Jee Le Zara 18th September 2013 Written Episode Update

Jee Le Zara 18th September 2013 Written Episode, Jee Le Zara 18th September 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Saanchi coming home and seeing someone changing the curtains. She thinks Advait is doing it and asks him to get down. Dhruv removes the curtains from his face. Saanchi asks him to get down and she will do it. Aaji and Nani says they will handle it. Lawyer comes and Saanchi introduces him to everyone. And tells the lawyer that dhruv prepared the notes. Lawyer says he came to inform that the case hearing date came. Saanchi says when? He says this monday. Saanchi is shocked and says some guests are coming for lunch on Monday. She says can’t we postponed it, he says no. Saanchi asks him to do something. lawyer says if judge gets angry then they may lose the case. Saanchi is tensed and is all the family. Prachi calls Sunil and asks him to talk to his parents to change the date. Sunil says his parents may change their decision and asks her to make Saanchi understand. Saanchi looks at Prachi, prachi says you are fulfilling Papa’s dreams. I and sunil saw some dreams, before taking any decision think about it. Saanchi is shocked.

While Saanchi is in thoughts. Dhruv throws a flying paper rocket and says he sent some message with it. He asks what she was thinking? Saanchi says she don’t know what to do? Dhruv asks her to think what her Dad would do in this situation. Dhruv searches something in the plants and says he fond her smile which was lost. Saanchi laughs. dhruv asks her to sleep and not to think about tomorrow. Dhruv says you want something from me? Dhruv says he is talking about recipees which his mom sent for her. Saanchi thanks him again. Dhruv says he wants return gift. Saanchi says you are not a kid. Dhruv says he wants her car to go on a drive, but Saanchi says she won’t give it to anyone. He asks her about the name of the judge. Saanchi replies.

Aaji and Nani asks Saanchi about her decision. Nani says they will asks Sunil parents to come on tuesday. Ulka kaki comes and asks what they are talking about? Nani says they are postponing the monday’s meeting to tuesday. Ulka says if you postponed the meeting then the groom’s parents will not come as their ego gets hurt. She says postponing means cancelling the alliance. Aaji and Nani asks her to go on a meeting and they will handle Prachi and Ulka. Saanchi meets Dhruv and says prachi’s mood is off. Dhruv says he will handle her. Saanchi says you are very smart.

Ulka tells the grannies to get ready to keep prachi at home. She says Saanchi never gave importance to her life and always focussed on work. Nani asks her to leave as Aaji’s blood pressure will increase. Dhruv comes, Aaji says ulka always speaks bitter. Dhruv says you are cool Aaji. He asks for Prachi and goes to meet her. He tries to make her smile. Prachi says Saanchi didn’t care for her and only cares about her farm. She says her dream to get marry to Sunil will be imcomplete. She says Sunil’s parents won’t agree this time. Dhruv says you tai will find a way out, she lives for you. she couldn’t sleep in the night. Prachi asks why you said I am not smart? Dhruv says you would have cried aloud if you are smart. dhruv says he will get glycerine bottle for her. He asks her to save her energy.

Lawyer tells Saanchi that if we don’t appear in the court then the case date will move forward. Saanchi tells the lawyer to change the date. Lawyer says it is not wise to take another date. he says they will lose the case. Saanchi says she understands but try to get another date. lawyer says you may lose too. Saanchi says she will go to supreme court if she lose at the lower court. She says she have to think about her sister’s happiness. Lawyer says think about it. Saanchi says family comes first.

Dhruv is driving Saanchi’s car and asks her to sit. She sits beside him.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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