Bani Ishq Da Kalma 25th September 2013 Written Episode Update

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Bani Ishq Da Kalma 25th September 2013 Written Episode, Bani Ishq Da Kalma 25th September 2013 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Bani’s residence
Bani is about to leave, when biji asks who’s it. Bani hides behind a pillar. biji continuously asks who came. but bani doesnt respond. Bani takes off her head jewellery, and drapes a shawl around her so as not to be seen. Biji asks where’s she going in the morning. Bani says that she’s going to the gurudwara, and leaves hastily.

Later, bindal asks about the wedding dress. Desho goes to get it, while asking bindal not to tell bani, so that she’s pleasantly surprised. Desho comes out tensed, and bindal asks her what too her so long, and where’s the dress. Desho says that she cant find it anywhere. biji asks her to llook again. but desho says that she checked everywhere, but couldnt find it anywhere. Biji says

that it must be with bani, as when she comes from the gurudwara, she can be asked. Desho and bindal are relieved, when biji says that bani must have taken it with her, to get it stitched.

Scene 2:
Location: Soham’s place
Rajji says that buaji’s right, as she’s worthless, and she spoilt everything, aftr they had become friends, and that she got him upset yet again. She wonders what to do to get soham cheerful again. she says that she has to make him realsie, that she’s a good friend of his, but wonders how. Rajji hesitatingly tries to inititae a conversation. she also asks to tag along, with soham, so that she too can take care of rano. Soham says that she can come from tomorrow. But rajji says that she would just take 2 mins to get ready. Before he can answer, rajji goes inside to get ready. He wonders how to take rajji now, as he has promised bani that he wont tell anyone about parmeet. He wonders what to do now. Rajji hurriedly starts getting ready. But then she asks who’s she getting ready for, as she always forgets that he’s just her friend, and doesnt love her. She asks her to embrace herself as his friend, and help him. As she comes out, she finds that he has left, as he didnt wait even after her asking him to. she is sad.

Meanwhile, gugi comes looking for soham and is told by kuki, that he’s gone. rajji comes and says that soham has gone to the station. gugi says that he generally goes later. Rajji says that she doesnt know why he went early today. Buaji starts lamenting that rajji neverv knows the whereabouts of her husband, and that one breakfast togteher doesnt make any difference. she asks rajji if their relationship progressed at all, as after all they are wasting time thinking that rajji would be able to win over soham’s heart.

Scene 3:
Location: At the station
Rano comes dressed as a bride, with her suitcase, a new hope in her heart that her balveer ji would come to take her today. Bani, too dressed as a bride comes to the station, just like rano, and finds people gazing at her weirdly. Both rano and bani are at the same platform, waiting for their husbands’ train to come. Bani remembers parmeet’s promise. they both anxiously look at the watch, unknowing about the presence of the other. the train’s arrival is announced. Bani and rano are eagerly awaiting, with a smile on their faces. Both rano and bani start searching for their husband’s from the extreme ends. While searching, rano and bani come face to face with each other, and are stunned to look at each other. bani and rano, tensedly eye each other, dressed as brides. They is confused, while rano is tensed and sad. They shockingly look at the similarities of their situations. Rano steals her eyes away from bani, and goes away to sit at the platform seat, resignedly having lost hope for the day. Bani looks at her dazedly. Bani too comes to her and sits beside her. Both Bani and rano sit at the platform, and gaze at the train and then at each other. Bani is barely able to control her tears. Rano tells her that she has formed this habit and has decided not to lose hope for the past 20 years. But she asks bani not to do the same, and not become another RANO. She is shocked and horrified to hear Rano’s story. The screen freezes on bani’s scared face.

Precap: As rano wipes away her tears, eyeing the wedding album, she is shocked to find an NRI, getting down, with a suitcase bearing Canada’s tag. As the person calls for a coolie, and turns around to face her, she is shocked beyond disbelief to see the its her husband, Balveer, who’s actually returned after 20 years. The person smiles at her.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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