Barrister Babu 14th October 2021 Written Episode Update: Batuk meets Trilochan

Barrister Babu 14th October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Anirudh and Bondita spending time with the kids. He applies colour on his face to get her attention. She asks Shashwati to clean it. Anirudh gets to see Bondita’s care. The kids laugh and say we didn’t see anything. They go. Anirudh says thanks for coming in my life and introducing these colours to me. She says thanks for giving me wings, a flight and a sky, thanks for coming in my life. She applies the colours to his face. He jokes and says Kaka…. She gets worried. He pulls her and kisses on her cheek. He says I love you Bondita. She says I love you too.

He makes arrangements for Bondita’s speech. Chandrachur wants water. He falls there and screams. Anirudh hears Chandrachur’s voice. Chandrachur says kill me. Anirudh enters the hut and sees Chandrachur tied up. He asks who kept you here. He frees Chandrachur. Chandrachur says Trilochan. Anirudh says Kaka…..

Bondita comes on the stage to give a speech. She thinks where is Anirudh. Doctor says Chandrachur has a blood loss. Anirudh asks what’s his blood group. He says I can donate my blood. The man asks Bondita to start the speech. She says I can’t start until Anirudh comes. Anirudh is at the hospital. He donates blood for Chandrachur. Chandrachur says what kind of person are you, whatever I did with you all, you should have left me to die, why are you donating me blood. Anirudh says I won’t forgive you for the crimes, but Kaka has no right to punish you, you will be serving the punishment given by law, I spoke to the inspector, he will come and take you. Chandrachur says forgive me, my thinking changed because of me, I promise, I will become a good person and come back. Anirudh thinks its time for Bondita’s speech.

Trilochan meets Batuk and smiles. Batuk hugs him. He says I m very happy seeing you all. Trilochan says men don’t cry, you are a landlord’s son, come, touch my feet. Batuk touches his feet. He says I will never forget that I m your nephew, Batuk is back, I will take all your love. They laugh.

Batuk says I couldn’t forget all you for a second, Bondita was the reason for this. Trilochan says forget it now. Batuk hugs him. Trilochan says you look like Anirudh, no one can understand you are Anirudh or Batuk. Batuk says its not Batuk, its BRC, Anirudh and I are different. Trilochan says yes, Anirudh has his principles, you don’t listen to anyone. Batuk says Anirudh loves Bondita a lot, I hate her. Trilochan asks what. Batuk asks where is Anirudh. Trilochan says he is helping her in the speech event. Batuk says we will go and meet Anirudh. Trilochan asks him to go, he has some work. Batuk says I love you and hugs him. Anirudh comes in the event. The people clap and welcome him. Bondita asks where were you. Anirudh says its not the time to know this, its time to make your words reach the people’s heart. He says sorry for coming late, Bondita is fighting a battle for women and widow’s rights. He wishes her all the best. He says you see me or not, I stay with you or not, your voice should never stop. She nods.

Bondita says if a woman is a widow, then what’s her mistake, she already lost her husband, is it right to snatch her happiness, if a woman has a baby in her womb, how does her Sasural has the right on the baby, only the mother has a child on her child, if a man can remarry after his wife’s death, even a woman can remarry after her husband’s death. Batuk comes there. He breaks the banner. Bondita says I oppose this fear today, I want you all to raise a voice and support me. She answers the people. The man says if your husband dies… Bondita asks him to shut up, what is he saying, its a wrong question. Anirudh says no question can be wrong, the answers can be tough, you tell me, will this fight be easy. Batuk says I have come to fail your success.

Precap: The villagers say Bondita is the problem for everything. Once she doesn’t stay, no one will fight for the windows. They drag her and push her in the river. Anirudh comes searching for her. He sees her floating in the river. He jumps in and manages to reach to her. He holds her hand.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Annusha Singh

    1st Episode size bhut chota nii ho gaya hai…..

