Barrister Babu 13th July 2021 Written Episode Update: Bondita and Anirudh’s odd moment

Barrister Babu 13th July 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Tupur recalling going close to Chandrachur. He gets angry on her. He hurts her. FB ends. Tupur says I got a burn. Chandrachur comes and fakes concern for her. Bondita says he cares for you a lot. He says I can take care of you also, I mean you are family. She thinks how will I go to Tulsipur if he drops me. He smiles seeing her and thinks you have become more beautiful, I have to get you. The man says its fun to hide and see, right. Chandrachur says I have a habit to win, I lost her once, this time I have to win her, I will do whatever it takes. Bondita says you should not waste time, you should find that wallet owner, if you find the girl, then your respect will get high. He asks really. He says fine, I will drop you some other day. He goes. Trilochan asks Anirudh to talk to Vaijanti well.

Anirudh says I tolerate her nonsense everyday, she has just interest in talks. Shashwati says she is sweeter than Rasgulla, call her, your friend may feel bad. Trilochan says she is right, I will go and bring her, we have to apologize. Bondita comes there. She falls down. Anirudh asks are you fine. Bondita says yes. Trilochan asks why were you running like that. Bondita says I like to run away, I ran from my marriage once, I mean my friend’s marriage, my dad also wanted me to marry, I was young, I couldn’t do child marriage, am I right. Anirudh recalls Bondita. She says I didn’t want to get late, Anirudh scolded me in dream also. Trilochan asks him to feed her water and then teach her. He goes. Anirudh asks her to have water.

She gets happy. He asks her to come and study. She falls again. He asks her to tie the shoe lace. He asks don’t you know tying the lace, you have grown up. She says I never did this myself. He asks who used to tie it for you. She says Saketh bahu, my house helper, will you tie it. He ties her shoe lace.

He says I will send someone to help. He goes. She knocks the door thrice. He recalls Bondita again. He asks her to come in, when she has already entered the door. He says don’t knock the door thrice, knock once, twice, four or hundred times, but not thrice. She asks why, is there anything special, I understood that its some special sign, right. She sees his hand injury. She asks why didn’t you apply haldi, I will get it. He says just study and leave, mind your own business. She thinks I will find your real wound and heal it, really, promise. She sees a magnifying glass there. She smiles. She goes to see his face and laughs. He recalls Bondita.

He gets angry and asks her to sit in one place. He asks is it imp to touch things and question me, I m saying it for the last time, don’t touch my belongings, don’t ask any nonsense, just study and leave. She cries. He asks what happened, don’t cry. She says you scolded me, you don’t want me to cry, I m a lovely, innocent girl, you scolded me. He asks do you mean innocent. She says you understand me well, no, you always scold me. He asks her to keep the magnifier. She asks him to vent out his anger by writing his feelings on a paper. She says I will throw this in the village river. He says no need to do this drama. She says I refused to have Rasgulla yesterday, my mum was asking me why, did you hear it. He recalls Bondita. He shouts enough, don’t say Rasgulla in front of me. She says see you scolded me again. He says no.

She says fine, I can’t read, I will turn away, write your feelings on this paper. She thinks I will get to know your feelings today. He thinks of Bondita. She checks the paper. She finds it blank.

She asks why didn’t you write down, when you are a teacher, answer me, write something. He says I will open the window. He opens the window. He goes to switch on the fan. Some cotton fall down the fan. Bondita smiles and dances. He asks who did this. She says it looks so beautiful. The vase falls down. She moves back and falls in his arms. They step on some pearls. They slip inside the bathroom and fall into the bathtub. He tries to get up and falls again. The kids come at the window and laugh. Trilochan comes there and asks what’s happening. The kids say our mischief has worked. Anirudh says someone had kept cotton over the fan blades, cotton spread in the room and then we slipped here. The kids laugh and go.

Trilochan says its because of these naughty kids, what’s the need to keep these orphan kids at home, I asked you not to keep them, you never listen to me. Anirudh says its Vaijanti’s mistake, she was dancing when the cotton fell down, someone kept pearls in the vase, we slipped down after stepping on the pearls, all the problems are happening since she came here, I can’t tolerate her, I can’t teach Vaijanti. He goes to change his clothes. Bondita cries and thinks will my mission end before its start.

Precap: Someone in mask chases Bondita saying she’s Bondita, she will kill everyone. Family members come outside. Anirudh removes his mask. Bondita looks on.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. I have been waiting

  2. Hey I am the first one to comment

  3. Sry I came second. ..but whatever today’s episode was very funny. But bondita is flirting. ……directly with ani. If ani learns the truth what will be his expression. Waiting for next.

