Khelti Hai Zindagi Aankh Micholi 25th September 2013 Written Episode Update

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Khelti Hai Zindagi Aankh Micholi 25th September 2013 Written Episode, Khelti Hai Zindagi Aankh Micholi 25th September 2013 Written Update

Scene 1:

The episode starts with shruti at her mothers house. She and her mom are talking about shruti’s job and she was fired from the hospital. Her mom tells her to tells her everything properly. Shruti tells her about her being fired and about the insurance company who declared that harsh had suicided and they will not give the money. Then she tells her mom that she will fight for her rights against the insurance company. Her mom than tells her that as now she is not having any job she will work at her pizza shop. Then shruti tells her that she cant as she will be a burden on her. Her mom tells her that she will give her money for the work and she has to work there till she gets a job. Then shruti goes.

Scene 2:

At home

dadi, ami and khushboo are sitting and talking. Ami tells that she cant learn the formulas without her dad. Then she tells them that sanjay is only an uncle and he cant be like her dad. Dadi tells her that she has to learn the formulas atleast for the cable connection because it has been removed. Khusboo tells her that if she fails this time then she will stay back in 9th and ami gets scared. Ami tells her that is she supporting her or scaring. Khusboo tells that she is supporting her by scaring.

Scene 3:

In sanjays office bhavna has come for help. Sanjay is talking on 2 phones together but because of bhavnas distraction he keeps the phone and tells her to go from there. She tells him that she has come there to help him. He then asks her that what do you mean by shares. She tells that shares means cares and sharing things. Then he asks her what is bonds she tells that being in a love bondage is bonds ;like me and you. Then he shouts her and tells her to go and she starts crying, he gives her a tissue and tells her to keep quiet. Till then shruti enters and she tells him about ami’s maths exam. He tells her that he knows and in the morning she had come to learn maths. She asks him that did she do it properly then he says that she told him that she cant learn from him and only from her dad. Shruti tells him that she knew that no on can make her learn maths so easily. He tells that he will try tomorrow again and will make her learn the formulas properly.

Scene 4:

Shruti goes home and sees ami studying. She tells her that why did she do this at school as she is already in trouble and she is troubling her more and whilr telling this she says about the interview by mistake. Ami asks her that what is this interview. She tells that its nothing just about a patient who came late. Ami says that her boss must have done something she will go and hit him. Then shruti tells her to stop and tells her that if she will pass then they all will give her something. Then she asks them what, khushboo tells her that she will give her her red pencil, dadi tells she will give kulfi. Then ami tells that something special should be given to her. Her mom tells that she will put the cable back. Then she tells that she will study a lot and try to pass so that she gets the cable. Then dadi and everyone insist her to study and she is studying.

Scene 5:

Ami and khushboo are in school and ami tells khushboo that she had a dream that she has not completed her homework and she was standing outside the class. Aishwariya comes and asks her that has she done her homework then she says no and khushboo tells her that why does she always see such dreams. Then her friends come and show her a digest and she copies it from that. Khushboo tells this is wrong. Ash comes and tells her that she will tells miss about that. Her friends make ash busy in talks and 1 boy takes her math notebook and draws in it. In the class the teacher comes and checks evryones notebook. She sees ami who has done everything right and praises her. Then she checks ash notebook and sees the smiley faces drawn in it and she scolds her whereas ash tells her that she has not done it but in vain.

Scene 6:

Ami takes her friends to her nani’s house for a pizza lunch. She sees shruti there and asks her what she is doing there. She tells her to tell everything true and in this argument ami’s friends go and tell that they will come next time. Shruti tells ami about her job and tells that she is finding some other work. Ami then gets angry and tells that she will throw the whole tray on that boss’s face. Shruti trells her that because of this she her job went and that she has to control her anger. Then she tells ami about her story when she was small. She tells that she had thrown a bag of vegetables down when she did not get a biscuit pack and her dad punished her. Then ami tells that she is like this only and she cant control her anger. Her mom tells that she has to and she has to pass in this exam. She says yes.

Precap : in the school ami’s friends insist her on cheating in the exams so she will pass and they insist her to say yes as they will cheat together. On so much insisting ami says yes and says that if it is important for her to pass by cheating then she will do that. ..

Update Credit to: Vishwal

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