Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 28th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 28th April 2014 Written Episode, Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 28th April 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Raman taking care of Adi. Raman calls Ishita and asks about Ruhi. Ishita says she is fine. Raman asks did anything there at home. Ishita says no. He asks about Amma Appa. She says I did not meet them. Raman talks about Amma’s hand made rasam. He talks to her sweetly and she smiles. Shagun hears Raman talking and gets jealous. he asks did you get slim. She says does anyone become slim on one day, Ruhi’s interview went well. Shagun thinks when did Raman learn to talk so much. Raman says you looked well in that green dress and not looked a bahenji. Dil kahin rukta nai………… saari fizaaon me hai……………. plays……………. Ishita is happy talking to him. He says I m saying the truth. They have a long sweet talk. Yeh hai mohabbatein……………….plays………………

Raman tells her that he met an old friend and he told him about her that you are strong, independent and I think many people should learn many things from you. He makes Shagun jealous. Raman says hello??? Ishita sleeps. Raman says it looks she slept, maybe she got tired as she takes good care of Ruhi. Adi wakes up saying mumma. Raman gives him water. Adi asks you still here. Raman says yes, doctor told me to attend you all night so I stayed. Adi says now you can go, I m fine. Raman wakes up Shagun and says Adi is fine, I m going to my room. Raman leaves.

Mihir gets a call from Raman. Raman asks Mihir to find out about Ishita, looks like she is worried. He says we spoke at night and she behaved odd, she did not tell me anything. Mihir says don’t worry, I will go and find out, I m happy that you worry about her, you might be missing her. Ishita sees Parmeet at the breakfast table. Mr. Bhalla asks her to have breakfast. Ishita says no, I will have coffee. Mr. Bhalla asks her to sit. Ishita looks at Parmeet and sits. Parmeet looks at her. Ruhi comes to Ishita and says drop me to school. Mr. Bhalla says I will drop her and leaves.

Simmi is angry on Ishita and tells Mrs. Bhalla to take her out. Mrs. Bhalla says fine. Mrs. Bhalla asks Parmeet to have food and serves him. Parmeet says his mood is off. Simmi taunts Ishita. Mihir comes to find out the matter. He says I brought hot puri aloo for you aunty. Ishita says I m not hungry. Mihir ask sher to try it once. Mrs. Bhalla and Simmi look angry on Ishita and leaves. Mihir understands that something happened in the house. He asks Ishita what happened, is everything fine. She says yes. Mihir says Raman was trying to call you. Ishita says I m sorry, I have to leave for the clinic. Mihir senses her upset behavior. Mihir asks Mrs. Bhalla about it and says Raman called me and was tensed.

Mihir says call me if there is any tension. Mihir takes the file and leaves. Mrs. Bhalla gets angry saying Ishita told Raman, I will see her. She comes to Ishita and scolds her for telling Raman everything. She warns her not to spoil Raman and Parmeet’s relation else she will not leave her. She says he is Simmi’s suhaag, so be careful. Ishita says I did not tell anything to Raman. Mrs. Bhalla says Raman had a doubt and he has sent Mihir here. Ishita says I did not tell him, I told you but you did not believe me. Mrs. Bhalla says you lied, stop this drama and don’t make Simmi’s life hell. She leaves.

Ishita thinks whom to tell now. Mihir gets Trisha’s call and he sees Ishita going in anger. Trisha sees him in the compound and he lies that he is in office. She says liar, come to meet me, I have made sambar for the first time, I want you to taste it. She insists and he goes. Trisha says Mihika taught me. Mihika hears them. Mihir scolds her and asks did you put water in pressure cooker. Trisha says no, Mihika did not tell me. Mihir runs to them and puts water on the cooker moving Mihika far. He scolds Mihika. Trisha says its not her mistake, thanks for saving Mihika’s life. Mihika says why did you save me Mihir. Ishita asks Ruhi to play with Muttu and she will be coming late. Ishita tells Mrs. Bhalla to check her phone. Mrs. Bhalla acts rude.

Sarika sees Ishita tensed. Ishita asks her to go home. Vandu comes to meet Ishita and asks why did you call me. Vandu says Amma Appa are coming for dinner and I went to buy vegs. Ishita says actually I need to talk to you. She says my friend is being harassed by a man in her house, he tries to touch her and get closer to her. She says he wants to meet her alone and stares at her in bad way. Ishita says this harassment is getting too much, that girl does not know what to do, as the ladies are not believing her. Vandu says women should not bear this, tell her that she should talk to her family. Ishita says she did not tell her husband. Vandu says a man can do this with someone else too, she can’t tolerate this nonsense.

Vandu asks shall I meet your friend. Ishita says no, I will talk to her, thanks for advice, I promise I will not let the man do this. Vandu gets Shravan’s call and says I will leave, let me know if there is any problem. Ishita says thanks for coming and hugs her. Vandu leaves. Sarika comes to Ishita with her keys. She says I m sorry I heard all your talk. Ishita gets angry. Sarika says I know you are talking about you, not your friend. She says I know you are worried because of Parmeet. Ishita is shocked.

Ishita says the family will break if I tell them, but what to do now. Mrs. Bhalla supports Parmeet. Raman gets worried as Ishitas phone is off.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  3. this serial is going on well. story shud be in such a way that women like shagun who leaves their husbands for another men should be given nice lesson. keep it up.

    1. Are you a man? You concern about how to treat a cheating woman, I’m actually more concern the fact a girl is being harassed and no one is believing her cry for help.

  4. i heard that parmeet will be the one to start ishra’s luv story 😀 love love love yhm n ishitha n raman n ruhi n shagun 😛 yes shagun is cute too 😀

  5. saras I agree..a oman mite leave her husband for many reasons but society always blames her..shasha,dont generalise,please-more often,d fault is entirely the man’s….>:/

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