Bani Ishq Da Kalma 6th September 2013 Written Episode Update

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Bani Ishq Da Kalma 6th September 2013 Written Episode, Bani Ishq Da Kalma 6th September 2013 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Bani’s place
jas shyly shows bani, the earrings tha vikas had given to be worn at the sagan. Bani exspresses her happiness and wants her to be happy always, so that vikas and jas are happy always. Jas is tensed. Bani asks what happened. Jas says that she’s nervous and scared, despite being happy, and asks if she too felt the same. Bani nods and gives her marital advise, that this is normal when they have to start a new life, with an unknown person. jas is relieved. she goes to keep the earrings, while bani is tensed.

Desho asks granny not to be worried for bani. Just then, bani comes and desho asks her to talk to granny while she gets tea. Granny expresses her tenssion to bani, that she feels that she’s right and everything’s

fine, despite everyone thinking otherwise. Bani expresses her happiness, and says that she’s used to sadness, hencxe cant digets the happiness. She leaves to get water, asking granny not to think too much. She asks bani to look at her, and when she does, granny asks again if everything’s fine. She asks bani to swear on her head then. Bani takes away her hand, and says that she swears that everything is fine, having crosses her fingers behind her.

Scene 2:
Location: Soham’s place
Buaji finds rajji, unasleep, thinking about soham and her fate. Buaji sits and tells rajji that she wont be able to win like this, and asks her to use her brains to witn over soham. Rajji asks why is she doing this. Buaji says that she’s forcing her to do this. She advises that being soham’s wife, he and his family should have been most important, but she still thinks about bani and her family. She says that soham went to jail for bani,as she still loves her, and doesnt care if rajji’s there or not. She says that she has proved that she’s a good bahu, but not a good wife, as she cant give that wifely love to soham. Buaji says that she’s more than a mother to soham, and hence always thinks of his happiness. she says that whats the use of them staying together, if they are going to be strangers. She says thats why she’s looking for an alternative, as its for thye best of both of them, as if they are happy without each other, then so be it. She tells rajji that she still hasnt lost, and can accomplish much in the remaining ten days. Buaji leaves. Rajji is tensed.

The next morning, as soham is struggling, rajji asks him not to budge as per buaji’s orders, and gets everything by his bedside, so that he doesnt have to move. She takes off his vest, and gives him a sponge bath, while both are awkward. She makes him wear clothes, and also puts his bandage around him. She combs his hair, and helps him clean up nice. Buaji comes and asks how’s he feeling. He says that he’s fine. She says that she has something imp to talk to him, and asks if right now or later, eyeing rajji. He asks her to spill out. She says that there’s a question that she wanted his answer on. She says that this isnt just a question, as it matters to his life, and asks him to think wise before answering. Buaji tells him that she has decided that she would get him remarried and has selected a girl too, and asks if he has any objections. Soham is shocked and speechless. rajji waits in anticipation. Simran and angad are tensed. When he doesnt respond, and she keeps asking, angad says that if soham isnt saying, then that means a no. Buaji reprimands him and asks soham to speak his mind opn this topic. He says that he doesnt have any problem, and whatever descision she takes, will be agreed upon. rajji is shocked, while buaji is satiated. They are however tensed, to see bani’s father and nirvel in their house just then. They greet each other. They ask soham what happened, and how he got so wounded. Soham says that it was just a small accident. they turn to rajji as to why they werent informed. Soham says that he had told her not to. They say that they have come for Jas’s wedding invitation and asks them that they have to come for every ritual, and they are the first to receive after they placed a card at the gurudwara. seeing them tensed and not responding, Bani’s father asks if they came at a wrong time. But buaji says that they came at the right and the most apt time, as they are talking about something important and would like them to join in too in the discussion. nirvel asks what are they talking about. Buaji says that their loved daughter shall tell them this. Rajji is highly tensed. Buaji asks if she would or say or buaji herself. Buaji begins to say, but angad says that they were talking what to give to jas at her wedding. simran too supports him. buaji is tensed. they are happy to see soham’s family’s concern for jas. They all sit down. Nirvel gives the card to buaji, but she doeswnt accept it straightaway, tensioning them. But finally she takes it.

Scene 3:
Location: Parmeet’s place
manpreet talks to bani’s photo, that this house has lost its vibrance sinec she went, and apologises that she couldnt fulfill any promise made to her, and couyldnt stop her here, or from her leaving the house, and how she has seen those dreams of her bahu staying with her son, and living happily. Hearing a knock on the door, manpreet comes down, with the phot in her hand, to find gagan opening the gates to some ladies, who are known to gagan. Gagan introduces her relatives to manpreet, saying that they have come to visit her after a long time, and they turn out to be Jas’s prospective in laws, who are oblivious of their connection with this house, and that their prospective daughter in law’s sister is married to the son of this house. They all sit while gagan gets to laying out snacks for them. surjit is surprised at gagan’s obsession with her family. Gagan asks about vikas’s marriage. They say that they have come to give the card for that only. Granny asks gagan that his brother in law also got married, and asks where’s the new bride,. as she isnt to b e seen anywhere. manpreet and gagan are tensed. Granny is oblivious that bani and parmeet’s photo is at the table. The screen freezes on bani and parmeet’s photo.

Precap: Granny sees bani’s photo and asks about the girl. Gagan tells her that was their choti bahu, but no more. Granny tells her that vikas is marrying the younger sister of this girl. Gagan is surprised. Gagan instructs them not to fix vikas’s marriage with jas and that house.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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