Uttaran 27th August 2013 Written Episode Update

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Uttaran 27th August 2013 Written Episode, Uttaran 27th August 2013 Written Update

The epi begins with Bhau and his men reaching there as soon as she turns after finishing her prayers. She stops shocked in her tracks. Akash too notices them coming inside the temple. Bhau is looking around for Akash and Meethi. meethi turns to the same ladies asking them to help them. These goons want to kill us / abuse us. Please save us. They quiz her as to who are these people. Akash tries to get up and a chant plays in the background. She sees him struggling and goes to support him in standing up. Bhau and they stand face to face now. She is standing in front of Akash as a shield and tells him not to (do anything to them). Bhau address the women around. I don’t have anything to do with you. You all please carry on with your Teej puja but don’t come between us. We only want to take them

with us. One of the ladies tells him to be ashamed as he is standing in a Shiv-Parvati temple. When we are here you wont be able to even touch them. They come and stand in front of Akash and Meethi now. All the other ladies join them as well. We will stand as a wall in between. If you want you can kill us but we wont let you do anything to them. Bhau says you women…I tried telling you sweetly but you dint understood. Now will have to burst crackers (meaning gun) maybe then you will understand. Everyone gets scared as he takes out the gun. He orders his men to move the women away and they oblige. Bhau stands pointing his gun at Meethi. She stands shielding Akash. Bhau walks closer and holds the gun at her forehead. He smirks while she stands there all composed and fearless. He loads the bullet but son stops hearing a gun shot. Someone (inspector) tells him to stop or he will fire at him. Police and Jogi and everyone have reached there. The inspector orders his juniors to arrest everyone. Jogi rushes to Meethi to make sure she is fine. Police take away bhau along with his men in their jeep. Kanha too hugs his sister while Jogi looks at Akash and his wounds. Instead of answering for himself he tells him his granddaughter is fine. Meethi tells them her life and honour are intact today because of Akash or else don’t know what would have happened. Your sister wouldn’t have been alive today. Jogi lends his support to Akash for walking. Kanha walks up to them and quietly takes his hand over his shoulder. Lets go! They all start walking out. Meethi stops to thank all the ladies for their help. I will never forget your favour for life. All the men turn back. One of the lady comments she is very lucky. Today on the auspicious day of Teej she has been blessed to save her husband’s life. Meethi quietly walks out lowering her head while Vishnu overhears it.

At Thakur House, Mukku tries to give medicines to Damini but she declines. I will be fine when Meethi will be back. Mukku, Rohini try to assure her everyone will bring her back safely. She denies again. Mukku insists. You haven’t taken it since yester night. You will fall ill. Damini stays put. Surabhi too asks her to take it. Damini tells her not to worry about her. I wont die so soon. Your brother has cheated us once again. Meethi was about to get married and he kidnapped her. I wont forgive him ever. And Surabhi I forgave you only because you are about to be a mother. But this time too if you would have supported your brother then I wont be able to forgive myself for giving shelter to you in this home again. Do you hear? Surabhi stands there in tears.
Meethi enters. Mukku notices this and calls out loudly to her. damini rushes to her. Are you alright? Meethi nods. They hug. I was very scared I thought that Akash…what happened? It was Akash right? Meethi tries to say something just when Kanha comes in with Akash (all bandaged and limping). He stops for a second looking at Damini but then starts walking. Damini shouts at him. You came again. How dare you? Kanha tries to say something but she continues. What is he doing here? Surabhi cannot see her brother like this. She hurries up to him. How come you are so hurt? Damini questions Jogi as to why he dint hand him over to the police. Jogi tells Kanha to take Akash to his room. He should rest. Kanha nods. Damini is shocked. Kanha leaves with Akash. Damini cannot believe they can let Akash stay here after all this. Meethi tells her Akash dint kidnap her. damini tells her not to lie. Meethi very calmly reminds her of the restaurant incident where minister’s son had been beaten by Akash and Vishnu for his misbehaviour with me. He only kidnapped me. They were very dangerous. Akash reached on time or don’t know what would have happened with me. Thank god that bade papa too reached on time along with the police or today your Meethi and Akash wouldn’t be alive. Mukku gives her a glass of water which she gratefully takes. Rohini states she too is thirsty but today being Teej she cannot drink it…will be able to drink it when the moon comes out. Meethi stops hearing her words. Rohini tells her to drink it. You too kept fast…for Vishnu? She says she isn’t thirsty. Plus I am tired I should rest in my room. Damini offers to come along.


Surabhi is putting ointment on Akash’s wounds. Everyone was doubting you. I was feeling very bad. But in the end you only saved Meethi. But what if something happened to you? He says I couldn’t even stop breathing till I couldn’t save her. She is proud of him. Now Meethi too would have realised how much you love her. He says she understands or not, agrees or not but now I have decided upon something. I will go from here. She cannot understand why. You fought with everyone from so many days and now? He smiles sadly. Your brother has no energy left to fight any further. I begged so much, gave so many tests but nothing happened. If her happiness is in my going away from here then I will. Surabhi is in tears. He tells her not to cry. I am very happy about one thing. I came here to win my love but I am going after settling you back in your home. Don’t cry Kanha bhaiya will melt. The moment his child will come in this world he will agree. You go and rest I am fine. If I would need anything then I will call you. She leaves only after taking promise from him.

Mukku is arranging flower petals in the puja thaal. Vishnu comes there. He quickly goes towards where the idols are kept averting her gaze. She keeps looking at him (his back is towards her). Do you want anything? He declines. You too are keeping fast? She looks at him for a second and then lowers her head. He points out she isn’t married yet then. She tells him badi ma (Divya) says unmarried girls keep this fast as well….to get a good husband. He says a girl like you would anyways get a good husband. Who wouldn’t want a wife like you? I pray to God that the one you love comes in your life. She says things will happen according to His will only. I am only doing what the elders want. She goes from there.


Kanha is going somewhere or something when Surabhi comes to him. I want to talk to you but as usual he doesn’t want to hear anything. Surabhi says I don’t want to talk about myself. Akash said he has decided. Kanha cuts her off. He can decide anything he wants it doesn’t matter to me. I am grateful to him for saving Meethi’s life. He has done a huge favour on me. I can go and thank him as well. But you and your brother don’t get thinking that I will forgive you both by doing one good thing. he starts walking away but stops. Plus this drama of keeping fast for Teej that you are doing you don’t need to do it actually as I wont come to feed you water. Have it yourself. Plus this wont be good for our child if you stay hungry for this long. He leaves from there. She puts her hand over her belly.

Meethi quietly opens the door of Akash’s room and watches him sleep. Piya o re piya plays. She is all pained to see him in such a state. Tears stream down her cheeks. Get well soon. She wipes her tears and closes the door. As soon as she turns she finds Vishnu standing right behind her. What are you doing here? She tells him she came here to see Akash. He saved my life this is my duty. He asks her only duty? She nods but he points out that her eyes are saying you are lying. You still care for him, love him. Nothing has changed till now. You can still change your decision there is time. At least you people will be happy. She refuses. Nothing can change now. I can stay without Akash but not without Anni. If you want you can change your decision. You still have time. Just let me know.

Precap: Akash gives her gift to Meethi…divorce papers (Piya plays). I wont call you Mrs. Akash Chatterjee from today onwards. These are divorce papers. He walks out of her room. She has tears welled up in her eyes. He stops at the door. I will miss you very much madam…..very much!…

Update Credit to: pooja

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