Bani Ishq Da Kalma 5th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Bani Ishq Da Kalma 5th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Parmeet talking to Soham and says she was telling me that Rajji married me. Soham says so what was the need to hide it from me, I don’t understand the reason. Bani says Soham, come with me inside, its time for your medicines. Rajji looks on upset. She says how dare you call me you wife infront of Soham, what did you want to tell him, that I married you, that you did a bif favor marrying me, tell me, why did you lie to him. Parmeet says I did what I felt is right, I saw Sohan seeing mangalsutra in your neck and he was asking the answer from you all and no one was giving him answer, I wanted to bring you out of this.

Rajji says you have put me in big problem, I wanted to remind me that I m his wife, you have ruined my plan, how will I remind him now as Soham will think I m your wife. Soham says Bani, if Rajji is Parmeet;s wife and married, then why is she here, she should be in her in laws house. Bani says you take rest, I will explain you later, I will go and see whats going on outside. Rajji scolds Parmeet and says you already spoiled Bani’s life and now mine. Bani comes and says Parmeet has helped us, we can’t give stress to Soham, he can’t think much, what we could not do, Parmeet said.

Rajji sasys he could have told something else. Parmeet says I told what came in my mind first, forgive me if you think I did a big mistake. Bani says once Soham gets to know everything, he will not remember all this. I will tell Soham that you guys had a fight so you did not go to your in laws house.

Bani says I will tell him this is why you are staying with me. Bani thanks Parmeet and says what you did was right. Rajji looks on. She becomes upset. Bani comes to her at night. Bani cries seeing Rajji’s state. She says if Soham is not thinking anything, why are you thinking, Parmeet is not wrong. Rajji says if Soham really thinks I m Parmeet’s wife then what, Parmeet should have not come here. Bani says think if Parmeet did not come, what would we tell Soham, did you not see his anger, if anything happened to him then what. Lord has sent Parmeet here to show he is with us, and we should hope best and keep trying to succeed.

She says you will get your husband and love for sure, keep hope and trust on him. Rajji says I wish Soham gets well soon, I don’t like lying to him. Bani says your love is true and you have to bear this tough time, your relation with him is for seven births. Rajji says till you are with me, I can pass any exam. Bani says don’t worry I m with you. Rajjo comes to see Soham and cries seeing him. She thinks of her marriage with Soham. Kinna sona……………..plays……………Soham wakes up and says Bani did you not sleep till now, close the door. Rajji hides and cries. Teri jaan hai ranjhe……………..plays………….

Bani closes the door on Rajji’s face. O ranjha mera ranjha………………plays……………….Rajji cries breaking down. Its morning, Soham talks to Bani and says I think Rajji should go to her in laws house. I understand husband and wife fight, it does not mean she should leave the husband and stay here, she must try to end the fight. He says they are newly married and if they do like this, what will happen in future. Rajji hears this and cries dropping the glass. Soham looks at her. Bani asks him to have breakfast and they will talk later.

She says Rajji, I will pick the glass. Rajjo leaves. Soham asks Bani why do these relatives not going. Bani says we can’t tell them to leave. Soham says yes, we can’t ask them to leave. She serves him food. Ballu brings the papers and shows it to Kul. She says I remember everything. She says now I will see how Soham’s dream gets fulfilled. His memory is lost and will make us meet our lost fate.

Bani asks Rajji that it’s a good chance to spend time with Soham and maybe he will remember his old time. Kul comes to Rajji and gives sympathy. She says we have decided to leave this house as we don’t want to be a burden on you. Ballu asks her to bring property papers from Soham naming everything on his name. Rajji says no, I will not do this, you can cheat Soham but I will not cheat him. Kul says fine, its ok, we will not force you. She says I m thinking to tell the whole truth to Soham. Rajji is shocked.

She says but if he gets stressed? Ballu says then what will happen. Kul says I will go and tell Soham. Ballu stops her and says I will call Soham here. He calls Soham and says I need to say something. Rajj is shocked. Rajji thinks about doctor’s words not to give stress to Soham at any cost.

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