Bani Ishq Da Kalma 27th August 2013 Written Episode Update

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Bani Ishq Da Kalma 27th August 2013 Written Episode, Bani Ishq Da Kalma 27th August 2013 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Bani’s place
Gagan picks up Bani’s call. Bani asks when they are reaching for Jas’s function, and when gagan says that they arent coming. Bani says that she thought that Gagan asks hasn’t anyone told her yet that she is not coming back. Bani is distraught to hear this. Gagan at the phone. manpreet says that they have to go outside, and cites that they wont be able to come to the function. bani asks if she can also come along. But manpreet denies that she needs to be there right now. She gives her blessings to jas and bani and keeps the phone.

Manpreet reprimands gagan for saying, as there’s always a right time for everything, and that she doesnt need to say anything, and leave it to her to tell bani. she is about to go, but gagan

asks why are they hiding it from bani, as she’s uselessly waiting for them, and increasing her hopes in return. Manpreet says that they dont need to make her understand as slowly she would herself understand, and that they shouldnt spoil today’s happiness for her. She leaves.

Ranvir is very scared when gagan mentions that she’s tensed for bani, and tells the actual reason. She vents out her frustration at her husband, while he is relieved that she hasnt known anything about bani and him. ranvir offers to get bani back, but gagan snubs him off and leaves. He smiles lustily.

Scene 2:
Location: Soham’s place
Soham says that its teh Thaka of jas and they are invited. Buaji says that they may go, but noone else will, as simran and angad wont refuse her, and says that soham is free to go with his wife. All are tensed. Buaji says that they still respect her so much that they dont defy her. Soham says that then its okay they alone shall go. He asks rajji to get ready. Buaji is surprised and angry.

Scene 3:
Location: Bani’s place
While tea is served, bani’s father questions about bani’s in laws’. They discuss that they would come soon and take her back. Bani leaves for seeing if jas needs anything. Soham wonders why is bani upset. Soham asks bani when is her family coming and if there’s some problem. But bani is silent, and says that its nothing. But soham insists that there’s something. Bani tells what manpreet told her. Soham is about to talk more, but sees rajji and stops, at the awkwardness. soham leaves from there.

As jas tries to get ready, she asks rajji not to assist her as she shoudl learn to do things on her own. rajji tries to get bani into chatter and finds her tensed. She asks bani whats the problem, she changes the topic. Jas then gets assistance from both the sisters. Desho comes and asks if she’s ready. jas curtly replies that she neednt bother as her sisters are there for her. Desho leaves. Jas leaves aftre being dressed. Rajji asks bano how long will they give desho the silent treatment. Bani says that this would continue till she forgives desho. rajji is tensed.

The prospective groom’s family asks about bani’s in laws’. Bindal covers up for it, and makes an excuse that the groom is in Canada, and they couldnt come, as its very far off. Rajji remembers her talk with desho, and bani’s statement. As bani gets up to get Jas, rajji stops her saying that she and desho would go to get her. All are shocked while desho is tensed. Rajji takes desho and goes inside, while desho is confused and bani looks on.

Inside, as desho hinders to enter Jas’s room, rajji asks her to enter as she’s hjer mother and she would be right there with her. Desho manages to open the door, but jas, expecting bani and rajji, is shocked and upset too to see desho. she turns her face away, while desho comes to say that she has come to take her. Jas says that she can move along, and she would come with bani and rajji. Jas is silenced by rajji, who asks her to go ahead with desho, while she and basni follow. jas gets up and begins to go with desho. She is about to thank rajji, but she asks her to save it for later. After thery leave, bani and rajji smile at each other.

Deshoi gets jas outside. The matchmaker asks to begin the ritual. Rajji again asks desho to begin to ritual from their end. The ritual is done successfully. After they leave, Desho begins to clean up, and is treated very curtly by bindal and bani’s father. rajji asks how much more shall they punish her, as she’s had enough. She knows the reason for their anger, but she shouldnt be punished so badly, that she’s left all out alone. Kirat asks if she did right. Rajji says that what happened was witrh her, and asks them to forgive her. Bani’s father asks her not to be in this, as they can never forgive her. Nirvel asks wehy should they. Rajji says that because she has forgiven her. Rajji asks why cant they see that she’s so guilty for her mistake, and after all it isnt a sin. She says that she’s the one in most pain, of being alone, despite having such a huge family. Badi bi says that its a sin to have destroyed her life. Rajji asks if she ever said this, and if she is troubled in her in laws’ house, as she has got a very good famil;y and a very good husband too, eyeing soham, and surprising him too. The screen freezes on her face.

Precap: Ranvir comes to bani’s house, and says that he has come here to take bani, on manpreet’s instructions. while bani is horrified, her family is tensed to see scare written on her face instead of happiness to go back to her house. Ranvir asks bani to pack her stuff as they would leave rightaway. bani is tensed and unable to move. All are tensed. .

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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