Barrister Babu 20th October 2021 Written Episode Update: Batuk makes a revenge plan

Barrister Babu 20th October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bondita asking do you remember, you told me that you will lift me in arms and take me around. She holds him. He gets away. Batuk says no, sorry, I can’t do this. She asks why. He says you need rest. She thinks why did I feel like I touched a stranger today when I touched Anirudh. Trilochan and Batuk cry for Anirudh. Trilochan says we didn’t get his dead body, but we have to do some rituals for his soul peace. Batuk lies in his lap and cries. Bondita asks where did Anirudh’s pic go. She asks Bihari. He says I don’t know. Shashwati says Trilochan has taken it with him, I have seen it. Bondita goes to see. Batuk does the rituals.

Trilochan asks him to put the last chadava. They cry and hug. Sampoorna stops Bondita and asks are you finding Trilochan. Bondita says I had to ask him, why did he take Anirudh’s pic. Sampoorna says he took it to fix the frame, come with me, I need to talk. They go away. Batuk leaves from there. Sampoorna says there are many changes happening in a woman when she becomes a mother, you and Anirudh have to understand this. Bondita says I feel everything changed, Anirudh’s behavior has turned strange. Sampoorna says maybe he is worried after that incident, you both got saved from the death, give him some time, everything will be fine.

Batuk is in some party. He says how shall I make Bondita go through this pain, how shall I burn her heart in the fire, in which my heart is burning. He calls and says I want all the info about Tapur and Tupur, their past and present, everything. Bondita waits for Anirudh. Trilochan comes to her. She says Anirudh didn’t come till now. Trilochan says he met me, he said he has some imp work, you go and sleep. He goes. Bondita says Anirudh keeps his work and family time separately, why is he doing this, I feel his behavior different. She says I shouldn’t think much. Trilochan stays sad. Batuk gets a call. Bondita sees Anirudh’s pic and hugs it. She asks him to come, she is missing him. Batuk laughs and says thank you. He says I got useful info about Tapur and Tupur, I will use this on a perfect time. He goes to dance with a girl. He gets drunk. Its morning, Bondita wakes up. She thinks Anirudh will come soon, I will get ready and do the Durga maa puja. She fixes the pic back. Batuk comes home and greets Trilochan. Trilochan asks where did you disappear at night, this isn’t Italy, Bondita will doubt you, go and convince her with love. Bondita thinks where is Anirudh. Batuk comes. She makes an upset face. He says I m sorry. She shows sorry written on his hands and on the slate hanging on his back.

She says I have forgiven you, why did you stay out all night. He says its a difficult case, the villain is very smart, he/she killed someone, everyone thinks she is innocent. She says he would be dangerous. He says yes, I have trapped her/him, she doesn’t even know anything, I will catch her when time comes. She says very smart, can you fill sindoor in my maang. She gets sindoor. She asks why are you thinking, do it. He says actually… She says you forgot, you said you will fill my maang, I m doubting you now. He takes the sindoor box. She says you have to open it this way. He says I know. He coughs and drops the sindoor box. She worries.

He says so sorry Bondita, I just sneezed, I will get one more. She says no, its abshagun. She thinks its superstition, he will scold me. She says don’t worry, I will get new sindoor. He thinks you don’t deserve Anirudh’s sindoor, see what I do. He gets a call. The man asks is this barrister Bondita’s house. He says wrong number and ends call. He answers again and says barrister Bondita doesn’t stay here. He gets angry. Somnath collides with Tapur. They pick the files. Somnath leaves. Tapur smiles. Batuk thinks see my next plan, you snatched Anirudh from me, I will snatch your family from you.