  4. I have been waiting for this eagerly

  5. Priscilla-Ignacia

    It’s so funny 😅😅😅. Anirudh is head over heels in love with Bondita. This is ‘Vaijanti’ in front of him. Why is he seeing Bondita in all her actions? I love the way Bondita is bringing back old memories.
    I hope Tupur is not in love with that annoying bedbug. He doesn’t deserve her. Tupur deserves Somnath.
    That annoying bedbug should forget about marrying Bondita he won’t even get the chance to express his feelings. I hope he exits the show by the end of the week.

    1. Judging by how much mess CC had created between the two villages, he’s going to be around at least 100 episodes. God knows he might work with Thakur in future.

      The actor looks sweet and handsome IRL. But in the drama, he has a punchable face.

  6. Where is Vaijayanti staying? At Anirudh’s house? That’s odd if she disappears in evening. Being new to the place and daughter of a friend, she should stay at Anirudh’s house…détails are not mentioned by makers

    1. Varsha Maurya

      Exactly , I was also thinking the same.

  7. I really loved it…..
    She is really trying hard to get old anirudh. Before he knowing truth about Bondi, what if he fall for vaijanti. (We know Bondi and vaijanti are same but they don’t know right)

  8. What is precap???

    1. justarandomperson

      the precap for today shows that binoy is mentally not well and he is running behind Vaijanti(bondita) saying that vaijanti is bondita and she will kill everyone

    2. That’s the glimpse of what is going to happen in the next episode

  9. what is the problem if they fall in love means they are humans too. and makers are trying to show romance after the leap when they both are in right age .they can stand for any social issues together. in real life also there are so many social workers who work for human rights and have there own personal life. no one can live their life alone everyone needs love care etc. so whatever they are showing i am liking it.

    1. You’re right.

  10. Lopa

    Oh…The kids 😂
    As naughty as bondita 😂😂
    Waiting to know the mysterious man about whom they talked on previous episode.

    1. It’s binoy

    2. Lopa

      Yes @Anoona I checked the precap later.

  11. Lopa

    I have a question… Where is vaijanti living? In roy choudhury haveli? Then how is she going to krishnanagar?

    1. She had gone to krishnanagar and her purse fell down that day

    2. It means she is going outside the haveli without roy chowdhurs’ knowledge? @Lopa @Anoona
      Because she came via train so she can’t go back to her home daily. But vaijanti (bondita) did not carry any bags that day but still anirudh did not ask her about her stuffs.

    3. She was disguised as Vaijayanthi and she turns to Advocate clothes and go to her hone

  12. Oh My guess was right He has mentally ill personBut Don’t know how he will become normal

  13. Dashee

    This is completely my opinion, but, whenever I see Ani and Bondita close, like, today’s ep where they fall into the bathtub, I felt really uncomfortable. Just like Ani seeing little Bondita in ‘Vaijayanti’, I’m reminded too about little Bondita whenever there’s skinship between the two. I don’t have any problem with their age Gap, but, since we’ve once upon a time seen a Choti Bondita with an already grown-up Anirudh, it just seems a bit odd to see that same little kid flirting with him.

  14. justarandomperson

    the precap for today shows that binoy is mentally not well and he is running behind Vaijanti(bondita) saying that vaijanti is bondita and she will kill everyone

    1. Hey can you send link of precap I am really very excited to see upcoming episode

    2. Lopa

      @Justarandomperson thank you for precap.

  15. Guys, our guesses are right. Something happened with Binoy and he is mentally ill. But in that case, how did it happen? When all this Takumaa track was happening, he was out of station. And if he is mentally ill, how did Sampoorna have a child?

    1. Lopa

      Exactly the same comment I did yesterday. But now as we are sure that the person is binoy then I think he became ill after becoming father. Maybe thakuma/chandra chur did something to him.

  16. Yes, I don’t know what is happening I think that Chandra chur will be responsible for binoy health but in how he now that is bondita ?

  17. Lopa

    I don’t think binoy knows about vaijanti being bondita because it’s not possible as he is in room everytime. Maybe he is telling the same word to everyone because something happened with him badly. I guess binoy’s mental illness is reason for sampoorna’s changed behave.

    1. Lopa


  18. Precap
    A masked men runs With a knife Towards bonditha and shouts That that the girl is bonditha and owes to kill her and the man was Binoy,Anirudhs father

  19. @Aru @Adhira @Priscilla-lgnacia do you guys want rishta tera mera song just translated in english or a new version of rishta tera mera in english language?

