Bani Ishq Da Kalma 24th September 2013 Written Episode Update

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Bani Ishq Da Kalma 24th September 2013 Written Episode, Bani Ishq Da Kalma 24th September 2013 Written Update

Today’s episode starts off with Kukki giving a suggestion to Rajji that she should also gift Soham something as it will cool him and his anger! Rajji likes the suggestion and says she knows just what to gift Soham. She wants to gift him a red muffler and packs it neatly with wrapping paper. She thinks about where to hide the gift and gets the idea that she should hide it just where Soham hid her payal

She wants to put the gift under his pillow and a paper suddenly falls down. She opens the paper and reads it very excitedly! She thinks it is a note to her from Soham. In the letter Soham writes that he wanted to give the payal to her for a long time but could not and finally he is giving it to her and at the end Rajji reads that it is addressed to Bani! She removes

the payal, breaks down and starts crying miserably!

Bani in Desho’s house brings her bridal suit into her room and locks the door and starts stitching the torn part as she has to wear it to the station the next day. Bani is extremely elated that she is going to meet her Parmeet ji!

Simran and Angad are talking about our couple.. Angad says he finds Soham’s behavior very confusing while he has no problem with Rajji. Simran tells Angad that it takes time for both and they are expecting a lot from both very soon. She says that things have definitely improved a lot from the way they were initially. Just then Rajji comes out of her room. Simran asks why she is not wearing the payal for which Rajji says that they have become too heavy for her and so she removed them. Rajji goes out of the house. Angad tells Simran that he does not know why she feels all will be ok because he doesn’t feel anything going right at the moment.

Soham is in the backyard lost in thoughts of his priye, Bani Rajji walks over to him and hands him the payal and apologizes for wearing them. She says she did not know that they were not for her. Soham says that it doesn’t matter anymore and she can continue wearing them. Rajji emotionally says that she cannot use something which is not hers and was never hers.. she tells him that she knows the payal were for Bani and not hers. Soham says that it is true that they were for Bani. He says that he wants to forget Bani too and lead a happy life especially now that Bani is married to someone else but he is unable to forget her and it is not that easy to let go of your love and suggests that Rajji would not understand how he felt. Rajji says that may be she does understand his feelings. She places the payal in front of him and walks away. Soham takes the payal and throws them into the air

Bani in her room early in the morning brushing her hair. She is getting dressed to go to the station. She says something like Parmeetji is coming today to take her to her house.. she thought she would never go back and all the happiness has stopped outside her doorstep but today she will finally go to her Parmeetji and all her happiness will be returned to her… blah blah blah!

Rano is again looking at her wedding album in a different dress, by the way! She talks to Balveer and says that she met Daarji at the station yesterday.. Daarji did not even recognize her. She says though she did not want to meet anyone until Balveer showed up, she could not stop herself from touching Daarji’s feet. She says she is waiting for the day Balveer will show up and take her to her sasural and Daarji will accept her as his bahu. She says she is sure that Balveer would come today and starts getting dressed. Rano and Bani are shown interchangeably getting dressed to go to the station with a background song. *This scene was done beautifully.. but the message it conveyed is scary*

Rano prays to God that at least today she should not come back empty handed. Bani also prays to God and hurriedly starts to come out of the house when BG wakes up. Bani hides behind a wall and BG asks who it is.

Precap: Bani and Rano face to face at the railway station!

Update Credit to: Hima

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