Nima Denzongpa 20th October 2021 Written Episode Update: Nima takes care of Suresh

Nima Denzongpa 20th October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Suresh is sad and comes to Suman’s house. Nima notices it. He doesn’t eat food so Nima brings food for him. He thanks her and says you are always with me when I am worried. Bakay comes there and says I knew something is going on between you both. Tell me what’s going on between you both? Is this an affair? Suresh says it’s not like that. Bakay says that’s why your wife came to spy on you? Suman comes there and scolds Bakay, he leaves. Suresh tells Suman that Nima gave me lunch because I forgot mine, Suman says it’s okay. Suresh leaves. Suman tells Nima that don’t take Bakay’s words seriously, I trust you a lot and I know you won’t hide anything from me. Nima looks on.

Sunita calls Tulika and says Nima is not your enemy, you are your own enemy. You should come back. Tulika says I know you want me to come back because you have to do all household work. I will think about myself first now, she ends the call. Sunita says I won’t spare her for making me work all day long. Sunita sees Nima coming back. She comes out of the house and starts crying. Nima ignores her and leaves. Sunita says she has really changed, I have to do something.

Sia tells Mania that we have to save money. Tomorrow is Diwali so how will we buy everything? Nima comes there. Nari tells Nima that there is a diwali function tomorrow in the society so we need money. Nima says Varun and his friends will be there so you might pick up fights. Mania says we won’t do anything wrong. Nima says okay, you all can go. Nari says you have to come with us.

Scene 2
Suresh comes home to see Sunita crying, she says I worked so hard that I am in pain. Suresh makes food, she asks for tea. Suresh makes it for her. Sunita says I have a fever. Sunita distracts him and shows him a hot thermometer. Sunita says Tulika is not here so who will take care of me? Suresh says I am here. Sunita says but you need to go to work daily. You can ask neighbors to help me. Suresh says I will take care of you, don’t worry. She says fine. He leaves. Sunita says I have to do something.

Tulika talks to her friend. Her friend says you have to do something more to threaten them, you can’t use Varun anymore. Do you have any property or money? Go back home and make everything yours. Make them put that small house in your name. Tulika says you are right, I will get my jewelry too.

In the morning, Sunita comes out of the house and cries. She says I am in so much pain. No one is here to help me. Nima goes from there and ignores her. Sunita says she doesn’t care at all.

Varun asks his friends from where will we get money to bribe the professor? His friends say we will do something. Varun gets an idea and says I will steal from my own house. I will steal Ayi’s jewelry and no one will know. Even if Ayi knows, she can’t give me to the police. He tells his friends to just stay near the house.

Nima is working in Suman’s house. Maaji asks them to work fast as it’s diwali. Nima is coughing because of dust. Suresh comes there and tells Maaji that my Ayi is ill so can I take an off? Paras comes there and tells Suresh to take an off. Suresh thanks him, he looks at Nima and leaves.

The episode ends.

Precap: Suresh asks Sunita whether she made all that food. Sunita says that your middle-daughter gave it. Tulika tells her father that there’s a Diwali fair in society. Her father tells her to go, she won’t get better chance than this. She calls someone saying she has some work. Suresh calls Nima to say thank you. Nima says she would have done even if it was someone else. He says you’re so nice. Shiv warns Sia not to get involved too much in his family. If they like her, then they will force her to marry him.

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