Bani Ishq Da Kalma 9th September 2013 Written Episode Update

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Bani Ishq Da Kalma 9th September 2013 Written Episode, Bani Ishq Da Kalma 9th September 2013 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Parmeet’s place
On being asked for bani, manpreet says that she has gone to the gurudwara and would come soon. They invite gagan’s family to the wedding. They ask about the prospective bride and the family. Gagan wants to see the card, but she accidentally drops tea and takes the card aside. manpreet asks her to take biji to the bathroom. She complies.

As biji comes out of the bathroom, and is drying herself nicely, her eyes fall on banio and parmeet’s photo. She is shocked to look at it. Gagan comes and asks what is she waiting for, as they are waiting for her. Granny shows bani’s photo and asks about the girl. Gagan tells her that was their choti bahu, but no more. Granny tells her that vikas is marrying the younger sister of

this girl. Gagan is surprised. Gagan tells them everything, as to how their family is tainted, and bring ill luck to the family where the daughters go. Gagan instructs them not to fix vikas’s marriage with jas and that house. Biuji is convinced and decides that she wont let vikas’s life be spoiled and would stop this marriage.

Scene 2:
Location: Soham’s place
Nirvel and bani’;s father leave, after blessing rajji and soham to have a hppy life and be peaceful. Rajji gets emotional and is asked the reason for her tears. Rajji says that they are tears of happiness as they are so happy with her. They say that they are happy that she has done everything right with her maturity. They leave blessing her again. After they are gone, rajji grows sad and simran comforts her.

Buaji comes to soham and asks if he has taken the descision after much deliberation or he needs more time, as this is a question of his life and happiness. She says that he isnt at pressure, and asks him to take all the time that he neds. Rajji, standing at the door, waits for his answer. He finally says that he doesnt need to think, and that his descision is final and that he would do what she wants him to do. while buaji is happy, rajji is sad. She says that she had selected a good girl, but didnt want to impose her wish on him, and now that she has his compliance, she woul get a girl who would fill his life and family with happiness. Asking him to rest, she leaves him, and turns around to find rajji standing there. Buaji leaves, while they eye each other awkwardly. Rajji thinks that she doesnt know why soham

Soham says that he knows that

He says that she might dislike her, but its for her good only and he hasnt a problem with that.

Scene 3:
Location: Bani’s place
Vikas calls up, and bani picks it up and after the normnal chitchat, she teases him about the actual reason of calling up. she finally gives the phone to Jas to let them talk. They talk romantically, while bani is happy to see them smiling, and hopes that they are like this forever.

While bindal is attending to relatives, on the phone, telling them of Jas’s marriage. They are surprised to find rajji, and are asked about nirvel and bani’s father. Rajji says that they left long back. They think that they must be going to other places too for invitations. They also think that onec nirvel and bani’s father come back, they can also go to bani’s in laws. Biji and her family come to desho’s house, and say that they dont need to go there. She says that they are coming from there only. Bindal and desho wish them, and ask how are they connectyed. Bani is very tensed. They are happy to hear that. Badi bi says that they had gone outside, and if they have returned back. They ask bani about it. She says that sshe had forgotten to tell them. Biji and her family are asked to sit down. Biji says that they havent come to sit and talk, but to end the talk. They are confused and ask what do they mean. Vikas’s mother says that after they go to know about bani, at her in laws’ place, They have decided that jas and vikas cant get married and they have come to call this relationship off. All are shocked to hear this. Badi bi says that they hadnt hidden anything from her, then why this. Biji says that they hid what was most important. They are confused. Biji asks if they really dont know or are pretending, and asks bani too about the same. Bindal asks them to talk clearly. Biji asks if they wondered how bani is staying here for so many days, without going back. Biji says that bani was thrown out of her house. Desho says that there must have been a misunderstanding. But biji says that she isnt wrong and no misunderstanding has happened, and if there is, bani would clear that up. Desho asks bani to speak up and say that this isnt the truth. Bani is speechless but finally manages the courage to say that this is the truth. All are shocked and distraught to hear this. The screen freezes on bani’s distraught face.

Precap: Rajji comforts bani, in her room, that she neednt worry, as parmeet would come and then he would eb with her, and make everyone agree in her in laws’ house, and she would enter the haveli again. Bani tells her that parmeet wont come, ever. rajji is shocked.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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