Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 8th August 2013 Written Episode Update

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Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 8th August 2013 Written Episode, Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 8th August 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Ankit saying yes to his marriage proposal, Ramila is shocked and asks him to rethink as it is a matter of his dreams and life. He says he will pursue his dreams with Bharti after marriage but Ramila seems unhappy with his decision. Ansubaa blesses him and asks Bhoomi to call Bharti. Bhoomi comes to Bharti and says Ansubaa called you. She goes with her. Ansubaa welcome her to the Vaishnav family and asks her to take her blessings as her would be bahu. She takes the blessings smiling evily while the song Kaal plays in the BG. Ansubaa blesses her. Kishan thanks Dwarkhadeesh for the immense happiness they got and prays that Ankit and Bharti shall be blessed. He shows the wall to Bhoomi and says Bharti hand’s print will soon be printed next

to your hand prints. Bhoomi again suspects Bharti’s moves.

Bharti comes to Ankit and praises for his acting and fake sacrifice. He praises her for her successful plan. She congratulates him. Ankit drops the mobile on the floor and Bharti looks annoyed. Bhoomi hears its welcome tone and thinks it is her phone ring. She opines that her phone is in this house only. Bharti gets angry and says I told you to throw this out, she yells at him for keeping Bhoomi’s phone. She tells him to think big. Bhoomi calls on her mobile and it starts ringing. Bhoomi goes out to check it. Bharti throws it and hides. Bhoomi sees Bharti and asks what were you doing and why you look so scared. Bharti makes some excuses. Bhoomi asks did you hear my phone ring? Bharti says she didn’t hear any ring. Bhoomi thinks about the past incidents and opines there must be Bharti involvements in this and why she is doing this.

Kishan tells Bhoomi that he wants Ankit marriage to be done grandly. Bhoomi says she wants to talk to Kishan about Bharti. She says she heard the welcome tune of her cell phone just now and infact it is at their house. She tells Kishan that it is with someone of their family member. Kishan says may be it is your imagination. Bhoomi says no, Avni comes and says mota bhai is calling you. Avni says she is going to college and leaves. Bhoomi thinks that Kishan didn’t understand her sayings. Kishan says Ansubaa that Ankit’s marriage will be grand. Ketki tells Ramila to tell Ansubaa about her disagreement to the marriage. She says Kishan is there naa. Ketki says now you can only save Ankit’s future. Ramila feels disgusted and leaves. Bhoomi thinks Bharti’s intentions are not good and calls the manager to get the info about Bharti’s father.

She says she will get all the answers once Bharti’s father comes. Bharti hears this and thinks you have to give me a surprise, she says your family will break anyway. Parul asks Ramila to come inside her room, She shows her some jewels to select for Bharti. She expresses her happiness on Ankit’s marriage. Ramila tells you didn’t accept Bharti’s as your bahu. Parul says that she accepted Ansubaa’s every decision but it is just that she don’t want Ansubaa to take decision without Kishan’s consent. Ramila tells Parul that relations equations have changed for you. Avni leaves for college. Bhoomi tells Bharti that she wants to talk to her something important. Bharti asks what happened?

Some goons circled Avni and she gets scared. One of the goons calls Bharti and she asked him to do whatever she has said.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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