Maharana Pratap 4th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Maharana Pratap 4th November 2013 Written Episode, Maharana Pratap 4th November 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Rao Surtan enquiring about Junjhar Singh and how long is it taking him to catch the rebel. At the same time few soldiers come there with their faces painted black and Rao Surtan is very angry and wants to know what happen and who did this to them. One of the soldier says that Jhunjhar Singh is killed by the rebel and the villagers have made their face black and the name of the rebel is Sakha Veer. Rao Surtan is boiling with rage and leaves immediately towards the village.

All the villagers are dancing around Pratap and praising him as Veer Sakha. Panna Tai and Rani Jayvantabai are talking and Jayvantabai asks her how can she be so calm inspite of such a big loss that she has given. Panna tai says that the circumstances demanded what she did , but Rani Jayvantabai has knowingly put her son’s life in the forefront. Krishna comes there and asks who is Rani Jayvantabai and she has seen her somewhere. Pannatai tells her that she is one of her friends and tells Krishna to go home and prepare food , to which she says why can’t Pratap do that . Jayvantabai is shocked for a moment but Pannatai tells her they are talking about Sevak Pratap. Krishna says Kuwar Pratap thodi nah yahan aayenge.
Pratap leaves from there and goes to an unknown location where he hides his weapons and ties his horse and tells him to be quiet there as he does not want anyone to know about the place. Krishna comes home and is searching for Pratap in the entire house but no response. When she is about to walk away from one of the rooms she hears a voice from behind a box and sees Pratap there. Pratap says he was sacred and that’s why was hiding, they hear noses from outside and see Rao Surtan along with his soldiers passing from there toward the town Square.

They follow him there. Meanwhile Pannatai and Rani Jayvantabai are on their way to the exit gate when they hear the announcement made by the messenger for all citizens of Boondi to come to Town Square as ordered by Rao Surtan. Pannatai advises Jayvantabai from leaving the town and takes her to a safe place.
In the Square Rao Surtan removes the dead body of Jhunjar SIngh and asks for his seat to be place below the tree. He orders the villagers to tell him who did this and the rope will not be removed from the tree till he hangs the rebel. He says the rebel will be hanged the same way as the other rebel was hanged. Krishna gets angry on this and throws a stone at him . Rao Surtan orders his soldiers to check everybody’s hands as to who did this. Krishna gets sacred and looks around for Pratap but he has disappeared from there. Pannatai comes out of nowhere and says she has done it .

Rao Surtan is examining the rope and puts it around his neck and tells everybody that’s how he will hang the rebel , at the same time an arrow is hot and Rao Surtan goes right up with the rope in his neck. My gosh he would have choked to death if his soldiers were not around. There is a letter attached to the arrow which says him to mend his ways or else it will not be good for him .

Precap: Rao Surtan challenges the rebel to come forward and fight like a man instead of hiding. Sakhaveer comes forward. Jalal has got the news of Sakha veer and he is very sure that the rebel is none other than Pratap. Jalal says if we kill Sakha Veer we have killed Pratap for sure.

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