Mere Sai 13th July 2021 Written Episode Update: Prathamesh gets Sai’s blessings

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Prathamesh wonders why Baizama is telling him to meet Sai. It is about government permission and other legal stuff. What will Sai do in this? He notices Sarkar, Gautam and Chakranarayan in his way. Who are you and why are you blocking my way? Chakranarayan introduces everyone. We want to discuss something with you. Prathamesh asks them to clear his way but Chakranarayan asks him to come with them. We have come to help you. Prathamesh goes with them reluctantly. Sarkar thinks that Fakir’s game will be up today.

Sarkar tells Prathamesh not to worry. It is your duty to help British Government. Prathamesh apologizes to Sarkar politely. I cannot go against Sai or my family will disown me. Why should I lie? I have met Sai and I don’t think He was wrong at any point of time. Chakranarayan nods. I promise you He will be fine if He is not wrong. Try to understand my point. You will end up helping Sai if He is right. His image will become better then. If otherwise, don’t you think people should know about Him? Sai is not literate. He might be doing something illegal unintentionally. We are from secret service. We don’t arrest people. We wont hurt Sai. We want to stop Him from doing something illegal so He wont get in trouble anytime. You will get permission to do your business from British Government in return for helping us. He gives a written letter to Prathamesh. If you help us find the truth then I assure you that you will get permission to start your business. Sarkar tells Prathamesh to agree. You wont get this chance. Trust me. That Fakir! He stops mid sentence. Sai will thank you in future as you are saving Him from an impending danger after all. Your family wont be able to stop themselves from praising you. Chakranarayan seconds him. What have you (Prathamesh) decided then? Prathamesh agrees. Everyone smiles.

Prathamesh, Tatya and Baizama come to Dwarkamai. Sai says I told him not to keep things in his heart. He asks Prathamesh to tell Him what’s in his heart. Tatya seconds Sai. Prathamesh shares that he needs money for investing in his new business. I tried but I am not able to arrange money from anywhere. Baizama points out that he was speaking about obtaining permission from British Government earlier. Prathamesh shares that he had a word with someone. It will be arranged. Sai asks him how much money he needs. Prathamesh says Rs. 500. Nanasaheb tries to say something but Sai stops him. He asks Tatya to bring a bowl. Tatya does as told. Sai takes out coins from His pocket. He keeps them in a bowl. He next takes out a bundle of notes from his pocket which shocks everyone.

Sai gives Rs. 501 to Prathamesh. Use Rs. 500 for investment and keep Re. 1 with yourself for prosperity. Prathamesh asks Sai how He got so much money. Sai calls it Ram ji’s blessings. He knows that your work should be executed successfully. Baizama brought you here. She is my Aayi so it is her order to help my younger brother. Prathamesh is hesitant but Baizama tells him to take it. It is Sai’s blessing. No one can stop you from succeeding now. Prathamesh takes it. I am working against Sai yet He is helping me. They agreed not to harm Sai. They said they will only caution Him for future. It will be good for Sai. Sai says the capability to take the right decision is very important in business. May you be blessed with that power! Prathamesh thanks Him and excuses Himself. Sai blesses him.

Banta tells Sarkar he is here. Chakranarayan asks Prathamesh if what they had planned came true. Prathamesh nods. Chakranarayan and Sarkar smile. Chakranarayan asks him to narrate everything to Gautam in detail. Prathamesh shows the Re. 1 coin to them. He told me to keep it with me always for prosperity. I dint get anything else from Him. Sarkar calls it nonsense but Prathamesh insists it is true. I dint find anything suspicious either. Chakranarayan tells him to tell them the truth. Santa and Banta threaten him but Prathamesh stays put. That’s all that I got from Him. Santa pushes Prathamesh towards the door. He tells them that they were lying. You said that Sai wont be in trouble but it does not look like you are His well-wisher. Sarkar asks him if he sold his soul to Sai too. Chakranarayan calls Sai fake. I will get Him punished. Forget about your dream of doing business. You will never get permission. Prathamesh smiles. I have Sai’s blessing. Whatever happens now will be as per His wish. Sarkar glares at him.

Flashback shows Prathamesh feeling guilty about trying to trap Sai when he asked Him just once. He collides with someone on his way out and apologizes. The person gives a letter to Nanasaheb who gives it to Prathamesh. It is government permission letter that Prathamesh needed for his business. Prathamesh is taken aback. Nanasaheb says it is Sai’s doing. I was walking past Shirdi yesterday when He called me here. He told me to get this permission for you within a day. It wasn’t an easy job but it worked out with Sai’s help. Congratulations for your new venture. You have permission and investment capital to start your business asap now. Prathamesh is in tears. He goes to Sai and apologizes to Him. I got lost. Baizama asks him what he is saying. Sai tells her it is nothing. Everything is fine. Prathamesh is a very honest and talented boy. He will achieve great heights and success in his life. He advises Prathamesh to start his business venture. Prathamesh refuses the money politely. Thank you for helping me with the permission. He picks Re. 1 coin as Sai’s blessing. I will arrange enough capital with this letter. I only need your blessing. Sai blesses him. Tatya and Baizama smile. Flashback ends.

Precap: Sarkar says one door has closed but another door is still open. He gives money to someone and tells him to execute the plan as advised.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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    I usually see the Mere sai TV shows and then the written episodes also to understand the story vert well since my mother tongue is not Hindi. In the written episodes normally the date alone is mentioned. So it is difficult to check whether an episode has been telecasted on a missing date (other than Saturdays & Sundays). I request that the Episode Number must be given, so that I can look for continuation of next episodes. For example it is vert difficult to find out whether an episode was telecasted on 16th July 2021 or not.

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