Barrister Babu 14th October 2021 Written Episode Update: Batuk meets Trilochan

Barrister Babu 14th October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Anirudh and Bondita spending time with the kids. He applies colour on his face to get her attention. She asks Shashwati to clean it. Anirudh gets to see Bondita’s care. The kids laugh and say we didn’t see anything. They go. Anirudh says thanks for coming in my life and introducing these colours to me. She says thanks for giving me wings, a flight and a sky, thanks for coming in my life. She applies the colours to his face. He jokes and says Kaka…. She gets worried. He pulls her and kisses on her cheek. He says I love you Bondita. She says I love you too.

He makes arrangements for Bondita’s speech. Chandrachur wants water. He falls there and screams. Anirudh hears Chandrachur’s voice. Chandrachur says kill me. Anirudh enters the hut and sees Chandrachur tied up. He asks who kept you here. He frees Chandrachur. Chandrachur says Trilochan. Anirudh says Kaka…..

Bondita comes on the stage to give a speech. She thinks where is Anirudh. Doctor says Chandrachur has a blood loss. Anirudh asks what’s his blood group. He says I can donate my blood. The man asks Bondita to start the speech. She says I can’t start until Anirudh comes. Anirudh is at the hospital. He donates blood for Chandrachur. Chandrachur says what kind of person are you, whatever I did with you all, you should have left me to die, why are you donating me blood. Anirudh says I won’t forgive you for the crimes, but Kaka has no right to punish you, you will be serving the punishment given by law, I spoke to the inspector, he will come and take you. Chandrachur says forgive me, my thinking changed because of me, I promise, I will become a good person and come back. Anirudh thinks its time for Bondita’s speech.

Trilochan meets Batuk and smiles. Batuk hugs him. He says I m very happy seeing you all. Trilochan says men don’t cry, you are a landlord’s son, come, touch my feet. Batuk touches his feet. He says I will never forget that I m your nephew, Batuk is back, I will take all your love. They laugh.

Batuk says I couldn’t forget all you for a second, Bondita was the reason for this. Trilochan says forget it now. Batuk hugs him. Trilochan says you look like Anirudh, no one can understand you are Anirudh or Batuk. Batuk says its not Batuk, its BRC, Anirudh and I are different. Trilochan says yes, Anirudh has his principles, you don’t listen to anyone. Batuk says Anirudh loves Bondita a lot, I hate her. Trilochan asks what. Batuk asks where is Anirudh. Trilochan says he is helping her in the speech event. Batuk says we will go and meet Anirudh. Trilochan asks him to go, he has some work. Batuk says I love you and hugs him. Anirudh comes in the event. The people clap and welcome him. Bondita asks where were you. Anirudh says its not the time to know this, its time to make your words reach the people’s heart. He says sorry for coming late, Bondita is fighting a battle for women and widow’s rights. He wishes her all the best. He says you see me or not, I stay with you or not, your voice should never stop. She nods.

Bondita says if a woman is a widow, then what’s her mistake, she already lost her husband, is it right to snatch her happiness, if a woman has a baby in her womb, how does her Sasural has the right on the baby, only the mother has a child on her child, if a man can remarry after his wife’s death, even a woman can remarry after her husband’s death. Batuk comes there. He breaks the banner. Bondita says I oppose this fear today, I want you all to raise a voice and support me. She answers the people. The man says if your husband dies… Bondita asks him to shut up, what is he saying, its a wrong question. Anirudh says no question can be wrong, the answers can be tough, you tell me, will this fight be easy. Batuk says I have come to fail your success.

Precap: The villagers say Bondita is the problem for everything. Once she doesn’t stay, no one will fight for the windows. They drag her and push her in the river. Anirudh comes searching for her. He sees her floating in the river. He jumps in and manages to reach to her. He holds her hand.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. do you all remembered the petition ?

  2. we have 1 to 2 weeks deadline let’s #savebarristerbabu #saveanirudh #saveanidita trend . let’s hope for luck and good

    1. @anu morning also someone edited anchal name (remove ) . then anushi edited . again that person started

  3. what the hell google has already wqritten in barrister babu wikipedia that anirudh is dead so is he gng to die?

