asks where did you go? Aditya says Bakula Bua died a month ago, so I went to temple. Everyone get emotional. He comes to room and apologizes seeing Bakula’s pic. He gets Sanjay’s message and throws the phone. He comes to the flight and thinks where is the passenger. Subhan Allah plays.

Sanjay comes there and says he wants to talk to her and that’s why booked the entire flight. He says I love you. Aditya says but I don’t, and says how can I love you when I already have a boyfriend and threatens to leave the job. Sanjay gets heartbroken. Boss appreciates Aditya and says because of you, Sanjay booked entire flight without other staff members, and flight returned within 10 mins. He asks what do you want? Aditya says he wants return tickets for his dada and dadi. Boss agrees.

Vinay asks Rekha to come and watch movie with him. She refuses. Aditya brings flight tickets and asks them to go to Goa. Rekha and Vinay gets happy and calls Rupal. Rupal asks from where did you get the tickets? Aditya says from airlines. Rekha says we have a flight to catch in 2 hours and asks them to help her in packing.

They board the flight. Rekha says it is fully AC. Air hostess asks her to sit. Rekha sits. Air hostess asks them to wear seat belt. Aditya comes and sees Sanjay and also Rekha and Vinay. Rekha says that girl is beautiful, seems like we have seen her. Hijackers stand up and tells that the plane is hijacked. Rekha and other passengers get shocked. They ask all passenger to be seated. Bakula asks dabbu to change channel. Madhuri says program is good. Rupal calls her and she goes. Dabbu switches the channel and hears the news about flight hijacked. Dabbu says Rekha and Vinay are in this flight. Bakula says she is worried about Aditya and says she has to go to that flight and vanishes. Madhuri comes and reads the headlines news and calls Rupal.

Bakula comes to flight and thinks to enter the hijacker’s body, but they are wearing taveez. She gets in aditya’s body and throws perfume bottle on the hijacker. Hijacker gets angry and holds a boy at gun point. His mum cries and calls his name Ashmit. Aditya gets emotional hearing the name and beats the hijacker. Sanjay tries to hold him and gets his wig. Everyone is shocked to see Aditya. Sanjay is heartbroken again.

Everyone is tensed at Raja Sadan. Mohit calls the helpline. They hear the news that flight landed safely because of Aditya Raja who was indisguise of air hostess and saved everyone. Everyone is surprised.

Boss asks Aditya why did he do this and says you can get in jail. Aditya says he did this for Dada and Dadi’s happiness. Boss laughs and says he was joking. He says your job is fixed, and says you are brave and humble man. Everyone relaxes. Boss says your Dada and Dadi gets tickets to paris. Rekha and Vinay gets happy. Sanjay gives an envelope to Rekha. Rekha checks the envelope and says so much money. Sanjay says it is 10 lakhs rs. Rekha asks why you are giving me money. Sanjay says love just happens and says he loves Aditya and says this money is for his operation. Rupal asks what happened to him. Sanjay says this money is for his s*x change operation. I can marry him once he becomes a girl. Everyone is shocked. Aditya asks what is this nonsense, I am fine being a man. Rekha asks him to get the operation done as Sanjay is insisting. Mohit asks what you are saying? Rekha returns the money to Sanjay. Boss comes and says you can join from tomorrow. Aditya says he will get the job only after giving proper interview. Bakula gets happy. Kanha ji thinks Bakula have done a good job.

Mani Dadi and Bakula have an argument that intelligence is bigger than strength. Madhuri and Chandu think to sell off the house. Jaam Saab comes and says house is sold as Rekha has taken advance money from me.

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