Bani Ishq Da Kalma 5th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Bani Ishq Da Kalma 5th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Bua interrupts Guggi and Kookie’s conversation. She takes the phone from Kookie but Guggi disconnects it. Kookie tells her that she was telling the person that he called the wrong place. Rajji decides to take Kookie along to the NGO. Bua arrives and questions them. Rajji says they’re going to the market. Bua also decides to accompany them and both the girls hesitate. Simran reminds Bua that she called the tailor. Kookie and Rajji thank Simran. Kookie, Rajji and Guggi meet Anuradha and tell her about the passport and Visa. Anuradha informs them that she’ll get the visa checked. When Rajji and Kookie return home they are welcomed by Bua’s questions but luckily Rajji manages to deal with them. Rajji tells Kokie that they have to find the paasport. Kookie says its not easy as Bua keeps the paasport with her itself. Rajji says they’ll have to try. Bani calls up Parmeet and asks when he’ll return home. Parmeet says he will be home in some time. Right then, he is greeted by the goons. The goons threaten him to stop the work but Parmeet says he’s doing something for the village and says that their threats dont scare him enough. One of them attack Parmeet and he falls unconscious.

Its dinner time and Bani tells everyone that she has cooked something special for Parmeet. Chacha inquires about Parmeet and Bani says he should be back in some time. Bani decides to illuminate the candles but the flame goes off. Gagan tells her not to worry and try again. Bani is worried as Parmeet hasn’t returned yet. She tries calling him but Parmeet is unconscious.

Bua says she has prepared the guest list and hands it over to Sohum. Meanwhile Kookie sneaks in Bua’s room. Bua decides to ask Kookie if she wants to invite her friends but notices that Kookie is missing. Rajji says perhaps she was exhausted that’s why she must be resting. Meanwhile Kookie searches the passport. Bua walks in the room but Kookie pretends as if she’s asleep. Bua wakes her up and tells her to join them outside. Kookie and Rajji stare at each other, Bua asks the two of them whats the matter and Rajji says she wanted to know if Kokie is alright. Bua says Kookie is absolutely alright and nothing has happened to her.

Bani calls up Parmeet again but its only ringing. Randeep tells her to retry. Bani does the same however this time, one of the goons steps on Parmeet’s cell and the call is disconnected. Bani is worried.

PRECAP- An unconscious Parmeet is brought home by Rana’s men. Bani rushes to help Parmeet. Sarpanch says that next time he won’t be so lucky.

Update Credit to: PristineSoul

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