    1. Snowflake

      where? I cant see it in Wikipedia…

    2. Snowflake

      This is the last para:

      A few days later, Anirudh and Bondita get into contact with Batuk, Anirudh’s youngest brother, who is studying in another country. Batuk, though resembling Anirudh, is the total opposite of his brother. He decides to return to India and make Bondita’s life hell. Meanwhile, a widow lady and her father arrives and asks Bondita to fight their case. Trilochan thinks that it will cause jealousy between Anirudh and Bondita. He tells Batuk that Bondita as a Barrister is getting higher than Anirudh. Batuk says that he will return back to India and will make Bondita realise that she is only Anirudh’s wife, not a barrister.

    3. @anu wheree?

  4. In TN Tamil version bommi babl is getting more recognition and its become more popular day by day.

  5. @ramya ya . now only most of them are telling me oh bommi ya it’s a nice serial . it’s very good . but I am sad to here that off -air rumors now

    1. Yes cute sis recently aurra too gave a interview in behindwoods

  6. Sreya Susan Roy

    I don’t know who but some mad person is continuously changing the plot and cast written on wiki . It started yesterday ,1st they removed Anchal from cast name and wrote there is just 309 episodes 🤦🏻‍♀️
    Then wrote Anirudh as dead in cast section

    Now when I checked ,it became normal, now Anchal is shown , episodes no is 388 and plot is also written till last episode
    And word dead is removed from Anirudhs name

    1. Will Anirudh die?

  7. The cc line has been completed. He accepted his law and would come back to be a better person.
    Now it’s the track’s turn to bathuk. There are 2 possibilities, Anirudh is dead or Anirudh is considered dead (actually still alive). Accept whatever happens in the story later. I think the trace of Anirudh’s death was when Anirudh saved Bondita from the river. Bondita will survive, and anirudh will be stranded and actually still alive whereas everyone thinks anirudh is dead. Bathuk will take revenge against bondita, disguised as anirudh. Bondita never listens to anyone except her husband. By becoming anirudh, bathuk will easily destroy bondita, show the real wife’s place, be rude to bondita, and stop bondita as a lawyer. That way bondita will be sad and confused as to why Anirudh is behaving like that. Bondita will find out the truth and over time Bondita will find out that the bathuk is not her husband. Bathuk will continue to destroy bondita’s dreams, and trilochan will also support bathuk, they both keep thinking that anirudh’s death is because of bondita. All the family only know that the bathuk is anirudh, so they think that the bathuk is anirudh. While trilochan and bathuk will think Anirudh is dead and like in the BTS photo it looks like they are the only two sitting in front of Anirudh’s photo and it looks Bathuk is disguised as Anirudh, and only the two of them complete the ritual Anirudh’s death because they don’t want anyone to know that anirudh has gone let alone binoy, he would be even crazier to know that anirudh is gone. Anirudh will surely come back again. And at that time Bondita managed to handle everything. Anirudh will not die. The story will end, bondita will tell everything that happened to her. Anirudh will be angry with bathuk and trilochan, anirudh will explain there is no reason for bathuk to hate bondita as all this enmity happened not because of bondita. It was Bondita who saved his father’s binoy from Krishnagar’s people, Bondita also saved Anirudh from punishment. And Bathuk regrets his actions, as well as trilochan, bathuk will apologize and will never show his face again in front of them. He’s going back to Italy. Anindita will be happy maybe Bondita will be pregnant. Next there will be the story of somnath and tapur. Cc will return to be tupur’s husband. Widows get their happiness and rights. Bondita will become a famous lawyer. And BB is done. Keep watching BB, anirudh will not die because only anirudh can awaken bathuk and trilochan back to be good people and only anirudh can explain everything to bathuk. If anirudh dies then everyone will hate bondita forever. So anirudh can’t possibly die.

