Bani Ishq Da Kalma 4th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Bani Ishq Da Kalma 4th November 2013 Written Episode, Bani Ishq Da Kalma 4th November 2013 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: In the barn shed
Rajji is devastated when soham calls out bani’s name, in his sleep, after their night of consummation. She is distraught and runs from there, unable to belive the new turn that her life has taken.

Later, soham wakes up, with a heavy head. Gugi comes and soham asks where he went last night and without even informing. gugi says that he did say, but he was too drunk to register anything. Soham is surprised that the whole night, he was here only. Gugi reprimands him for being so inebriated.

Scene 2:
Location: Soham’s place
Rajji runs to home, and is distraught as she remembers her intimate moments with soham. She wipes her tears. Rajji pours a bucket of water on herself, to wipe away what happened to her. She breaks into crying.

Later, when soham returns home, rajji pretends to be busy in work. He gets flashes of his night with rajji, and thinks why’s his head so heavy, and he cant remember anything about last night, and is just having blurred memories. He wonders if it was rajji, then how is she here, and he was there. Rajji wonders if he remembers that he was calling out for bani in his sleep. Finally, soham comes to rajji, and asks for tea, as he has a headache, and she is too tensed and distraught to register any of that. She finally leaves to get tea for him, while soham is worried. Rajji gets tea, and asks him if he wants to say something. He denies, saddening rajji. She turns around and begins to go, when soham stops her saying that he wants to talk to her about last night. She is hopeful that finally things may take a right turn. She turns around to face him. Sohum apologizes to Rajji for last night, and that he shouldnt have done that as he didn’t return home last night especially when she was alone. He was heavily drunk and didnt know when he ended up sleeping there only. He says that he didnt even realise when he fell asleep nor when he woke up. He says that he has completely failed his responsibility to take care of her, in angad’s and simran’s absence. He apologises that this wont happen again. Rajji is flabbergasted to hear that not only is soham apologetic about last night, but also doesnt remember their night of passion. She starts retreating backwards, remembering their night together, while soham looks on tensed. She gets inside her room, and closes the door. Soham is worried.

Scene 3:
Location: Parmeet’s place
Ranvir and gagan are having a huge discussion about how wrong is dadaji by accepting balbir. Balbir joins them, much to their resentment. He pours tea for himself, and says that he deosnt see anyone happy either by his coming home, or by Dadaji giving everything to him. He tries to talk to surjit’s husband, but he denies talking to him. balbir leaves from there, but then stops and turns around to ask Ranvir about the property papers that he had asked for, and asks them to be sent rightaway. ranvir tells balbir that he cant talk to him like this, as he isnt his servant. Gagan contorls him. Balbir says that it was just a request, and asks if he cant do this much for his uncle. Balbir says that he isnt informing dadaji, as he would forcibly get them to do it. He asks him to not get too high, and un derstand the situation. Balbir leaves. Ranvir angrily lurges at him, but is stopped that till the time dadaji is with him, they would have to tolerate him. gagan is tensed and in introspection.

manpreet is wondering that today had bani been here, then there would have been a ritual and wonders where and in what condition is bani right now. surjit comes and asks whats she thinking. She explains her thoughts to her, about the Chooda Rasam. she says that she knows that wherever she is, she is very sad right now.

Scene 4:
Location: Jia’s residence
Bani is sadly eyeing her Chooda, when jia’s mom comes in saying that jia is looking for her. seeing bani lost, she asks why’s she sad. Bani tells her about her Chooda ritual, that was to hapen today. Jia’s mom says that this ritual would happen and she would do it, and even though she isnt the mother in law, she can be a mother to her. she says that on one hand, she can have the Chooda taking off’s ritual, and on the other hand, Jia’s Chooda’s wearing ritual.

Scene 5:
Location: Soham’s house
Rajji wonders that soham doesnt remember anything, her coming there, and their consummation night. she thinks that last night, it felt like soham too loves her and has accepted her as his wife, but it was all her hallucination, and he didnt remember anything of that and yet he managed to remember bani. She thinks that in conscious or unconscious state, Bani is always in soham’s mind. She is distraught thinking whats her importance and stand in his life, and answers herself that she doesnt mean anything in his life, and doesnt stand anywhere, neither as a friend or a wife, and that their is a relation for namesake. she thinks that bujai was right in thinking that she maybe an ideal bahu, but whats the use if soham wont accept her as his wife. She wonders whats the use of chooda in her life. The screen freezes on her face.

Precap: As the entire family gets together to welcome the groom, Meet to their family and their house, Bani too comes out from her room, to join the celebrations. As she faces the groom, she is surprised to see what she does.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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