26-12 24th April 2013 Written Episode Update

26-12 24th April 2013 Written Episode, 26-12 24th April 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with, Sameer seeing his daughter who is sitting up and is happy. She asks him if he was a terrorist. He asks if you are okay why did you ask this question. She gives a book and tells it was on the desk. The Holy war, he remembers the flashback of how he got the book. He tells her that he was using it for research. Then she tells there are so much about bombing in that book and he puts her of but she was not convinced.

Jeddah and Rashmi will be waiting for Randeep. Jeddah will be keep on passing snide remarks. Randeep gives a paper where Jeet is ours. Then Jeddah starts making fun and Rashmi stops all that talk and tells Jeddah that to be within his limits She agreed to work for him because Randeep wished it so. Then she tells them both that to give some respect for her and her intelligence.

Sameer is taking on the phone with somebody and so he then he goes to the person who is tied up. He was the person who originally gave the tiffin box bomb to Akilesh. The man asks what is happening. Sameer tells that in the recent Pune bomb blast the police are searching for one suspect and then he tells I will hand you as the person behind the blast.

Then He tells him to behave and then the Man tells he is the only person who knows where Professor Narein is. Sameer is forced to leave the man alone for he is the only person who knows the professor.

Sameer has a flash back of what happened before.

Rashmi’s associate will give them a laptop and they will see the movements of Sameer. Then Jeddah asks that why did Sameer meet Al on that day. What is the connection between them?

Rashmi is wondering they were talking about a parcel. I wonder what kind of parcel is that and Randeep tells they are all terrorists and they will work underground they will never come into the open and they will fight from the back.

Rashmi will then tell that it is a big plan and maybe a big blast or a series of blasts. Jeddah looks at a paper where everything is written down and linking it to 2613.

A person will give something to a old book seller, then he opens and he sees a hundred rupee not and a paper with 2613 written on it. The man drives away his customer.

Then Rashmi’s associate will call her and inform that the tabs, which they had kept on Sameer, are missing. Then Rashmi tells that what can we do.

The person who gave the money to the book seller is Shah’s newly appointed man. Shah will be hiding in a room and waiting for some information from him.

Her man will find out that he got a name Sameer Merchant. Then Shah says he is a writer and I have to get to know him.

Randeep drop a sleeping Rashmi home. He wakes her up and tells that the house has come please go and take rest. Suddenly they show someone standing behind the tree. Then Randeep and Rashmi will be talking and a gun is pointed at them.

Then they show Shah and she is very angry at seeing them happy and talking. Shah will be ready to pull the trigger.

Shah will be happy and is about to pull the trigger when someone kidnaps her and takes her away.

Then Rashmi will tell bye and go up.

Shah who was kidnapped and when they remove the mask she finds it is Sohail the man she had appointed. She is very wild to find herself tied to a chair. She will be trying to escape.

Pre-cap: Sameer will call her Shahana Malik, Malik Saab ka Begum and how could you make such a mistake.
The SUI head will give Jeddah 3 days time to arrest the two and then get a promotion or else he will loose his job.

Update Credit to: anurao

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