    1. Sis, I think whatever you’ve said will come true
      This is AniDita’s journey. Not Batuk Bondita’s story.
      If our AniDita are together it’s enough
      It’s really sad that BB will end. Series like BB don’t have cheap illogical love stories or love triangles. That’s why it’s going off air

  8. Anushi
    felt that it is necessary to share this again, pls tmrw too when update is out, share this link in cmmnt section

    1. Anushi

      and i have already informed but informing again that this is versi and have changed my tu acc name to anushi

  9. any positive updates

  10. Someone is trying to remove anchal’s name from wikipedia. What happened? Now anchal is the main lead. So her name should be there.

  11. @anushi thank God your having that link let’s try our best

  12. @PD ya bro someone removing anchal and removed her pick also I think that person is so called /thinking him/her as aurrisht fan

  13. Pure sole

    Pls stay positive
    I know on instagram everywhere there is off air news but there is no official confirmation from makers. And on mangesh sir story he wrote “AND” not “END”. So instead of thinking something negative from this, think positive that something good might be there. And as many times lopa di’s pov matched bb, lets hope this time also her pov match and cc save anirudh and come back.

    BB Tu family is so positive. Previously also we all stayed positive, then please be this time also.

    1. Lopa

      Thank you ❤️
      Really I want this time their mindset match with mine.🤞🤞🤞🤞

    2. Pure sole

      Yaa di, this time my hope are very high, that there mindset matches with yours.

    3. Conformed…go to watch rishi sir insta story

  14. I am too obsessed with this Avnisht and Auurisht
    Only because of these people our show is going to end so soon though there is lot to explore.
    They have enough time to troll others, they used to call them Auurishtian and true bb fan but sorry actually they aren’t their mentality level is really very immature, If they had supported bb even after leap and praise the cast for their extreme effort inspite of spreading hate for the show then makers managed to bring more social tracks and more twists and we never lost our gem💎 💎 💎 .I am really shocked only because of this auurisht and avnisht audience has splitted leads to low trp
    Today they are feeling very happy as show is going to end.
    Even though it is difficult for bb true fans to accept it.

    1. It’s because of their stupidity the show is coming to an end. Aura herself won’t be happy that her show is coming to an end
      It is an insult to Anchal Sahu who is a fine actress.
      Im feeling so upset. A logical story with good acting, strong plot is coming to an end and illogical stories are dominating TRP charts. It’s heartbreaking 💔

  15. Neraya Tamil fans intha serial ah pakkuranga but mobile LA pakkuranga…mobile LA patha trp varathu TV LA patha than trp increase agum……na daily TV LA than pakkuren….Tamil fans+Hindi fans TV pathale trp 1.5 mela pogum….but pakkamatrangale😕inime achum pathingala atleast off air agama 5.30 slot LA pakkalam

  16. pure soul tq so much

  17. Pure sole

    BB has track record that they never turn any big villain into positive character, so this time they changed cc for some good only, hope so

    1. Yes di i am also thinking same ani will saved by Chandrachur.

  18. Hey guys, go and checkout Rishikhurunactor’s latest story. Let’s pray! 👍🏻

  19. Anushi

    sorry to share but air off confirmed

    1. 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

    2. Anushi

      “I was definitely shocked after learning about such a promising show going off-air. Honestly, I feel the show had more life. Having said that I do believe that entertainment industry have its own rule book , and it says that there are no rules (smiles). I am very connected to the team and the characters so it’s really sad and disappointing”.

    3. No!!😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔

  20. Some so called pre leap supporters said after the leap BB showing only lowmance(new word by them for romance), charm and uniqueness of BB has gone. But what about the barristry track. Didn’t we wait for this barristry track of bondita from day 1? In my opinion barristry track was the most relevant track according to show’s title. We hvn’t seen any court scenes of anidita till this track. But what happened? Does it got the deserving trp? I don’t understand some people’s logics that show has destroyed its true uniqueness. According to me thaakumaa track is the most unrelavant track in Bb. It didn’t gave much contribute to trp. It is just to make story stretch more. It is not the storyline, it is only the ego and illogical judgements about the show has destroyed BB.

