Bani Ishq Da Kalma 24th April 2013 Written Episode Update

Bani Ishq Da Kalma 24th April 2013 Written Episode, Bani Ishq Da Kalma 24th April 2013 Written Update

The episode starts where it left off yesterday, Sarabhjeet asking where Soham was. They see Soham coming. Bani will tell Sarabhjeet to eat and he will notice Soham and Bani looking at each other. Bani has very sad look on her face. Both will be very quite. As she was going she will look back at Soham and go. Sarabhjeet will see all this.

He asks Soham that you waned to tell something what is it. Soham will stammer and Sarabhjeet will tell I know you are going to talk about Bani and you like her. His friend will tell what like that he loves her so much and he never looks at anybody. Then he tells that he has applied for a Visa so that Dishu Aunty shart. Soham will send hos fried away.

Nearby ,Nirveil will be working and he will be listening to all this. Soham tells I really love her and have respect for her. Then Sarabhjeet will tells that I know you love her and respect her but I have to ask someone and and that is my younger brother Nirveil.

Nirveil is very emotional and asks him why? Sarabhjeet will tell when I took the decision for Rajji why cant you take for Bani Nirveil tells that I also like the boy.

Then Soham is asked to wait and he agrees. Sarabhjeet tells I will have to inform Dishu and try to convince her.
Then Nirveil will ask if Dishu will agree and I hope she agrees.

Maamiji will be getting very restless and says I do not want to get into finding the match of Bani. Maamaji and Maamiji will argue and he will tell she has no other option but to stay till Bani’s wedding. She will be cursing.

Soham goes home and gives the new to Simran his Bhabi, but then She already knows the news and they are very happy. She will be happy hearing it and will be making all kinds of plans when Soham will caution her that Sarabhjeet has to tell all the other family members and take their permission.

Bhabi will tell very easily that the father has agreed and it will be easy to convince the mother. She will also tell she will convince his brother seeing the right moment.

Bani and Rajji meet and Rajji will be ranting away what was the matter with Thaiji for getting you married in such a short time? Then Bani tells if I don’t have a problem then why should you. My happiness is with my family’s happiness. You did not want to get married to an NRI. Now both of us are getting married to NRI.

She tells her to tell she does not want to them when Bani refuses to do it Rajji tries to tell she will call off her own marriage. Then Bani will shout at her and tells everything happens with the permission of god and he must have thought some thing good when he decided it.

Soham will be telling Rano on the station that he loves Bani the girl she met in the Gurudwara. Then he tells that
They wedding is going to get fixed. I am also going to get my Visa and take her aboard. This way I will fulfill the wishes of her mother.He tells her to pray that the wedding will go of well. Rano will be listening with a dazed face.

PRE-CAP: Soham’s brother will tell him that he will help him in the war of love. Sarabhjeet will ask Bani about Soham and tells he loves her and he wants to hear from her mouth what she thinks of him.

Update Credit to: anurao

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