Bani Ishq Da Kalma 4th June 2013 Written Episode Update

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Bani Ishq Da Kalma 4th June 2013 Written Episode, Bani Ishq Da Kalma 4th June 2013 Written Update

The episode starts where it left off yesterday when Maamiji heard what Soham told Bani. She will make such a n=big issue out if it. She will go down and ask if she did anything wrong. Deshu will tell that she did not do anything wrongs and the Rishta was a good one. Maamiji tells that Soham was trying to cause problems. Then everyone will be shocked. Then Bani tells that Soham was not the one but I was the one who raised the question. I have not even see him ad spoke only once to him how will I know what kind of person he is . This raised many doubts in her mind. Then Sarabhjeet will tell that what Bani is thinking is very correct.

Then Maamiji will tell she will fix it and she will tell that with this age of communication we can talk for every to anyone. Then she then will set

up a video chat with Parmeet.

Then Parmeet will apologies to everyone and will tells that he should have called before. Maamiji will introduce everyone to him. Then he will tell that he had booked his ticket 3 times and had to cancel it. Then Maamiji will tell to leave them alone to talk. Bani will be talking and Maamiji will close the door on Soham and Rajji will be very upset. Happy will ask Soham how he liked his hone waale Jijiji. Soham will tell he liked him.

Sarabhjeet will be hurt and Deshu will be tending to him. Then Guugi will ask Soham how he was. Soham will tell he was happy and at peace as all his shaak has gone away and they will go from there. Then Rajji will look at Soham unhappily.

The next day, the whole house would be beautifully decorated. Deshu and Sarabhjeet will tell that they are going out. Then they will find out the car waala has not come. Then Deshu will be complaining and Soham will come there and will tell that the driver had called him saying he was sick. So he drove the car and came. Then Sarabhjeet will tell that he will take the car. Soham tells him he has hurt his leg and so it would be difficult. Then he will take them and so.

Then Bani will be telling Rajji that everything has been done by Soham and everyone is calling Soham for his work. Then she tells that He was the one who changed Amreek’s mind and was responsible for me seeing Parmeet.

Then Sarabhjeet and Deshu will reach Parmeet’s house and he is stunned by the huge house. The Chachaji will come out to invite them in. Soham does not want to go in but Chachaji insists.

Bani here will tell Rajji that Soham was responsible for me talking to Parmeet and all my doubts are cleared. He helps everyone. I would like to thank him but next minute he does some other help. Then Rajji asks is it for you . Then Bani tells he helps everyone. Then she asks Rajji how she liked Parmeet. Rajji tells he was okay but he was not Soham and goes away from there.

Deshu will be greeted by Manpreet and Sarabhjeet and Soham will be sitting. Then Deshu will tell that she just came to give the card and leave . they will not agree and they will make them have some cool drink. Then Deshu will tell that they spoke to Parmeet yesterday and Manpreet says yes he had told her.

Soham will
be seeing the house and he will think that Bani will be happy in such a big house.They will
exchange cards.

Precap: Maamiji will be showing Rajji and Bani where they are going to stay after they get married. Then they realize that they will be living far away from each other.
Soham will break down before Simran and will tell that he has lost Bani for ever.

Update Credit to: anurao

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