Amita Ka Amit 9th September 2013 Written Episode Update

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Amita Ka Amit 9th September 2013 Written Episode, Amita Ka Amit 9th September 2013 Written Update

Everyone sits down to have food. Amu gets a chair for her dad and is objected by Fallu followed by everyone else. You mustn’t pick up heavy things in this condition. Amu sits next to Amit and AA exchange baffled glances. Baa notices Amu hasn’t eaten anything. You must eat every hour in this condition. Varsha tells her not to eat outside food at all. She is about to have curd but Nani tells her not to or she might get cold. Fallu explains it would be a big problem if she falls ill as she cant even have too many medicines in pregnancy. Tina tells her not to worry at all for we all are here to guide you. Avoid papaya. The discussion turns to fruits…to eat or not to eat. Kajal tells her to sleep for 14 hours for sure. Fallu counters…this way the kid would be lazy too. Atul advises

exercise whereas Kirath advises yoga. Hemant turns to full rest. Amit suggests consulting a doc as everyone is saying so many things at random. Amu agrees with him. Fallu knows a very good gynac…Dr. Gaitonde. She only delivered Amit we will go to her only. Amit while trying to get something tells Amu not to agree in lower tones. Amu is torn as Fallu is insistent. She ends up saying yes while Amit speaks in signals as to why she accepted it. Amu murmurs an apology.

Next morning, Fallu and AA reach Dr. Gaitonde’s hospital. Fallu is talking to the nurse while Amit tells Amu not to agree to everything which mom says. I will consult Shilpa’s doc but she stops him. How could I say no to MIL? The nurse tells them to go but firstly only Fallu can go in. Amu has to get blood test done first. She is all nerves thinking about it. Fallu is amused. Amit assures her blood test can be taken care of later first lets consult the doc. Nurse tells him not to worry as it is a ladies matter they will handle everything. Amit boosts her morale. Ask all your questions and don’t worry about anything. I am waiting outside only. She nods reassured. Amu and Fallu head off to their respective things.

Amu and Fallu are sitting with Dr. Gaitonde. She is knitting and apologizes to Fallu for not being able to come in last kitty party. I will come next time for sure. Amu begins asking something but Dr. turns to Fallu. We don’t get pure silk sarees nowadays? I checked in the biggest store in Ghatkopar area as well but dint find any. Fallu answers her and then tells Amu to ask what she wanted to. Before Amu can ask anything the doc tells her not to worry about anything as it has been only 3 weeks yet. Eat green veggies and less spicy food. That only is good for your health. Fallu is happy with it. Amu asks her about sleeping postures but Doc turns to Fallu. I don’t know how these questions pop up in today’s generation’s kids’ minds. You remember Amit’s delivery time you dint ask one question. After you Tina too delivered a boy right? Fallu assents. Amu’s another question is also met with a flat answer. Eat well and rest well that’s your mantra. You have to do these 2 things only for the enxt 9 months. Forget everything else. Doc begins talking with Fallu. Amu asks about suggestion for vitamins etc. Doc suggests her not to ask her questions after looking up over the internet. I have been doing this for the last 27 years. You have come to me now there is no need to worry over anything. Fallu smiles. This is her first delivery so is a little worried. Don’t worry she will follow you.

Outside Fallu asks Amu how she found the doc. Amit is also waiting for her answer. Amu says she is ok. Fallu says she is very good. She is just like family as we know her from years. Amit asks Amu if she got all her answers. Amu begins saying something but Fallu answers for her. Yes she did. Amit is watching Amu curiously as Fallu continues. She and her child are in very good hands. Would I take my DIL to any random doc? Amit asks Amu if she is happy. She looks at her MIL and puts on a fake smile in agreement. But he does notice her reluctant smile. Fallu is happy with Amu’s response. See I told you she is good. Amu looks down.

Amu is vomiting in the bathroom whereas Amit is really worried for her. Are you alright? He is really worried for her. She finally comes out and assures him she is fine. He asks her what did the doc told to do in this situation. She says she suggested lime juice. He counters she gets acidity from lemon. Why did you not tell her? She looks away. I did tell her. He asks then what next. She mumbles…water. She moves away a little away from his gaze. He comes and stands next to her. why do I feel like you are lying to me? Tell me the truth you dint ask right? She confesses she dint. She was talking to me that I felt like she is my MIL. He shakes his head. I knew it that you will do this only. I told you to go to Shilpa bhabhi’s gynaec but you are the best DIL who doesn’t know how to say no. she cares for her MIL’s feelings so she couldn’t object to her. I am not like you who doesn’t even think about her feelings. He is surprised. I am not worried about mom? She gets into an argument where she actually lashes out at him. Let it be I don’t want to talk to you.
He gets a call from Batuk. Batuk asks how the gynaec meeting went. Amit replies mom took Dr. Gaitonde’s name and Amu too agreed to go see her. What to do she doesn’t listen to me. She keeps fighting on every little thing. Batuk explains that mood swings are very common in pregnancy. You will have to take extra care of her now. If she is unable to decide onto something then you decide for her. Don’t worry I am smsing you Shilpa’s doc’s number talk to her. amit agrees.


