Veera 3rd June 2014 Written Episode Update

Veera 3rd June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Episode starts with preeto husband find her and gets a letter. here all the ladies work together. Baldev and his mother came with pind gents. Veera says, these all ladies work together for your food then after she will work. All ladies can work even after house work. All women trying to pick their family weight. So i am asking you from all of you, that you cant allow them after that. Then pind peoples accept the proposal. Everybody praise veera and gunjan.
Baldev and bansari ji gets alone. Baldev says, everything gets spoiled. Veera taunts on them. baldev says, i am not interested, you should take your dinner, please come. Veera then engage bansari and baldev into some work.
Biji says, i cant believe that everything is sort out. Veera says, this idea is given to chaiji. Chaiji says, i had only tell some story but everything is done by veera. Biji says, bring chaiji with you. Chaiji says, bring gunjan with you, then ranveer says, we all will walk towards home.
Biji tells the good news that harmeet paji told about fair. Women gets agree on this. Biji says, we will get money later. Biji then inform to harmeet ji.
Ranveer calls to gunjan then gunjan says, i am busy in work. baldev shouts on friend then baldev tells that my hand get burnt out when i cooked food. Veera givess the ointment and says, i want to see you in sanjha chula. baldev then put ointment on his finger.
Ranveer then goes to meet with gunjan and says, i know you are busy thats why i came here to take lunch with you. ranver see curry then he calls veera. Gunjan gets jealous about it.
Ranveer give food to veera and gunjan take her lunch alone. Preeto says to biji that we forget about sanjha chula. Veera tells ladies that their husband will take this responsibility. Biji gets happy and says, now we have to complete this order in given time.

Precap:- Ranveer show poster of shahrukh khan’s movie then ranveer says, you have said that you cant go outside from home.

Update Credit to: tushar

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