Bani Ishq Da Kalma 3rd June 2014 Written Episode Update

Bani Ishq Da Kalma 3rd June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Soham’s residence
While kuki walks tensed, simran comes in and asks whats the matter. Kuki says that she wants to tell rajji about buaji giving away the money to vicky. kuki tells about the money and how she gave it to vicky. simran is surprised. Kuki tells that she doesnt have the phoen, as buaji has kept it with her. Just then, guggi comes along with rajji and assures rajji and others too that even if they dont have a lead yet, they would find out soon about vicky. Rajji tells kuki that she still doesnt have any info on vicky. When rajji knows that bua gave vicky the money, she is shocked. Inside, buaji is talking to someone on the phone, praising vicky galore, when she finds rajji coming in flustered. after she cancels the call, rajji tries to tell buaji that she is wrong, and that she shouldnt have done this, as this is her first wrong descision and why she goes blind when vicky comes in front of her. buaji says that its all her, the girl, the jamaai, and the money, then why is she bothered. rajji says that she is bothered that he too might leave them just like other NRI husbands. Buaji says that after marriage, vicky would have to instantly take away kuki to london and that she wouldnt wait. Rajji says that this means she too is scared somehow that vicky might leave her daughter. rajji says that when she trusts him so much, then why not here. buaji says that she doesnt want to argue and asks her to leave. rajji tries to make her understand, as anu too feels wrong about him, and when so many people are against him, there must be something wrong. but she doesnt pay any attention. rajji resignedly leaves.

In the night, when soham comes back, rajji tells him what buaji did. Soham is angered as now vicky would just run away and they decide that they have to nab him, before he leaves Inida. soham says that he would catch him and retreive the money, the first thing tomorrow morning. he asks here not to bother, and makes her lie down again making her realise that she has to take care of herself for the sake of her baby. Soham thinks that vicky is creating more of a less, and that he would have to put an end to this before it become too late. meanwhile, buaji is wondering in the room, whetehr they all are right, and that if this comes true, then the money shall go and she would be renedered stupid too. Kuki comes in and tries to please her by giving her milk, so that she can have a peaceful sleep. Buaji takes it and she begins to leave. Buaji says that she is restless not due to health problem, but due to her, as she isnt stone hearted, and cares about her too much. buaji says that when she is married and off in london with her husband, then she would know what she is doing right now, and that she can never mean bad for her. Kuki tells her that its late and she should sleep. kuki leaves, while buaji is still tensed. She prays to the lord to fulfill the dream that she has seen for kuki.

The next morning, buaji is tensed when she finds that vicky isnt picking up the phone. rajji and simran find her tensed as they give her tea. rajji comes to buaji and asks if everything is alright. Buaji is irritated and says that she is okay and gives vent to whats her fear about vicky. rajji says that she always advised that they shouldnt do this, and that she shouldnt have false hopes about vicky as he is long gone with the money. buaji doesnt listen, gets frustrated and leaves. simran says that they would have do something themselves, and rajji tells her about soham’s plan. Kuki stands tensed.

Scene 2:
Location: Parmeet’s residence
Late in the night, while parmeet and bani are asleep, bani wakes up when she finds someone aiming the torch lights at their window. She wonders who is it,and then wakes up parmeet too. Bani says that she is scared. parmeet says that it must be a joke. as he begins to go, bani asks him to go and call randip too. parmeet asks her to atleast let him see who is it. Bani offers to come along. As Baldev’s goons arrive in the jeep, and bani and parmeet arent able to recognise them from the driveway, he hollers at them asking who are they as they jam his driveway. bani asks him not to deal with this alone, being tensed for his safety. He asks her not to worry and moves ahead, and says that if he doesnt go, how would he find out. Meanwhile, the goons alight an alcohol bottle on fire, and throw it at parmeet, and it falls on the ground with a shattering noise of glass breaking. Bani is shocked and horrifed, and shouts out parmeet’s name. She comes and hugs him. The goons say that this is just a trailor of what would happen when someone turns baldev’s enemy, and ask him to stop the NGO work. parmeet tries to tackle them, but bani stops him. the goons sit in the jeep and drive away. Bani and parmeet come inside, while bani is still in a state of shock. when parmeet tells them about it, randip and kuljeet get very angry. randip says that he would treat baldev a lesson right away. he begins to leave, but gagan stops him saying that they shouldnt take law in their hands, and should rather inform the police as if the police is called, they would refrain these goons. On bani’s and manpreet’s insistence, kuljit begins to try the police’s number.

The next morning, Randip is super angry that the police arent firing an Fir without any evidence of the intended attack. Parmeet tries to comose him, but is tensed himself too. meanwhile, while working in the room, Bani finds that paper in which she had written her wishes, and is shocked that parmeet had already fulfilled her three wishes, keeping the list with her, without her knowing, but he is taking a big risk trying to fulfill her fourth, rememberinmg the threats of the goons.

As parmeet begisn to leave, bani comes and gives him the paper, she blames it on herself that all of this is happeneing due to her, and that due to her, his life is at risk. parmeet says that he isnt doing this for her, but for himself, as his happiness lies in hers, and sometimes life has to be risked. Bani says now. He says that he had lost himself, but she searched him back, and that he threw her out, but she came back again on her own, and has achieved what she wanted on her own will and courage, but says that every girl isnt like ker, sometimes luck sometimes her own relatives dont support her. he says that they have to start the NGO so that people’s lives mayu be bettered and people like baldev are forced to change their thinking. bani asks him to take care of himself. He kisses her on the forehead, and says that as long as she is with him, nothing can ever happen to him. They look at each other, while their hands are torn apart. Bani tensedly watches, as parmeet leaves. bani says that today he gained much more respect in her eyes, and that she is very proud of him and his thinking that he wants to work for helpless women like she had wanted. the screen freezes on her face.

Precap: Soham comes to rajji and she urgently asks him along with simran if he found vicky. he says that he didnt find anyone leave alone vicky there. rajji asks how can this be, and what does it mean, and where could they have gone. soham says that this means he doesnt stay here, and that maybe he gave them the wrong name and the wrong address too, as noone lives there. rajji is shocked. Soham says that he thinks that both of them have run away with the moeny. Kuki is scared. Buaji comes and in a daze of shock, asks soham if he is saying the truth. when soham complies, buaji is distraught and apalled.

Update Credit to: RIMJHIM

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