Bani Ishq Da Kalma 27th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Bani Ishq Da Kalma 27th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with the ladies surprised seeing the food packets on the dining table. They wonder who brought this. Randeep says we brought this. Parmeet says we have some guests today. They hear kids and welcome them. Bani asks who are they. Parmeet says I will tell you. The kids look at the big house. Parmeet says I went in orphanage, so I thought to give them our one day, they will be with us today. Bani says its so good, even I wanted to do this, thanks. Bani and Gagan take care of them.

Guggie is upset and gets a call from Kookie. He thinks what she said about him and does not take her call in anger. Kookie says I did a big mistake, please take my call. She cries. Kookie calls again and gets his phone off. Soham comes to talk to Guggie and says Kookie won’t go far from you if you throw the phone. He says don’t be angry, this won’t solve any problem. He says you know when my first love Bani’s marriage was going to be with someone else, I felt life ended, but no then Rajji came in my life and see we are so happy together.

He says if Kookie marries him, you should be happy for her, and you should do everything for her happiness, as real love is not to get her but to think about her happiness. Guggie says this is not easy. Soham says we are like brothers, be strong, everything will be fine. Bani and everyone serve food to the kids. They play with them and give them gifts. The kids have high dreams. Parmeet says we will help you in your education. The kids thank him.

Bani smiles seeing him. She gets Rajji’s call. Rajji hears the sound and asks whats going on. Bani says Parmeet brought some kids from orphanage and we are enjoying. Rajji says its good. Bani asks why are you worried. Rajji tells about Kookie and Guggie. She tells Bua ji is getting Kookie married with an NRI Vicky. Bani is shocked. Rajji says we feel he is not good, but Bua ji is adamant. Rajji says we have less time to find out about him. Bani says we will find out, don’t worry, we will call Anuradha, Parmeet and I are with you. Rajji says fine, I will call Anuradha. Parmeet asks Bani what happened. She tells him everything.

Anuradha says Rajji I will find out about NRI guy. Rajji says Bani and Parmeet together now. Anuradha says I can’t believe Parmeet really changed, but I have to meet him to believe. Rajji says you will be sure after meeting him, they are happy together. Anuradha finds out about Vicky Dhawan. Bani sees Parmeet working at night. She comes to him and asks what are you doing. He says I m working for Kookie’s shagun. She asks can I help you. He says thanks, you go and rest.

He then takes her help as she insists. He looks at her. Kaisa bataye kyu tujhko chahe…………….. tu jaane na……………… plays…………………He says you go and rest, you are looking very beautiful, if I keep seeing you, how will I work. They have an eyelock. Jaane teri ankhen thi ya baatein thi wajah………………….plays…………………. They smile. She says fine, I will go and sleep. She sleeps. Parmeet looks at her and smiles.

Bua ji does all the arrangements for shagun and calls Rajji and Simran. She asks Rajji to make Kookie ready. Bua ji says Soham we forgot to bring sweets. Guggie comes and says I did not forget it and brings the sweets. Bua ji is surprised seeing him work. Guggie looks happy. Vicky comes with his mum. Bani talks to Anuradha and says how can this happen, ok fine. She tells Parmeet that the guy is…………. He says I know, he does not have record in UK. She says yes, it means they are fraud and not NRI.

The shagun ritual starts. Bani says Parmeet, this won’t be enough to stop the shagun but I will call Rajji. The shagun starts. Kookie looks upset. Bua ji is happy and says my daughter got a good family. Rajji talks to Bani and comes to know that there is no one named Vicky Dhawan in UK. Rajji says I knew this they are fraud. Bani asks can we come there and stop the shagun. Rajji says no, its over. Bani says Bua ji will not listen us, we need to take a big step. Rajji turns and sees Vicky and his mum. She is shocked seeing them.

Rajji tells Guggie that Vicky is fraud NRI. Soham and she will stop this marriage and Guggie will marry Kookie. Bua ji hears this and scolds them.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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