  20. Today episode was very good to start with. Then in the end, it went all cheese 🧀🧀🧀🧀🧀🧀🧀 🧀🧀🧀🧀🧀 🧀.
    I said take your time, but cut the romantic cheese. 🤦🤦🤦🤦🤦 It was so stupid, I don’t remember the studied room had a bath room. How far was it, and why was the bath tub was full of water. The way Anirudh, was moving stuff with his feet,it was like if he was going to step on a boom. I couldn’t look.

    He could have just told, to be careful.

    I did enjoy the funny part of bondita. I can’t wait for chandrachur and tupur story, it those two characters who stands out in this drama now.
    I would like to see more of them, although chandrachur don’t deserve tupur.

    It time for Bondita to leave the RC home. She is hurting herself and also the RC family.

    She will get some ideas now, why the emity. She needs to force on her side of family, also she needs to make a name for herself, not only for herself, but also for the both villages.

    1. U talk so much nonsense @hope i have beared a lot u r just a hater now of BB whts wrong if they showing this daily soaps are made to entertain the viewers with thier intriguing stories if audience is entrrtaining with this leap then who u r to say if u dont want such leap then dont comment here useless fellow😠😡😡

    2. Priscilla-Ignacia

      Tell her. With her bad taste for story writing, she always rants sensible-nonsense. I don’t think she watched the show from beginning. She started watching recently and won’t shut up. Always saying things that are irrelevant. If she wants a romance free show then she should watch news instead. A check of it 😡😡. She never got the chance to watch the unique love they shared.

    3. Priscilla-Ignacia

      Be honest, since when did you start watching BB? From the nonsense you comment everyday, it looks like u stated watching recently. Why don’t you watch news instead coz it’s romance free. Annoying bedbug 😡😡😡. U are very irritating. U are called Hope but you hope for nothing good. U have no use for your tongue coz u have a bad, in fact disgusting taste. Read the updates and disappear. Don’t post any nonsense. ANNOYING BEDBUG 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

  21. So you told that the director, script writer told you the whole story…. Right??? Because you are the god to them… What are you talking??? They bring the leap track for romance…

    1. @kum they just want to justify lowmance with great explanation to make it look correct . Bullying Anirudh by vaijanthi/bondita for love . Wow BArister babu is bestem best .

  22. We don’t want any social issues that happened in 1930 or 1935,1940…years rolled we want only cheap romance as you told… 😂🤣🤣🤣we watch the serial only for that romance… Thank you… 😉😉😉

    1. @Kum, are you being sarcastic or serious? If you’re being sarcastic, I want both- romance and social issues. Bondita is young.She studied hard in London and suffered a lot in her childhood. Being a female barrister going to challenging to her.Let the girl enjoy her youth.

      This drama going to get heavy soon. I’m enjoying these light n funny episodes.

  23. was there no romance in the 1930s? why some of the comments above don’t like the romantic track?. Isn’t Bondita’s age now no longer a little girl? he is an adult now it’s okay in the drama to add a little romance. i haven’t followed BB for the last 3 years. i am busy with work and college so i really miss this drama. i hope bondita and anirudh remarry and together fight for women’s rights in both that village.

    1. Dashee

      I’m not sure about why others are disappointed with this love track, but my reason is because, since we’ve seen Bondita as a little kid sharing a unique, no-romace bond with Anirudh, it was uncomfortable for me to see the same girl grown up and sharing intimate moments with Ani, as far as falling into a bathtub and all. It’s not like I’m criticizing the romance, but, it would’ve been nice if the romance was limited upto falling/tripping over each other once in a blue moon, and not literally every time. Like, count the number of times Bondita has tripped over or fallen above Anirudh 😂😂.

  24. Deepika Arumugam

    Really really tqs for written updates for barrister babu in English 💯🤗..
    I really don’t know Hindi,I can’t understand the language 💯🥺.. but I really really love the serial very much 💯🤗💗…
    The written updates are really helpful for me 💯 or for non hindi viewers 💯🤗..
    Barrister babu fan (tamil fans) from tamilnadu 🤗💗🥰..

  25. Dashee

    @ Yujin

    And, since romance could be seen in any other serial too, but, a unique bonding between the leads is portrayed by one in a billion show. The Phase 2 of Barrister Babu has let down many fan’s expectations, and there were two types of fans who stopped watching this second phase : the one’s who didn’t want Bondita to be replaced, and the others who were dissapointed as how romance and typical drama was overshadowing the real concept of this show. I’ve personally stopped watching BB on TV, because I too am disappointed with the show’s drastic turn from a serial which showcased social issues on a daily basis back then, and how it’s focusing on the romance more these days. No one can disagree that moments like dupatta flying on male lead’s face, leads falling over each other, enmity between the leads’ families can be seen in other serials too, but, a serial depicting the problems of women back then is handy.

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