Recap- Twinkle’s breakdown… And her past revealed to kunj


“Good morning..” Kunj beamed as soon as twinkle opened her eyes. She squeezed her eyes and looked around the room.

The last night incident came to her head and she snapped towards kunj.”You were here whole night.?” She asked in shock. He chuckled and shook his head in denial..

“I remember we arent married Yet and i respect your privacy.” He replied looking down.

“Hmm..”She just smiled. She had no idea what to talk about knowing that he knew the whole truth.

” Come’on get ready. Anita aunty and all are waiting at breakfast table ans we have many things to sort out. Come’on get up. “

She looked at her watch, it was 9:30.”Oh shoot. I am late. Sani had to—“

He cut her off in mid.”She is in school. I woke her up and dropped her too. You were tired so i didn’t wake you up.”

“Uh..thank you.” Twinkle sighed and laid back..

“Oii.. Lazy queen. You are not sleeping now. Get up.”

“Just few minutes.” She whined.

“No.. Get up.”

“Kunj…” She pouted squeezing herself more in the duvet.

“No twinkle. God.. How will i bear you after our marriage… You are such a sleepy queen.” Twinkle sat up with the word marriage.

Was he really willing to marry her.?, She thought…

“Fine. I will get fresh.” She smiled numbly and merged to the washroom.


“Good morning..” Twinkle greeted walking into the dining room.

“Good morning beta..” Anita smiled. Twinkle walked towards her and hugged her smiling back.

“I thought you were sleeping last night, thats why disnt came up.”

“Its fine.” Anita replied. She was happy seeing a change in her. The chirpy twinkle seemed to be coming back, bidding a bye to the cold twinkle.”So how was london.?”

“Cold.” She laughed out loud.”Actually it was amazing.. Saani loved it. We had fun.”

“Everyone needs a break Afterall.. So how are you.?”

“Feeling better and best than anytime.”

“Good to hear.”She munched on her garkic bread and then looked at twinj again. They were smiling at eachother. Twinkle was signing to sit and have breakfast.”I saw the news from the airport.”

Twinkle froze. She looked down expecting bitter words from her but all she got was *Claps*

“I am so happy for you both. You deserve it, twinkle.” She engulfed both in a hug together.

Twinkle was clueless when she felt a hands wrap around her waist. She look at kunj who was giving victorious smile indicating it was him, who did that.

She smiled heartily at him and mumbled a ‘Thank you’.

The rest day passed with kunj dropping her office and he left. She did asked him about mahi but he replied saying that she was too upset for the last night event and thus left for UK,where she lived all those years since she had meetings to attend herself.

Twinkle also asked him about her. Where she lived and everything to which he replied truthfully that mahi lived with a rich family there working as the man’s personal assistant. Few year after she joined in sarna’s enterprises when she met him. Both got along well and were good friends.

That night,

“Kunj.. Where are we going.?” Twinkle asked as he held her hand and walked out of the multi storeyed building. She was working till 10 at night because of the week’s leave she took.

“Will you please be a good girl and keep quiet.”He said and opened the car door for her.” It will worth it, i promise.”He smiled.

” Fine.. “She replied and dumped herself inside the car.

20 minutes later, she looked out of the window but it was too dark.

“Its trees everywhere. We are going to jungle..?” She asked and he nodded.

“A Night camping.” He winked.

“No freaking way.. We are here for a night.?” She stood up from her seat but bumped her heard on the bonnet to which she sat back.”Kunj… Sani is at home. Have you gone mad.?”

“Miss twinkle.. Would you please stop thinking for others and think about yourself for a moment.?” He paused.”You like night camping, i know that.”

She sighed.”I dont like.. I LOVE IT.” She flashed a big smile.”But how do you know.?”

“You will come to know that soon.”He winked when there car bumped on a rock ans the next moment, The steering wheel was moved right and they bumped into the tree. Kunj held his hand for twinkle to not get injured by stumbling her head in front.

