Amrit Manthan 4th June 2013 Written Episode Update

Amrit Manthan 4th June 2013 Written Episode, Amrit Manthan 4th June 2013 Written Update

Epi starts with Amrit repeating she is princess and dont say sorry to anyone..Surprise surprise from creatives as Amrit says she always thought more than herself and her ego nothing matters but now only her sister Nimrit and the two kids are more precious than her life..she can do anything for her sister for their security..Amrit says sorry to Angad and Thanks him for saving Nimrit life.Angad replies you have said all this from your heart and i’m same i can go to any extent for my sister and stares at Nimrit..Angad goes away and Amrit looks at him with a confused expression..Nimrit..the two angels praying to God and Nimrit a bit mischievious wants to eat the ladoo first..jojo explains to her they are praying to God as that bad aunty who wanted to kill her is caught by police..jojo tells him about Ganeshji and its a gift to Bani by her angel hero..Nimrit asks her who is Angel Hero..Bani tells her he fought with the goons to save her in mumbai..

Amrit wants to go to the police station to meet indu..Tej says he will accompany her.Mahiji tells Tej police has arrested her no need to meet her.sunitaji also agrees to it that this family has gone through so much hatred ..pain in the past now no more.Amrit wants to know why they are after Nimrit life and killed Agam..they could never do any harm to anyone…Tej says let do it they could not even think of it..Finally its Yug who goes with Amrit to meet Indu..

Angad working in his room when Nimrit and the girls come in with the pooja ki thali..Nimrit puts Tikka on his forehead and throws flowers on him..He asks her what is she doing?..Nimrit asks him to open his mouth .. he is still saying why she puts a ladoo in his mouth..Nimrit tells him its God’s prasad and you are my Angel hero..Nimrit continues you know the mumbai God is very powerful and those who save little kids are Angel Hero same as you saved me..Angad tells her are you finished now you can go..Nimrit replies i gave you ladoo still you are angry with you want more?..Angad says no and ask them to leave..about to go the platter falls from Nimrit hand on Angad’s papers..all three scared as he glares with anger at was quite funny Nimrit the one to run away first followed by the two girls..Tej having a good laugh with all three of them in his room..he tells them i told him not to take the room close to yours now see what’s hapenning to him..Nimrit tells Tej he will be angry with me again and shouts at me..Tej says no worry i will help him in his work ..jojo says i have an idea.

Amrit meets indu asking her why she was after Nimrit life and killed Agam..that Deep was going to be your son in law then why your daughter commited is Agam..Nimrit related to all this as they can never do harm to anyone..Indu replies you want to know the truth go and ask your sister Nimrit..Amrit says fine you dont want to say anything then your son will do it.the security guard getting beaten by the police still not revealing anything..At home all family seated at the breakfast table..Angad tells them he dont eat these dishes ..they can have lunch and stands up to go away..Jojo stops him and makes him sit down and says there is more dishes..Nimrit rushes to get them..Angad says he dont eat these food ..he likes Dal..rice..Bani says its all our favourite food and we made it for you..Angad surprised saying you made all these food..Nimrit asks the housekeeper to take away all the food and give them to the poor..Angad a bit embarrassed as Nimrit tells him you want to eat Dal..rice we all will have same..She brings it and Angad helps her to serve the Dal..Nimrit happy she has not drop the rice while serving him..Nimrit tells Angad are we friends now…he replies on one condition you will not spoil my papers..all have a good laugh..

Amrit.yug talking with the inspector when a constable comes and says karan[security guard] has commited suicide..Indu is brought to see her son but no reaction from her..Amrit confused watching her with no emotion..At the palace Bani..Nimrit happy to hear Angad telling them about his travel journey in so many countries because of his work..Bani wants to hear more but Tej tells her its time to sleep … tomorrow she has to wake up early to say bye to jojo as she is going on field trip..both say goodnight to Angad..Tej tells him they have bond well with him ..he says yes all family only Amrit.. yug..he walks upstairs and Amrit..yug enter the palace.Tej asks them what happened..they relate all to him how karan commited suicide.first son but Amrit says something strange indu behaviour..she did not react as expected to the death of his son..her look said she has a plan and another medium to harm Nimrit..Angad is shown listening to them …

Bani going for picnic and Amrit getting her things ready..Nimrit comes there and happy they are going for picnic..Amrit tells her she cant go as its Bani’s school one..they wont allow her..Nimrit adamant she will go to picnic and dont want to listen to anything.. .. Amrit a bit harsh asking her to go in her room..Nimrit angrily tells her she is bad and wont talk to her nor share her chocolate..Amrit sad and asks Tej to drop Bani to school..Before leaving he asks Amrit to pacify Nimrit.outside Nimrit talking to herself how she wont talk to Amrit and sees Angad working ..he was giving instruction to his workers and Nimrit listening to him in hiding.Angad says its break time and all leave from there.Nimrit puts on his yellow cap and imitating him..she too giving instruction you should do it like this.. with a paint brush she was acting like painting a statue ..she gets scared as she feels someone behind her back .. Nimrit shouts and turning around camera freezes on Nimrit scared face.

precap..Amrit..yug..Tej asking Mahiji what happened..he replies Nimrit is not in palace and Angad also is not here..may be he has kidnapped Nimrit..

Update Credit to: saveeta24

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