Precap: Batuk pushes some food in Bondita’s mouth saying eat it, if you eat it, then you won’t die. She asks is this a way to feed? Batuk says this is the way for stubborn girls like you. It’s important for baby’s health. Why don’t you understand? Today you forgot this. But after today, don’t forget this that baby is the most important. You better get it otherwise no one will be worse than me. Bondita and others look on in a shock.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Annusha Singh

    I come here to see perecap
    .. but shocked to seee new updates

  2. 2nd😍😍😘

  3. Tapur and Somnath🙈🙈🙈. I think BRC now knows Tapur was molested. He’ll use it against her to take revenge on Bondita.
    The story keeps getting interesting

    1. She was not molested she was almost use the correct words pls

  4. But why is tommorow’s episode released shortly after today’s episode. Oh God, pls save BB 🤲🤲🤲🤲.

  5. My god what I read.really shocking now what batuk do with tupur and tapur. I think tapur safe he fall in love with som. But tupur I don’t know

  6. Prachi Gill

    1. Somnath and Tapur 😍
    2. Bon has started doubting Batuk.
    3. Batuk knows about Tapur’s past now thats worrisome…
    4. One thing that I really like about Batuk is that even though he hates Bondita and beleives that Anirudh is dead, he knows his limit and does not take advantage of the situation. He respects his dada’s love for Bondita.

  7. Thankyou for the update Amena mam

    1. som-tap started . batuk evilness started . I thought baddu is goodu but he is a playboy .

  8. Sreya Susan Roy

    Anirudh pls come back ,Batuk if ur so much excited to dance with other girls then pls dance by wearing ur costume as Batuk , atleast stop all this when u are in Anirudhs look😏🙏🙏

    It is very awkward to see that, I will close my eyes as I don’t want to see this PSYCHO’s dance😒😒

    Love story of Tapur and Som dada is gona start❤️😌 ,atleast now someone cared about our poor Som dada 😂

    And what is this psycho gona do with Tapur and Tupur🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️

  9. pls watch epi on tv

  10. Episode was good(I will talk about this episode after an hour properly)
    Guys first of all there is a channel “Rakib Mahmud” who uploaded episode 392 aur agay hi uss kay views 1k ho gay hain(yan shayad iss say bhi zayada)
    I requested him to delete the episode I also reported about it
    you all can also report about it jitnay zayada reports hon gay utnay zayada loog upload nahi karain gay
    and plz kio Twitter per,instagram yan fb per colour channel ko report karoo tahkah atleast humara show danger zone say bahir aa gay

    1. If you find any such videos please share the link here we all will report

    2. I don’t know how to share that link Swetha you can type Barrister babu episode 392 sub channels aa gain gay and then you can report them all
      or you can also tell me how can I share that link or all links here

    3. @Ruby, click the share option that is available on YouTube, copy the link and paste the link as you type the comment here and post the comment here by doing so you can share the link here ☺️

  11. Don’t worry guys… Batuk will realize, when he knows the Truth… he will say SORRY to Bondita. After that only our ARC come back to haveli… just one week… always BB took every track one week time only…

  12. Barrister babu fan

    Hiiii guys I am new here

    1. Snowflake


    2. Welcome @Barrister babu fan

  13. Snowflake

    Agh! Episode is out😭😭😭
    Guys what happened to the Twitter trend?? How did it go about?
    Btw evem Mollki may go off air by Nov end as kasam2 planning is in initial stages.. nothing confirmed as of now…but this MAY be true…

