Bani Ishq Da Kalma 18th September 2013 Written Episode Update

Bani Ishq Da Kalma 18th September 2013 Written Episode, Bani Ishq Da Kalma 18th September 2013 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Soham’s place
While buaji is tensed, she collides into kuki and starts reprimanding her for irritatingb her all the time, as kuki goes on her banter. buaji says that she’s very tensed. Kuki asks if she’s sick. Buaji denies and asks her to get lost, and that she[‘s tensed as o what happened in the night, and whether rajji was successful in her plan.

In their room, rajji begins to clean and arrange the room, while soham is still asleep. He wakes up and asks why’s she cleaning so early morning. rajji says that she had decorated last night, for him, so that they could have dinner last night, together and make it special. He asks her why she did this and what does she want to prove. She says that she just felt like doing this for him. he says that he has told her not to. she says that she just wanted to surprtise him, and whats so wrong. He reminds her again that all her efforts would be in vain, and she neednt do this anymore. He leaves, while rajji is distraught.

As soham comes out, buaji finds him tensed, and expects to know what happened. Soon rajji comes out too, tensed and sad. buaji sighs as if she ecpected this all along. gugi comes and asks soham to come along for the fields. Buaji eyes rajji, and reminds kuki that she had told that these dramas wont win over the heart. rajji is sad and leaves.

Simran comes back and angad starts praising rajji that she handled the house beautifully after she went. Rajji cheers up. simran too praises her for being so good to this house and for soham too. rajji is sad to think that. She breaks into tears. simran asks what happened. angad asks if buaji scolded her again. She breaks into tears inconsolably. simran takes her inside the room. angad is tensed. Inside, simran asks her what happened. rajji says that she has lost finally, surprising simran. Angad comes and sees the romantic setting of the room. Simran asks if she did this for soham. rajji nods. Simran asks her no tobe disheartened, as she can try again. Rajji says that she wont be abel to dot his as she knows nothing, as whenever she tries to get sopham happy, she does something, that angeres him even more, and that buaji is right in thinki9ng that she neither is, nor ever will be a good wife. simran asks her to be a good friend first, before being a good wife. Simran tells her how much soham needa a friend more than his wife now, and a wife is a man’s best frioend. She asks her to try and be a good friend to soham, rather than his good wife, so that soham can share everything unhesitatingly, and tells her that when that day comes, her win wont be far behind.

Scene 2:
Location: Parmeet and bani’s place
Manpreet asks the servant to regularly clean bani’s room, even if she isnt here. Bani calls her up and asks about the wedding dress. manpreet says that its here only, and she forgot to give it to her that day. She asks if she can send it now. Manpreet says that if she felt, she would have got bani back, but adadji has asked her not to see her, then howcome she would send the dress.

Bani says that she understands her problem and cancels the call. Manpreet eyes the dress, and thinks that so many people have been ruined due to this house. Bani thinks that she had promised Parmeet, but how should she get the wedding dress from the haveli to wear. She thinks that manpreet looked so tensed, and how can she say that this is very temporary, as parmeet is going to be back soon. She thinks that he’s going to come back to her, and take her back to that haveli, with the same respect and honour that she had been bestowed the first time she stepped in that haveli. she wonders how to get the dress.

Scene 3:
Location: Rano’s place
rano remembers colliding into manpreet, the day before, and how she didnt meet her, as she wanted to go with her husband only back to that house.

Scene 4:
Location: In the fields and soham’s place
Angad reprimands soham as to why is he behaving so badly and rudely. Soham says that he’s doing it for rajji’s wellbeing. Angad asks him not to think like that. soham says that she’s trying at the wrong place, as he wont ever be able to love her. angad says that now he feels that soham isnt even trying to understand them. He asks him to value rajji’s desires and wishes now, those that she never lend a voice too, and is just focussed on keeping them happy always, especially soham. He asks him to understand her efforts and pains. soham asks who is she doing this for. angad says that she’s doing it for him. he asks angad to stop doing so, as its in vasi9n and says that he doesnt want to discuss it any further. angad angrily says that they wont talk, but the way he hurt rajji last night, has to be compensated, by him asking her out for dinner. Soham says that he wont be able to do this. He says that he isnt asking, but ordering him to take rajji out for dinner. Soham is tensed.

Later, soham comes home to find rajji sad and lost. She is surprised to see soham too. rajji tries to keep herself busy. soham initiates the converstion by asking if there’s anything to eat. rajji begisn to get something, but he asks her to let be. He asks if everything’s right at home. rasjji gives one liner statements. Then soham abruptly asks what does she like in food. rajji is shocked and turns around, and says anything. He asks if she likes Dhaba food. She is confused but nods. Soham asks her to be ready as they would go for dinner in the evening. Soham explains why he’s doing this, and tht he felt bad that she got hurt due to him. He awkwardly says that he would come to pick her up in the evening. After he’s gone, rajji is a little happy and hopeful.

Scene 5:
Location: Bani’s place
While the family is having food, the matchmaker comes in and says that she’s in a hurry, and wants to talk first. She says that she has come heer for jas’s relation. desho excitedly asks who’s the person, what does he do, how’s the family. Sarab asks her to let her speak. she says that she hasnt come for Jas’s relation, but to tell them that its impossible for her to find a suitable groom for jas. She says that noone wants to be in relation with them. nirvel says that its very common. But she says that its not only jas’s but bani’s too, and says that bani’s past is coming to haunt jas’s marital proposals. they are all surprised and tensed to hear this. she says that she couldnt lie when people ask why jas’s relation as called off, as people would have known eventually. she says that two days the girl comes home, and people start speculating. she says that she came here to tell them, that they shouldnt completely rely on her and should start looking elsewhere too for Jas’s relation. They are all sada nd tensed, as she takes their leave . the screen freezes on bani’s tensed face.

Precap: Rano, dressed as a bride, is waiting at the station, in the hope that her husband would get down from the train, finds a person getting down. she tries to see who the person is. she is shocked when she finds that daadji has gotten down the train…

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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