Bani Ishq Da Kalma 28th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Bani Ishq Da Kalma 28th April 2014 Written Episode, Bani Ishq Da Kalma 28th April 2014 Written Update

Maan House
Rajji is adamant that she will put sindoor to signify her pati-vratha character ad so in filmy style puts the teeka on her chest while a pained Simran and Guggi looked on **I found Guggi standing there a bit awkward**

Rajji gives Bani something to put on Sohum’s wound when she changes his bandage **Somehow the wife becomes a husband-specialist doctor after marriage** and they share a two-way consoling moment.. Bani changes the bandage on Sohum’s hands while Rajji looks on.. To involve her and give her a touch of her husband, Bani asks Rajji to help which Sohum does not like.. Sohum tells Bani how he feels closer to her since the accident and she brings him peace.. He describes how he slept well the night before since she was there was him.. The girls look uncomfortable. Suddenly Sohum realises that Bani is not wearing sindoor and insists on doing so himself. While he is about to put it, Rajji accidentally trips on him and the sindoor lands on her forehead.. Sohum is irritated with her and she apologises.. Bani supports Rajji..

The doctor comes for checkup, praises the family for taking good care of Sohum ad reiterates that Sohum should not take stress.

Later.. Sohum is sleeping.. Bani gives Rajji her clothes to pack in a suitcase and explains that she has kept her clothes instead so that Sohum does not have any doubts**These are the kind of dialogues that Rajji should have got and which coming from Bani sounds odd** Sohum wakes up and wants to know what they are doing.. Rajji says Bani was arranging her clothes in the cupboard.. Sohum asks Bani to massage his head with what the doc had given as he was having lot of pain.. Bani looks like he has asked her to commit the ultimate sin Rajji jumps in but Sohum stops her.. Bani says she will do but then makes excuse that Simran had called her in the kitchen and leaves.. Rajji massages Sohum’s head happily and Sohum is also relieved and thanks Rajji for her role in his marriage to Bani..

Angad, Bani and Guggi discuss. Bani feels she is reason for everything going wrong but Angad consoles her that she would have done the same if Rajji/Sohum had been in danger. He tells Bani to support Rajji as Rajji has made a very big sacrifice to save Sohum.. Camera spans to Sohum standing and listening to them and the three are shocked

Bhullar house

Randeep asks Parmeet to start going to office and tells him to sign some cheque. Parmeet tells him he gave his property to Bani and Randeep scolds him. Parmeet defends Bani and says she was not after his money. Randeep asks him what to think of a girl who left him and is now living as her BIL’s wife.. Pji says he will get Bani’s sign..

Some workmen come and say Gagan has called them.. Pji tells Randeep she plans to open a boutique/parlour and Randeep is angry.. Pji patiently explains to let Gagan do what she wants as Bhullar men need to change their outlook..

Randeep goes inside. Gagan and Surjit brace themselves for a fight but are pleasantly surprised when he says he supports Gagan..

Precap: Gurudas Maan singing and dancing. I think Parmeet is also there wearing a turban.. Sohum sees Rajj’s mangalsutra and is shocked

Update Credit to: BullsEye777

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