    1. Tweeter no trend.don’t know it’s 68k+ tweets but not trending .

  14. /(0-0)/ BB OFF AIR - keh do ki ye jhooth h

    I dont actually mind if ARC is dead or show goes off air soon.
    main point is every show must hv a nice ending note before it leaves a platform.
    and if it fails to do so leaving an incomplete story it shud hold another season.
    (but that doesnt mean like a ds goes for over 10-15 years and then again come back for another 7-8 yeras)
    whut i prsnly feel is the show has prometed child marriage & romance in a huge age gap (though age is just a number) in some or the other way.
    so mayyybe ani will be no more and his lookalike brc (who is the same of bon) will marry her and in this way
    the lead also wont get ousted of the show
    widow mariage promo will be encouraged
    and haters wont have the scope to say that bb is child marriage supporter.
    but my fan fiction says bon shud be seize fired intensionally by a british. leaving ani alone with their children. and the revenge of that be taken by her daughter anindita rc leading to the way of freedom struggle in bb2.
    sorry if i am going too far
    but its just an excuse to speared +vity amg us
    hope for the best an dont get emotional yrr
    its just a show oof air bhi hua toh kya
    socho ek bar bb fail hogya na toh khalbali mach jayegi
    makers and directors ko samj aa jayega ki ab log sadi gali saas bahu suspense pe nhi jite
    aajkal ka trend h empowerment chahe cinmea ho ya serial
    notice pehle bwood me normal romance tha par ab …….
    koi inspiring story bhi h chahe history ho ya kisi bhi specail person ki biography
    generation ka chakker h
    jab gano ka taste badla h tab serial cinema ka bhi badal rha h
    guys ye shows to sirf entertainment h but hamare life ke main target h hamre carrer ki success ryt???
    toh dil chota na karo mere yaron yechize toh ati jati rahengi par waqt aisa kabhi nhi krga apne kam pe dhyann do na ki off air pe
    aur ha khali time h toh is mssg ke typo dhundho lol
    take care stay safe and focus gud nights

    Guys i got that inspiring text here it is

  15. Lopa

    Maybe Batuk got to know about tapur… lets wait. Now our som dada is here to support tapur 😉
    Though BRC hates Bondita, he is a playboy but he knows his limits.
    Bondita is his eder brothers wife so he is maintaining the relation.
    He does not call her Boudi but she is Bondita “ROY CHOUDHURY” for him too. He accepts her as RC bahu.
    And there will be no “BANTUK” so please stop cooking this story…And ARC is not going to doubt Bondita either because BRC is living as ARC…So stop cooking this story too.
    ARC will come back very soon. Barrister Babu Bondita will find the truth very soon, her soul is connected with Anirudh.

    1. /(0-0)/ BB OFF AIR - keh do ki ye jhooth h

      @ lopa —- have u written above comment ????

    2. /(0-0)/ BB OFF AIR - keh do ki ye jhooth h

      such ideas can be urs onlyy
      plzz tell

    3. Lopa

      What idea? What you are trying to say?

    4. Neha Choudhury

      @lopa di arc won’t and he can’t doubt because bondita became pregnant when brc just came to India and ksj is the proof for it 😅😅 so makers can’t and won’t even try to do it

    5. Lopa

      @Neha sis I said the same.

  16. Snowflake

    Waiting to see some quality Somtap moments….
    What shall we keep that as their ship name? “Somtap”, “Sotap”, “Tasom” “Tapsom”

    1. VarshaMaurya

      How is #Sompur ???

    2. Lopa

      Sompur I too think

    3. Snowflake

      K then….SOMPUR😍

    4. Dashee

      Nhi yaar. Sompur sounds like some place name. SomTap is cute and unique

    5. Yeah somtap looks cool

  17. Hope BRC‘s every plan against Bonditha gets flopped just like Motichoor‘s plan.
    The person who shared information about Tapur n Tupur should have should have said about Chandrachur too.

  18. The ways batuk is dancing at the club with a girl in anirudh’s attire makes me think that ppl are gonna talk about this in public like “barrister Babu was at the club” which will be shocking for everyone as Anirudh is a very simple and obedient person, if this happens bondita can easily find the truth

    1. Lopa

      Yaa Even he got drunk too, somehow bondita will know the truth.
      But ksj and BRC’s pain 😭😭… the way they are crying.. its intolerable 😔

  19. Wellcome every new BB family over here💖

    1. 😂😂😂

    2. Really couldn’t understand, from where do youtubers get such ideas.
      Hilarious 😂😂😂

    3. Yeh jadu ka jinn serial. They edited vikram singh as pravisht 😂😂😂😂

    4. Hahaha😂😂 even I am thinking same kah shayad youtubers ksj ka jariboti wala laddu khaa Kay banatay hain
      na putah chal raha hai ARC hai yan BRC(I can’t understand Hindi so anyone can you tell that’s written in hindi)

  20. Lopa

    To be honest BRC is such a playboy 😂😂😂 so there is no chance of Bondita and batuk as someone said here, age gap etc etc. Even no chance of Batuk with another girl. His marriage sequence will not come in BB.
    Batuk’s role will end when ARC will come back.