Her heart warmed at his small gesture bur the next moment, she was filled with terror.

Before she could register if the car was okay or not. She looked beside to not find kunj.

“Kunj..” She murmured.”Kunj..”She yelled and immediately bolted out of the car.

” Kunj..where are you.. “She screamed looking around the car but no-one was there. Her fear took the best of her and her eyes started to leak. She ran towards nowhere in particular as her heart thumped hard.

The fear of losing him, made her shiver to death.

” Kunj.. “She yelled again and ran fast when she bumped into a rock. Before she could fell, The rock beeped and the whole place was beamee with light.

She squeezed her eyes shut to adjust with the lights and then opened again.

It was a cliff. The trees stood around the whole place decorated with beautiful fairy lights. She looked around cluelessly when something poked her from behind.

She turned to find him standing with his hands on ear indicating a sorry.

She quickly hugged him.”Where di you wentmi was so scared.” she poured her tears out again.”And what is all this.?” She asked in confusion.

“I donno where to start.” He rubbed the back of his head.”I was so ready but now.. I am nervous.”He mumbled to himself.

“You did – – – this.. Dont you.?” She asked and he nodded sheepishly. Before she could punch him hard to scare her, he interpreted her.

“I know.. I know.. This was really a foolish idea but… It was all for you. I know you will think twice about what i am going to ask, now. But… Umm.. Lets give it a try..” He breathed out. The next moment he walked closer.”Twinkle.. You are the star in my dark night. You changed me. You brought the best and worst from me. I donno what i did to get you in this life but all i know is, what destiny decides is for good… We stood here today infront of eachother on same position. You lose your parents in younger stage abd and so did i.. The only difference was your parents died and mine aparted. Trust me, this doesnt hurts less. You went through… I went through.. We both were broken glass but when we met….You helped me to break down more. You melt away my broken pieces and made me a better person. A better human being.”

He stepped more closer. Both had tears in their eyes by now.”I donno what to say.. I dont either know those cheesy pickup lines but all i want to say is.. You are the best thing that ever happened to me.. I am not perfect but along with you. I feel perfect. I Love you so much.” A tear left his eye and the next moment he was engulfed in the hug. Her hug soothed his inner turmoil.

” I love you so much.. ” Twinkle spoke and hugged him tight.

Kunj pulled away indicating he had still to say. Before she could ask, he was on his both knees.

Not on one, but two.

“Kunj…” She asked in shock..

“Twinkle…. You make me perfect. You bring the best of me and i want you to be by my side whole life. I want you to be my better half. Will ypu take the honours to accept this man as your husband for the whole life and till eternity. I promise to support you through all your rough time. To give a shoulder to cru on and to protect you standing as a shield when you need me. I promise you to be there through your thick and thins.. I will do everything that makes you forget your past turmoils. I wanna be with you 24/7. Will you accept me as your husband.? “

She looked at him shocked, taken aback. She did loved him but still she hadn’t thought clearly about the marriage. She feared for sani’s opinion. Will she accept kunj as his father.

It wasnt just about them but the little kid too. She stood there rooter when she heard loud hooting.

“Come’on mumma..” Sani yelled when twinkle looked at her she winked. Anita stood beside her smiling. Both were clapping.


“Come’on mumma… You deserve to be happy. Anita dadi made me understand. Yoy deserve to be happy mumma. Till when, will you sleep crying on you pillow.?”

And that moment she thanked god zillion times to bless her with such an amazing daughter. A mature daughter.

Well, Girl are always found to be growing mature from the tender age, she thought.

She then looked at Kunj who was looking at her. His face was felling second by second, getting no response from her.

She immediately sat onnher knees in front of him and nodded in yes with tears gushing down her eyes.

“I love you so much.” She said as he slipped the ring in her finger before engulfing in a hug.


She couldn’t be more happy than ever before.

The moment seemed PERFECT but was this happiness forever.?



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