Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 5th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 5th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Harish asking Ayesha’s mum that I know Ayesha is not your daughter. She is shocked. He says don’t hide anything from me, tell me the truth. She scolds him and says she is my daughter, don’t dare to tell this again. He says listen to me. She asys I don’t want to, go from here, else I will call police. Ayesha comes asking who is there. Her mum closes the door on Harish’s face. Harish says how can this be not Pankhudi, how to find out. A guy asks him what was the need to meet Ayesha. He says don’t take her into acting world. He scolds Harish and says she is mine, I m Ghalib, I love her since childhood. Harish is shocked.

He asks childhood? Ghalib says yes, I know her since childhood, she stays here. He says after our Nikaah she will come to my house. Harish asks is she their daughter. Ghalib says yes, leave from here now. Harish is confused. He says it means she is not Pankhudi, but how is this possible. A guy asks about Adi. People call him mad. Adi stands at the cliff’s end and says I m sure I will get Pankhudi, I know she might be waiting for me. The guy is Adi’s friend and asks him to have some food.

Ayesha talks to Ruksaar and asks how did you like the dress and what about your friend. Ruksaar says they like it. Ayesha says it means I can do fashion designing training. The sisters have a talk. Ruksaar says tea fell on that book and the fashion designer number spoiled. Ayesha says how will I get internship now. Ruksaar says I have an idea, only last digit is missing, so we can make 10 calls changing the last digit. Ayesha says fine.

Avantika calls Adi and talks to him. She says we get worried, we know we will get Pankhudi. She gets a call on her other phone and asks about Gabbar. Adi says he is fine and takes care of me. Avantika talks and is shocked to hear Pankhudi’s voice. She asks who is this. She says Ayesha from Lucknow. Avantika says I felt it was Pankhudi, should I call back on this number, first I will talk to Adi.

She says it was wrong number. He says you are sounding low. Avantika cries and says forget it, when are you coming, come once. Adi says I found everywhere here for her. Payal talks to Rubel and he syas he is unwell. Payal does not care and plays cards with her friends. Rubel goes to his room. Nani calls Payal seeing Rubel leave. Nani asks Payal to attend Rubel and give him medicines. Payal says Im not a doctor, if he needs medicines, he will take it himself.

Nani says I don’t like your card parties at home. Payal argues with her. Pankhudi’s mum asks Bau ji to be happy and take care of his health and not miss Pankhudi a lot. She says even Adi is not understanding. Bau ji says even I m worried about Adi. Harish talks to Adi and asks him to come back. Adi says he will find Pankhudi. Harish thinks about Ayesha and thinks what to do, his madness is increasing. Nani comes to Rubel and sees him sleeping. Harish calls Nani and tells her everything. Nani is shocked.

Harish talks to Ayesha and her mum looks at him with anger.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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