Paramavatar Shri Krishna 10th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Radha disguises as kanha.

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 10th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with kalyavan putting amoga astra in his bow and ready to fire. Kanha comes and stands in front of the hill. Kalyavan says so paramavatar Krishna, you came to save your people. Today you shall die and everyone will just stay watching. Kalyavan attacks the amoga astra and it hits kanha’s stomach, kanha falls down screaming in pain and moans in pain as the arrow penetrates kanha’s stomach. Kalyavan laughs and he then departs to Mathura. Lord Vishnu sees kanha in pain and is sad.
At home, kanha knocks the door and says let me out. Yashoda says no kanha I wont. Kanha jumps out of the window and says sorry mother I have to go, kanha goes. Rishi gargacharya comes home. Yashoda says rishi please see kanha is going to kalyavan but I have locked him in his room, kalyavan

has amoga astra and he is going to kill everyone. Damodar comes running and says nand rani, where is kanha? Yashoda says in his room. Damodar says no nand rani, I have seen kanha now going towards kalyavan. Yashoda says no it is not possible I locked him in his room. Damodar says no, I just saw him going. Yashoda opens the door and kanha has vanished. She cries and says guru kanha has gone, kalyavan will kill him. damodar says come behind me, I will take you all to kanha. Guru gargacharya says I feel something bad has already happened, I will use my yog shakti and see what happened. Gargacharya closes his eyes and sees kalyavan kill kanha with the amoga astra. Gargacharya says no! kalyavan has used the amoga astra, I have to go there quickly.
Kanha reaches the place and sees himself in pain, he says how is it possible? The real me is here then who is this? Suddenly radha removes her disguise and says it was me. kanha is shocked and cries, he says gopi why did you do this? Why did you take the attack on yourself? Radha is in pain and says kanha you will never win from me. kanha says yes, you won this time and he cries and says how did you take my disguise gopi? Radha says from the gharkund bath where mahadev and devi parvati had once bathed.
Lord Vishnu says to narad muni, devrishi, the gharkund was that place where once mahadev and devi parvati were bathing and a demon saw them, in anger parvati cursed him and said any man who would ever enter the bath would turn woman and a woman would turn into a man.
Radha tells kanha that way I went to that bath with the help of mayur raj and took your disguise.
Kanha says gopi why? Please don’t die! You shouldn’t have done this. Radha says kanha you are only mine and I will never let anything happen to you. All people come and are shocked, everyone start crying and kirti and brij bhanu scream. Yashoda and nand cry ad gargacharya cries.
Brij bhanu says radha please don’t leave us, please. Kirti says what is happening? Radha why did you do this? Radha is in pain but smiles and says don’t worry mother and baba, everyone is safe and kanha is safe too. kanha cries and says no gopi!
There kalyavan goes to kansa and says kansa, your paramavatar shri Krishna is dead, I killed him. kanha says what? And he laughs and says are you a fool? Vishnu must have cheated with you, and you even lost your amoga astra in that, kansa laughs. Kalyavan gets angry and says you are insulting me kansa, kalyavan removes his weapon and attacks on kansa. Kansa stops him and says how can I trust you? How do I know that kanha has died? Kalyavan says then look in my eyes, you will see the truth. Kansa sees properly and he sees kalyavan shooting amoga astra on kanha, kanha takes it and falls down in pain and is dying. Kansa says it truly seems like kanha, but how did Vishnu come out so easily just by you calling him? that kid has killed all my demons and he told me the truth that he was Vishnu himself otherwise I would have never found it myself. Kalyavan says I have done the work that I promised, I am going back now. Kalyavan goes. Kansa is confused.
There brij bhanu and everyone cry and brij says don’t die radha, narayana please do something. Kanha cries. Gargacharya says forgive me I have to remove that weapon, gargacharya pulls the amoga astra out and says only narayana can do something. Radha screams in pain and she dies. Everyone scream and cry. Brij bhanu is shocked.

Precap: radha’s body is in kanha’s house as everyone cry. Kanha says I will get back my gopi. There kansa gets to know that the one who died was radha, he says now her body shall be burnt, send my demon. Kansa’s demon goes and puts radha’s body on the woods to be cremated and sets fire to it.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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