    1. Yes sis

  21. Som tapur love story has started 💖 bondita has started doubting batuk now she find it soon and ksj batuk scene was emotional
    What if someone told that barrister babu was in club and drunken then it will be all easy to find the truth of brc batuk is nice but he is a playboy he loves his family very much I think ani will come soon by this Fri or next week let’s see. Till then keep watching bb on colors 8:30pm on TV. Keep smiling and spread positivity around you ☺

    1. Lopa

      Ya though he is playboy, doesn’t have good qualities but he loves his family.
      He loves his dada.
      And really sis ksj-batuk scenes are so emotional

    2. Yes sis

  22. Probably the phone call which was for Bondi would be from someone who saved Ani. They might be trying to convey a message regarding Ani.
    Somehow that person should try to see Bondi or ring again – fingered crossed 🤞

    1. Lopa

      Ya akka, it could be. Hope for best 🤞🤞

    2. VarshaMaurya

      Maybe it’s from Kumud’s father

    3. Who is Kumud sis?

    4. Lopa

      Kumud is that widow, for whom Bondita is fighting.

    5. Hope so aisa hi ho
      aap Kay mu main ghee shakar👍

  23. Lopa

    Good night fam 💕

  24. Snowflake

    @Lopa di how did the trend on twitter go????

    1. Sana786

      Sis I saw your tweet but you have less than 50 followers on Twitter so your will not be counted for trending as you have less followers you can only retweet and quote tweet for the help.

    2. Sana786

      in every minute 1350 tweet needed to be trend.

    3. Snowflake

      Di I’m not on twitter….must b someone else

  25. Arunthathi

    15th episode tamil narration

  26. Sana786

    Guys how many of you have twitter account ?? And how much followers you have on twitter?? If you can make a twitter account then please make it and do participate in the trend to save barrister babu.

  27. Now coming to the episode episode was good,somehow funny and emotional as well but we want our Anirudh back as soon as possible in 2-3 episodes
    the best part of the episode was Somnath and Tapur I think now they will show Som and Tapur love study(guys plz Som and Tapur ka kio couple name hona chahiyay) I know Batuk knows everything after Tapur specially and he will use that info against Bondita but hope so now Som will protect Tapur and for Bondita we need Anirudh
    I am not understanding kah if Batuk is heartbroken after Anirudh’s death so why he is dancing in a club with girls and in a drunken state??
    but the thing because of which I am impressed with Batuk in this episodes as well is that he did know his limits and he knows that Bondita is Anirudh’s wife aur inspite of hating her alot uss nay iss baat ka ghalat advantage nahi liya(hope so future main bhi aisa hi ho)
    the against one of the best part of this episode was that Bondita ko Batuk per doubt ho raha hai hope so Batuk ussay apni baatoun main phasa dai phir say aur woo khud say baghair kisi ko batai aur khud ko nuqsaan poohenchay Anirudh ko dhoondhay👍💖

    1. you know what, people get drunk when they wanna forget bad memories.

    2. Haan I know(t.v per hi daikha hai reality ka idea nahi) but the point is that kah ussay dance kerna nahi chahiyay tha that too in Anirudh’s clothes (as kafi loogoun nay yahan bhi kaha kah loogoun ko shaq ho sakta hai kah ARC was dancing and was in drunken state)
      but I am hoping for the best and waiting for Anidita reusion

    3. dear Ruby, sorryyy can’t understand your language.😕😕

  28. today we have to show our power by watching barrister babu on TV 8 :30 pm only on colors

  29. Please save our barrister babu

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