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Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 27th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Payal and Rubel arguing. Payal says I need ways to talk to you. She says I did not wish our child to take an appointment to meet his dad. She says two years, I wanted your time, to talk to you, but you don’t have time for me. She says all the time you stay out of city and then work. You don’t value me at all. Rubel says do you value me. He says I agree, I did not give you time in two years, I tried but I failed, did you take time for me. She says if you can stay busy, then why should I. He says your parties were to hurt me.

She says I was very lonely and wanted to share time with others. She says ask my husband did not have time for me. He asks did you have time for me. He says this is the problem, that you always complaint, did you think of solution, did you think about me, to help me, no, forget office, did you do anything for this house, no. Everyone looks on. He says now I understood, its my mistake, that I neglected all your mistakes, thinking everything will be fine.

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Payal says what would we give to our child. Rubel says stop it, I m sure now that I did a big mistake marrying you. He says I always knew that you don’t love me, I knew you run away on our marriage day, even then I accepted you by heart. Payal says you want to say you did a favor marrying me. Rubel says no, its about expectation. Adi says Payal should have asked Sheela. Payal says why, this decision was not easy for me. Adi you don’t interfere in this, this problem is because of you.

Adi asks Payal to hear him once. He asks them to sort it out, calm down, we will talk. Rubel says I don’t want to talk, she did wrong. Sheela says no need to explain anyone, Payal did wrong, she can’t stay in this house now. Everyone is shocked. Sheela kicks out Payal. Payal says I don’t wish to stay here and starts leaving. She says there is nothing in my and Rubel’s marriage. Adi says I won’t let this happen, Rubel loves you. Payal says if you really cared for us, you would have come back two years before and Rubel, if he really loved me, he would have not left his credit card.

Adi asks Ayesha to stop Payal. Ayesha holds Payal’s hand. Payal says leave my hand. Adi says forget it Payal, stay here till Nani comes back. Ayesha says yes, Payal had some reason to abort, prove yourself right by staying here. Rubel says no use now and leaves. Ayesha says what can we say in this. Sheela says Payal won’t stay here. Adi says let them stay alone, Payal can stay in Nani’s room with Ayesha.

Payal cries and Ayesha gives her tissues. She asks Payal to stop crying. She says this is happening because of you. Ayesha says don’t blame me. Payal says I wanted Rubel’s attention. Ayesha says don’t be senti. You tell me whats in your heart. Rubel packs his bag and says I won’t stay here, why does this happen with me always. He asks am I not a good husband. Adi says you are. Rubel says first Latika, and now Payal, why did they do this with me, why. Ayesha says fine, listen to me, see you did abortion without telling Rubel, its bad, why did you kill the innocent child. Payal says I m feeling guilty now, but I was angry that time.

Ayesha says such decisions hurt later. She says forget this and think about future. Rubel says after I leave, Payal will be happy. Adi stops him and says no one’s life is perfect, look at me, I was finding Pankhudi since two years and now I got her and she is not like Pankhudi, she feels odd when she sees me, we have strange feelings. Adi cries and says everyone has problems, face it, don’t run. Payal says what should I do now. Ayesha says you have to find the solution.

She says you have to do something after Nani comes. Payal smiles. Ayesha says you look beautiful when you smile. Payal says sometimes I feel you are someone else, thanks. Ayesha thinks I m really someone else. Adi asks Rubel to be with him as he needs him. Rubel stays. Adi hugs him. Adi thinks when will Pankhudi’s memory come back as she can handle this situation. Adi says everything will be fine.

Ayesha comes to Nafisa and Ruksaar and tells them what Payal did. Ayesha leaves. Nafisa worries about Rubel and says Rubel did wrong. Adi comes to them and asks where is Ayesha. Ruksaar says she left. Adi asks without me? Fine, thanks. He leaves. Ruksaar ssays I feel sorry for Adi who loved Pankhudi so much. Nafisa feels bad for Rubel. Ruksaar says what happened to her suddenly. Ghalib sees Ayesha and thinks to find out the truth, how can Adi be her husband.

He sees Adi leaving and follows him. Arif scolds Ayesha for coming late. Adi comes there and thinks why did she come here without telling me. He calls her standing out. Ghalib says what is Adi doing here, is Ayesha inside. Ghalib thinks to teach a lesson to Adi.

Ayesha and Adi are together. Ghalib says if you are not mine Ayesha, I won’t let you become anyone else’s. Ayesha saves Adi.

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  1. If i was rubel i would have kicked out payel out of the house in any way she is very bad women she was good before she did the same thing what latika did with rubel i feel very sad for rubel he is got bad luck

  2. Now at least dey shud apend time with each other

  3. Before taking any decision payel should have talked to rubel she always had complaints with everyone i just hate payel i just hope rubel get over with that because he got twice onece from latika and now from payel

  4. Rubel marry nafisa she loves u

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