  2. Annusha Singh

    Today is TRP day…. I will tell u all Trp ratings of our fav show… Stay tuned with us…

  3. why isnt kaka telling the truth about chandrachur??? atleast we can have get a positive vibe from batuk he is just an unintentional enemy…ig maybe somnath may tell him the truth…i dont want to fall in love with bondita without knowing its his boudi….it can become toxic

  4. Thankyou for the update Amena mam

  5. Very short episode 😞😞

  6. Prachi Gill

    I wonder why Ksj doesn’t tell Batuk Cc’s truth??? Bekaar mein villain banege BRC.
    We always get a hint about future tracks in the show, that’s why the man’s question about ARC’s death is worrying me. I just hope there is no separation …

  7. Sreya Susan Roy

    Moral of the story

    If you Become selfless and good like Anirudh❤️❤️, u will get always sadness and death as gift from God 😔, u wont be able to live happily atleast for one day ,So be a villain😡 ,u will get everything u wanted and atlast u will be made positive 🥲🥲🙏🙏

    And especially a Big thanks to u makers for giving us such a painful gift💔💔 for supporting the show from day 1 till this day 😐😐

    And while doing the funeral of Anirudh ,along with that do last rites of ANIDITA and all the version of RISHTA TERA MERA😭😭 🙏🙏

    I always loved Anirudh and will just love him 💕, just because Pravisht plays the role of Batuk that doesn’t mean that I will accept him in Anirudh’s place 🚫🚫🚫, if ANIRUDH dies ,that day will be the last episode of BB for me 🤐

    1. Lopa

      Ya Love for Pravisht is in another place but I too can’t accept BRC in place of ARC

    2. Yes,I felt the same too.Why is the need of killing Anirudh in the show. He is the main lead of the show. Apart from that, Anirudh is really very different and unique character when we compare with other itv leads. He has own principles and knows the value of education in life. He had thought us many things and provoked that us to think progressively. If they are going to kill Anirudh in this track and going to show the Batuk marrying Bondita just for the sake of showing justice for widow women it’s not acceptable and I’m going to stop watching the show . Justice for widow women can proven through many other ways too but not my killing such a genuine character like Anirudh.This is horrible and I’m not going to bear this.

  8. Nobody can take the Place of ARC. Anirudh’s death will be a fake one, to bring a social issue he will be back soon and hopefully the show has a positive ending. Anidita are destined to be together that’s what the show has shown since the first episode.

  9. is this series going to end? but y no article news has come to yet..

    1. Yes it is going to end. Check news. Actors have confirmed it. This show has so much potential but writers ruined it up by extending too much track of Cc and enemity of villages. This kinda sidetracked them.hence lost trps.Thakumma’s track was too much extended as well. Before that show was so good

  10. Lopa

    “I stay with you or not” – ARC why this type of sentence 😣😣
    CC will come back in a positive role…But this BRC and ksj are getting on my nerves 😏
    Pravisht… What an acting man…You are working hard to portray two opposite character 👏 but still ARC is in our heart and no one I repeat no one can take his place.

    1. Is barrister babu going off air?? Iam really tensed pls kindly leave a reply someone…

    2. Yes it is going to end. Check news. Actors have confirmed it. This show has so much potential but writers ruined it up by extending too much track of Cc and enemity of villages. This kinda sidetracked them.hence lost trps.Thakumma’s track was too much extended as well. Before that show was so good

  11. Yessss I love that chandachur becomes good

  12. Ah I am loving BRC’S way of talking.. pravisht is doing superb work in both of his characters. But ARC is love. Ksj said right ARC is a man of principles ,that’s why people love the character soo much..
    Apart from that,
    Today’s episode was very very short..

