Bani Ishq Da Kalma 24th June 2013 Written Episode Update

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Bani Ishq Da Kalma 24th June 2013 Written Episode, Bani Ishq Da Kalma 24th June 2013 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Wedding Venue
Parmeet says that he has come straight from the Airport and hasnt even drunk water. he apologies to his grandfather for the delay, while they are shocked. Dadji says that he feels like slapping him, but tells him thnat he doesnt know how much he put them in tension. all are somewhat relieved. He hugs his Grandson. He says that he didnt want to, and opted for a direct flight instead of a connecting one, to avoid delay, but all plans went down the drain. Bani’s father tells him not to worry, as its alright now. All ask to start the ritual as the Muhurat is going away. Tejo is very tensed, while dadiji asks her to rceive her son in law. she goes in trance, while her son in law apologises for the delay. Tejo remembers her challenge

and the promise made to soham. The matchmaker tells Tejo that since she was so busy in greeting Parmeet, she took the liberty to get bani downstairs, for the Jaimala, as they are running late. Seeing bani, tejo thinks that what would happen now, and how would she face soham.

Bani and Parmeet complete the Jaimala, while all congratulate the families. Bani is taken inside. Tejo is still wondering what to say to soham, and how to face him with the news that parmeet has come and jailmala is finished. she decides that its best to do so sooner than later. As she is about to go, her husband involves her into attending to the guests.

Rajji, inside is very scared for Bani, as she cant even see her. bani comes with her sister, and asks them to rest till the anant Kaj. Bani motions to rajji that everything is alright. as she leaves, Rajji asks Bani what happened outside. Bani says that everything is alright, and fine too. Rajji asks if she saw Parmeet too. Bani says that she didnt see as she couldnt muster up the courage. rajji says that she understands as it must have been awkward, with sopham too outside. Bani asks her to just talk of parmmet. Rjji says that bani’s life has given her the courage to go ahead with her own marriage. Rajji says that now she has also understood, that she wont fight, and if he does, then she would be quiet, and then the fight wont continue. she says that she would try everything possible within her reach to make this relation work. Bani is happy to hear this.

Scene 2:
Location: Soham’s house.
Soham unaware of this is happily dressing up, and exclaims his happiness at marrying Bani. He says that he needs to confess his love before marrying her. gogi says that he doesnt need to bother, as she already knows. Soham says that she might have doubted but he lied and cleared those too. He tells his Bhabhi that he wants to meet bani and pour his heart out. gogi says that he wont be able to do so today too, as he stands silently in front of her. Soham says that not this time, as this time he would definitely bare out her heart. They ask him to practise his proposal to bani, with them first. soham agrees and sits down in front of his bhabhi. He says that he wants to say something, that he should have long back, beforer marrying, as he has mustered up the courage now. He says that he had lied when he said that he never thought about her, as he has always loved, ever since he understood love. His bhabhi says that this love has brought bani back to his life. gogi appreciates it, and says that bani would also fall in love hearing this. His bhabhi asks what would he call bani after marriage. they tease him what would bani call him after marriage. He says that he still cant believe that bani is coming in his life, and that he’s marrying her, finally.

Scene 3:
Location: Wedding Venue
The priests outside, ask them to start the Ananat Karaj. Parmeet’s grandad tells that he has gone to get ready. Amreek’s relatives come and say that they have searched everywhere, but cant find amreek anywhere. All re worried thinking where could he have gone, on the day of his own marriage. Bani’s brother comes in with a letter that amreek had given him, before going out. They read the letter that says that he’s sorry that he’s going without telling them, as he didnt have any other option, as he didnt want to get married. He says that he tried to cope under their pressure and insistence, but nothing was right between him and rajji. He says that he has understood that Rajji and he cant be happy with each other, and therefore they shouldnt be married. He apologizes for his descision, saying that its for the best of both of them. And if possible he should be forgiven. All are shocked to hear this. Rajji’s father asks if he wont marry Rajji now. The screen freezes on his face.

Precap: As granny is crying incoherently, and Bani and Rajji continue asking what happened. when granny doesnt respond, Bani asks Jas to say something. Jas tells them hesitatingly that Amreek has left the altar, and told that he doesnt want to get married to rajji. while bani is surprised, Rajji is shocked and distraught to hear this.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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