Nurse brings Amu’s report for Dr. Gaitonde. She is surprised to see something.

Amu is eating ice-cream when Fallu stops her. This all is not allowed. Forget ice-cream have this khichdi made with desi ghee. This is good for you not ice cream. Amit comes there. She needn’t forget ice cream. You can have it Amu and not only that but you can have anything which you want be it chaat, pizza or anything. You can go on walk and can sleep on your stomach after vomiting. Plus you can sleep as much as you want. Fallu is taken aback. Who said all this to you? Amit replies doc…of today’s age and is very good. Amu isn’t ill she is pregnant. She must lead a normal life. Amu looks at them turn by turn. Amit tells his mom times have changed along with the doc’s mentality too unlike your doc who sticks to old beliefs. Fallu gets the point. You consulted other doc? He confirms….as I found that right for Amu and the baby. A phone rings but no one cares to pick it up. It is Dr. Gaitonde calling up to discuss something important. Fallu turns to Amu. This means my doc isn’t good for you. Amu tries to say something but Fallu interrupts…if that was so then why did he go to another doc? Amit speaks up for Amu. Its not about one consultation. A relation gets developed over these 9 months between a patient and a doc and it can happen only when both are comfortable with each other. And Amu isn’t comfortable with your doc. Amu objects. When did I say so? He tells her it is enough…you don’t have to agree to everything which mom says. Fallu looks on shocked. Dr. Gaitonde keeps trying but it still goes unanswered. Fallu says who am I to interrupt between you two? Do what you like. Take her to whichever doc you want to. Now I don’t care. She walks away from there. Amu looks on helplessly. She too leaves from there.

Phone rings again. Amit goes to pick it up. Dr. Gaitonde asks for Fallu. Amit tells Fallu about it. She tells him to speak to her instead for there is no point in her talking to doc. When all decisions are to be taken by you then I don’t need to talk to anyone. Do as you like plus you don’t have to say yes to anything I say from now onwards. She leaves from there hurt. He too leaves after keeping the receiver on without saying anything.


Dr. Gaitonde calls the nurse. Out of AA whoever comes to take the report tell them it is very important to do Amit’s blood test. It might or might not be serious. It can only be confirmed after Amit’s report. Don’t forget.

AA are leaving to meet Shilpa’s doc. If you want to go this way only then lets not go at all. What will the doc think about us? She doesn’t understand it. He says you aren’t talking to me since morning and we are going to meet the doc for the first time. What will the doc think about us? We keep fighting like kids amongst ourselves and are bringing our baby in this world. She is upset over the way he spoke to MIL. Is this the way to speak to elders? He says what when she was stuck to her own thoughts. Is this the way to speak to kids? I am already worried about the baby and how it will change our lives. We will have to do everything about its future planning. I have already thought about which stock to invest into. She asks him if he thinks MIL doesn’t think about this. She thinks more than us. Whatever she is doing is for our and baby’s good. It might be that you felt bad over something she said but this doesn’t entitle you to let you speak to her like this. When our kid grows up would you like it if our baby speaks to you like that? He accepts his mistake. I will apologize to her when we come back home. I realise my mistake. They finally smile and head off to meet the new doc.

AA reach Deshpande Maternity Home. Amu reads the doc’s name…Dr. Saroj Deshpande. She tells Amit she doesn’t want to meet this doc. He is surprise. Shilpa bhabhi has praised this doc so much. Amu declines. Maybe this would be the best doc but I wont get my check-up done here. I wont get myself checked from any man. Let us go. He nods. But people have praised this doc so much you sure you don’t want to go? She nods. They turn to go when the doc comes out calling for them. I am sorry you people had to wait a little longer. Actually there was an emergency case. She introduces herself as Dr. Saroj. AA relax. Lets do your check up. amit wishes her luck but to his surprise doc calls him inside as well. It is important for you to know everything about pregnancy as well.

After the check up doc asks them if they were able to reach the clinic easily. Patients get confused by my name they think it is some male doc. Hope you dint get confused. Amit says they did not. Doc says the basic check up has been done. There is no need to worry. This is your first baby so let me tell you pregnancy is a very special and beautiful feeling for a mother and father as well. Don’t stress out thinking it as some illness. These 9 months will prove out to be very memorable for you both. AA look at each other happily.

Precap: Doc asks them if they have any question then they can ask it. Amu is relaxed. You have already answered all our questions thank you a lot. Doc says sonography is yet to be done. Let us see the growth of the baby. AA are taken aback. Baby…from now? Doc replies she can hear the baby’s heartbeat in a few days.

Update Credit to: pooja

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