  13. And I am happy that Chandrachur becomes a positive chracter.

  14. Anirudh is definitely the best ever character made on ITV. Hopefully they give him a positive ending. And Anidita is one of the most unique couple. If they kill Anirudh and show bondita with someone else (it’s not just about Pravisht) then the whole show becomes meaningless, because as much as the show is about social issues, it is also about Anirudh and Bondita’s rishta. What ever was built over 380 episodes will be a waste. Hope Anidita will not be seperated. Even if Anirudh dies, which is the worst case scenario, bondita should continue to live with his teachings and work towards their dream. Women don’t need a man to live. Hope they establish this.

  15. I think anirudh dies because man asks the question that’s y if like that happens then that will be my last episode please let anirudh to be die

  16. Maybe CC will save Ani.

    1. Oh god…Iam deeply saddened after knowing this….however thank you for giving me a reply..🙂🙂

  17. I am thinking of all possibilities for Anirudh to be alive. The main reason I watch the show is for Anirudh. Hopefully nothing bad will happen to him. Everyone in the show who are assumed to be dead come back CC, sumati ma, hopefully Anirudh too will be safe🤞

  18. Plsss tell anirudh won’t die na.i m crying yaar. 😢 plss someone give a hint that he won’t die because in today’s episode all indications are towards Anirudhs death.plssss someone confirm that it’s a fake death plsss 😔😔😔😔😭😭😭😭😭😭

    1. I guess everyone will think that Anirudh died, but he will be saved by someone.
      Just like Heeramandi track, everyone thought Ani died, but he was saved.
      Don’t worry Syeda di, if Ani really dies, then BB will have no meaning. Because, it’s the story of Anidita’s beautiful relation.

    2. Chandrachur become good 😃

    3. @barbie thanks for giving some positivity dear. I was literally crying. I just hope Ur words are true. Hope for the best ….❤❤❤😔😔

    4. Yes di, I trust makers.
      They won’t give us any disappointment.
      So much of separation tracks we’ve seen already. No more separation tracks.
      But di, colors tv is really doing partiality with our fav show.😣

    5. Let’s hope for the Best.🤞🏻🤞🏻

  19. Thank you for update Amena mam.

  20. Next week bb’s trp will surely decreased it may go below 1 because episodes are to shorts.

  21. Any idea why the duration of episodes is very less from 2 days?

  22. Anirudh ko kuch nahi hona chahihe when someone bless little bondita sada suhaagan raho bol ke

  23. I think anirudh won’t die . they will just show fake death . he will be saved another hand batuk will act as anirudh . bon will find the truth.

    my favorite character in this show is anirudh roy chowdary
    from the beginning of the show I always used to love his principles
    I trust makers they won’t disappoint us they won’t destroy there own strongly built basement

    but when heard arc like this I started crying . because of character and principles .arc will always stay in my heart

    let’s hope for good .
    stay positive

  24. @Annusha tq sis . update us every if possible

    1. every week

  25. @sunshine . because of rangu di

  26. I’m emotional after watching Anirudh and CC.
    I’m going back to sleep 😴😴

  27. @cute ohhh then y only our show? Coz I have seen in bb twitter that ssk2 is almost 26mins ..why this partiality towards a very progressive show 😔 bb ep is only 15mins…
    This is not fair

    all pls stay positive

  29. @cute we can just stay positive and hope for the best from makers… I still trust them…they will not ruin such a great story with such twist…
    But it think we should prepare our mind for the worst and hope for the best 🤞

  30. guys one thing i found out today, and the realisation did hit me very hard.
    whatever we are enjoying today, be it the pleasure of studying, voicing out our opinions, took a long and dreadful time. many people like THE GREAT BARRISTER BABU ANIRUDH ROY CHOUDHURY AND THE GREAT BARRISTER BABU BONDITA DAS ANIRUDH ROW CHOUDHURY sacrificed their well being, happiness, solace and life to bless us with the change that we are living in with.
    this is what revolutions demand for.
    and we must never forget their deeds. we must keep going doing the right, voicing for justice and ending the era of injustice.

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