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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 5th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Raman giving his statement to inspector about the white car description. Everyone come to see Amma. The sister asks them to leave and stay out, only anyone can stay here. Bala asks Ishita to stay with Amma. Everyone leave. Mrs. Bhalla tries to wake up Amma, by acting normal and arguing with her. She asks her to wake up else she will start dancing here, and make Ishita cook chicken. Ishita cries. Amma does not react. Mrs. Bhalla says why are you silent, you can’t face me, but I will not come behind you. She says you always used to hurt my ears, get up now. The sister says don’t make noise here, she can’t listen anything.

Ishita says the same. Mrs. Bhalla says I will scold you and see she will get up. Mrs. Bhalla also cries and asks Amma to get up. She talks non stop and cries. Ruhi and Shravan talk to Vandu and say we want to meet Amma. Vandu asks them to pray. Ruhi says don’t worry, I will take care of Shravan. Mrs. Bhalla asks Amma to say anything, as she will not mind today. She says you always was ready to fight with me, see many people are crying for you, everyone left food, they want to have idli made by you. Amma moves her hand. Ishita sees this and shows it to Mrs. Bjhalla happy. She asks Mrs. Bhalla to continue.

Mrs. Bhalla says wake up for Ruhi, else I will make Ruhi have egg. Amma opens her eyes. Ishita says Amma is getting conscious, go and call doctor. Mrs. Bhalla thanks the Lord. The doctor comes and checks her. Mrs. Bhalla asks Amma how is she. The doctor says great, she wants to tell you something. Raman also comes there. Amma tries to say something. She says Romi. Ishita says what Romi. Amma closes her eyes. Mrs. Bhalla says why did she take Romi’s name, did anything happen with him, I will talk to Simmi.

Mrs. Bhalla talks to Simmi and asks whats the matter. Did Romi do anything wrong. Simmi says no, Romi did not do anything. Mrs. Bhalla says if there is something, things can get worse, call Romi and ask him where is he. Simmi calls Romi and says I know why is Amma taking your name. The doctor asks Ishita to have patience. Raman asks why is she taking Romi’s name. The doctor says maybe its something related to him. Ishita says Amma has Romi’s laptop. The doctor ask is she high BP patient, can you bring her old records. Ishita says yes, and asks Raman to stay with Amma. Raman says why did Amma take Romi’s name.

Ruhi and Shravan pray for Amma’s recovery. They cry and compete to each other. Ruhi says we will make a get well soon card for Amma. Ishita comes home and looks for Amma’s medical records. She sees Romi in white car and thinks about Raman’s words. She thinks Amma took Romi’s name. She runs to meet Romi and goes downstairs. She looks at him angrily and asks from where are you coming. He says its my friend’s car. She asks where were you. He says with friends. She says you asked me to choose between you and Bala, and I chose you, but Bala knows the difference between right and wrong, but you don’t, why did you do this.

What did you think, what did you do, tell me. Romi gets tensed and says I was with friends. She says why did your friend not take the car back, why did you take the car from him, to do Amma’s accident? Romi looks at her and says accident? She says she is in operation theatre, how can you do this. He says what are you saying. She says tell me you did not do this. Simmi comes. Ishita says fine, you were not there, tell me your friend’s number. Romi says I was not there. She says I want to know with whom you were.

Ishita says Amma has been hit by this car. Simmi takes Romi’s side. Romi says I was with……….. Ishita says he has guilt, he thought he will do Amma’s accident and he will be free of Bala’s case. She says of you did this, you will regret your whole life. She leaves as she gets Appa’s call. Simmi takes Romi inside.

Simmi brings Romi at home and asks him to run, go far till everything gets solved. She says Amma took your name, I know you did not do anything. She says if Raman gets you, he will send you to jail, go to your friend Bunty, don’t take Raman’s call, I promise I won’t let anything happen to you, Appa talks to the doctor asking about the treatment cost. The doctor asks him to go to billing counter, Raman asks everyone to go home. Bala says Raman you go.

Raman says no, Ishita and I will manage. Everyone leave. Appa comes to know that he has to deposit money now. He gives mediclaim card. The lady says its expired, did you not renew it. Raman comes there and sees Appa worried about money bill. Raman says Appa, I will clear this bill. Appa says no Raman. Raman says don’t make me stranger, I m your son. Appa cries and hugs him. Raman smiles. Ishita comes to the hospital and gives the old records to the doctor. She thinks she will seek justice for Amma, and not leave the one who has hit Amma. She thinks about Romi’s connection with this accident.

Raman says my brother can’t do this. He is not a criminal. Ishita says she was bringing this laptop to show me, and she met with an accident. Raman asks what proof do you have.

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