Bani Ishq Da Kalma 8th August 2013 Written Episode Update

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Bani Ishq Da Kalma 8th August 2013 Written Episode, Bani Ishq Da Kalma 8th August 2013 Written Update

Rajji is worried as she doesn’t know anything about the Akhand Puja. She thinks that so what if she cant take her family member’s help she can ask her Mummy ji. Rajji dials Binder’s no but Bua disconnects the call. Bua tells her that she is not supposed to take anyone’s help. Its her test and so she has to do everything herself. Sohum sees her and tells that she need not do all this. Rajji says that she’s doing this because she wants to. Inorder to become the daughter-in-law of this house, she has to do this. Rajji is still tensed, she prays to God. She recalls Binder asking BeeJi the same question and how BeeJi told her about the Akhand Puja.

At Parmeet’s house, DaarJi is talking to someone on the phone, suddenly they hear the villagers calling out to DaarJi.

DaarJi signals his men to allow them inside. The angry villagers complain that the girl committed suicide. All of them are stunned. The villagers argue that the Girl’s In- Law’s didn’t want her to stay with them, atleast if she would have been with her family she would have been alive. DaarJi is sorry for whatever has happened and asks the crowd if they are holding him responsible for the girl’s death. The villagers tell him that his decision was wrong. DaarJi tells them after marriage, it’s the girl’s In-Laws’s responsibility to keep the girl with them. Villagers say then why didn’t he say the same thing twenty years ago? The family is stunned. Manpreet takes the women inside. Baani questions Manpreet as to what had happened twenty years ago. Manpreet tries avoiding the question. Bani tells Manpreet to say the truth. Manpreet is quiet. Bani coaxes her to speak the truth. Outside, the villagers question DaarJi about his decision twenty years ago when his son hadn’t returned from Canada and he had sent his Daughter-In-Law to her parent’s house. They start arguing on the same and DaarJi tells them to stay quiet. Inside the house, Manpreet tells Baani that she had told them to change their decision but no one listened & the Badi Bahu was thrown out of the house. Bani is in tears and questions Manpreet about the same. She asks whether she’ll also be thrown out the same way if Parmeet doesn’t return. DaarJi tells his men to send the villagers away. A tearful Bani questions Manpreet again and Manpreet says she will never let anything happen to her . Parmeet will return and take her back with him. Bani asks then why hasn’t he arrived yet? Manpreet tells her not to lose hope and hugs her.

At Sohum’s house, Rajji is doing her work. Angad comes there and tells Simran to invite Rajji’s parents also. Simran agrees but Bua taunts them saying that all problems have taken place because of them. Rajji is sad. Bua tells Angad that she agreed to give Rajji a second chance only because of him but tat doesn’t mean she’ll entertain the family members. Also, Rajji hasn’t not yet proved that she is worthy of being the Daughter-In-Law of the house nor has Sohum accepted her. She further taunts Rajji asking if she is ready for the Akhand Puja?

BeeJi asks Sarab why he refused Nirmal’s proposal for Jas. Its time she gets married and settles down. Sarab says with all these problems how could he agree for the proposal. Nirveil and Binder assure them that everything will be alright. Sarab says he’ll think about the same. Desho informs Jas about it and prays for her happiness. Jas says she will be happy as her life’s decision is taken by Sarab, BeeJi, Nirveil & Binder.

Rajji is arranging the chairs and keeping everything ready for the Akhand Puja. The family members watch silently. The Puja begins, Rajji serves everyone water. All are participating in the puja.
Bani is worried. She decides to call up Rajji to share her problem. Rajji answers her call. Rajji tells her that she is doing the Akhand Puja. Bani is happy. Rajji says everything had to be done in a haste that she didn’t get time to invite anyone. Bani says its okay. Rajji asks about Parmeet. Bani avoids crying and says that he is quite busy. Rajji tells her that afterall he is doing it for her only. Bani tells her to carry on with the Puja and disconnects the call & starts crying. Rajji goes back and sits for the Puja. One by one, all the members start leaving and Rajji is the only one left.

Parmeet’s house: Surjit tells Manpreet that she can see her fears coming true. Today Bani is also on the same place where the Badi Bahu was years ago. Manpreet says, a lot has changed in these years. The situation, the people.. but the thought is the same, says DaarJi. Bani will also have to return to her house. There is no place for Parmeet as well as Bani in this house. The family members are stunned.

Precap- Manpreet tells Bani to stay home as all of them cannot go. somebody has to stay behind. Bani agrees. Randeep tells Bani that he bought something for her. Bani is a little scared. .

Update Credit to: PristineSoul

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