    1. Sreya Susan Roy

      I don’t have strength to read the comments of Aurrisht fans

      I always thought why movies and serials shows villain as an obssesed person who finds happiness in others sadness and always felt that they are exaggerating it and it won’t exist in reality

      But now I understood that such people exists who are ready to celebrate seeing our heart break

      And the truth is just because Leap was introduced we got to see BB for 4 months more or else it would have gone off air in JUNE itself

      Just ignore them ,after few weeks this will get over as after BB goes off air then nothing exist for them to hate ,


    2. I have already blocked many aurrisht insta accounts to get rid of their negativity. If they don’t like anvisht its ok. But they have to be in their limits. And happy to see there are some aurrisht who support bb after the leap too. They are mature enough to understand aurra can’t play a 20 yrs old girl. And the beat part is Aurra is much more mature than SOME aurrisht fans. Everyone has their own favorite. It is totally ok. If they don’t accept any pair it is ok. But making false accusations is wrong.
      Yes what u said is 100% true. Makers dragged the story before leap to get trp increase. Their last option was leap. That’s why they took a leap otherwise show will go off air in month june- july.

  21. Please do something to save our barrister babu.😭😭😭😭😭😭

  22. The whole efforts of the Bb team has been wasted. Because this show has so much potential. They prepared liitle bondita ‘s character to this strong opinionated, fierce bondita to change the society. But it is so sad that before they get their harvest show has to go off air. One thing about trp. Whoever counting trp must cvhange their of measuring trp, because now most of the youth generation watch serials from smartphones. If they go like this i doubt after 2-3 years youth will have a show to watch in itv

    1. Anushi

      obviously bro, atleast if they count online trp then bb would be good at it as most of viewers are from different regions of the country and are spread out, so they could do nothing with the trp
      But all has been set and rangu decided to air off, think so we have to prepare ourself accordingly, this is completely unfair, whatever all the cast and crew members of bb has done a gr8 job, kudos to the team they deserve better oppurtunities in any other channel, the channel will neither promote the content nor give regular promos but always want trp, what is this?
      please guys share the petition as much as you can

  23. Sreya Susan Roy

    What is happening with Wikipedia ,ohh god it is getting edited every single minute, Iam damn sure some obssesed Aurra fan is doing it as they are removing Anchal and simply adding only Aurra’s name

    Now what is the use of doing all these ,what are they trying to prove ,are these people mad🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️

    1. I tried to correct it in morning but in vain someone is playing with it. Let her/him enjoy. Anyone can’t deny the fact that Anchal is the main female lead post leap. So her name cannot be deleted

  24. We have waited for social tracks since 1st day of the show, it is really sad that show is going off air so soon

  25. I really wish us international fans could do something to save the show.. I think bb is the only drama that has large number of international fans .. I also think that bb is way more popular than other series… can’t believe that they are really doing some thing like this to a beautiful gem like bb.. but let’s hope for best..

    1. Yes, just go and see youtube and see how many views Bb is getting in leaked episodes. And see the views of shows that have high trp. Difference is quite clear

    2. Yep bro… I saw it…1.2m views…

    3. Really!!

    4. Yep sis..

  26. Sana786

    Is trp that much important to run a show??? If yes then there is a lot of shows which is not on the list of trp but still going on without any fear of going off air??
    Why colors only target to our BB means if they want to launch new show then it’s only Bb who could go off air???? Couldn’t they able to see the love of audience which they have for barrister babu??

    1. Wondering about the same thing ..😓

  27. Sana786

    I never felt this much pain ever in my life only by hearing the news of the show going off air.

    1. Agreed 😭.. call me childish but I still have this hope to hear that bb is not going off air..😓

  28. Sana di they are emotionless, they are hurrying to bring new shows,they will not see the love of audience they are only worrying for trp 😏😏

  29. Can you help me out by signing this petition?
    Already 430 petitions done
    We require 500 petitions , means yo have sign in this and give more 70 petitions and help saving the show.

    1. Di I have already signed this

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