Bani Ishq Da Kalma 18th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Bani Ishq Da Kalma 18th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Rajji’s residence
Buaji asks her what nonsense is she talking. Buaji asks after all this time, she still insists on this. rajji tells buaji that there’s one final lie that needs to be unravelled. Buaji says that there’s no need for her to turn another lie into the truth. rajji says that she needs to tell vicky that he had been deceived. Rajji tells him that he has to know that kuki is in love and was bound to run away with her lover this very afternoon. Buaji is shocked. vicky says that he knows everything, as buaji hasnt hidden anything from him. Rajji is shocked to hear this. rajji says that he still wants to marry kuki, and he is the only family, who can approve of such a girl, who doesnt love him, but wants to run with someone else. Vicky says that he wants to, and wants to repeat saying that kuki isnt at fault, and that being naive she can be esasily distracted and once married, she would understand whats right or wrong for her. rajji goes to the mother, and asks how can she approve of this marriage and be silent about this. she says that she is a mother and knows what buaji is going through right now, and if kuki doesnt get married to vicky, she would be disrespected. rajji tries to argue, but buaji stops her saying that now she should give up, as all her efforts have gone down the drain and that nothing can stop this marriage from happening today. Vicky comes beside kuki. the marriage chantings begin. Kuki cries silently, while others helplessly watch. the priest starts one ritual after the other. the jaimala starts, and after vicky does his part, and kuki doesnt, buaji coaxes him to do the jaimala and she complies resignedly. rajji is highly disturbed. Next the gadhbandhan starts. Just then, guggi arrives, and is shocked to see what he does, while buaji eyes him anrily and all others are surprised. Guggi comes inside. kuki rises up saying that she wont marry vicky. He is tensed that things mightnt work out. buaji asks whats she saying. Kuki reaffirms her wish. Guggi is overwhelmed. Buaji gives her the threat that she would kill herself if kuki doesnt comply to her requests. angad asks whats she saying. Buaji emotionally blackmails her into doing so. Kuki has no option, but to sit down finally, while she eyes him overwhelmingly. the phears begin, while guggi watches in distress. Soham’s voice booms asking them to stop, as he arrives with a mother-daughter. rajji is relieved, while buaji is tensed. Vicky and his mopther are scared. Buaji doesnt believe again, when soham says that they are fraud and they havent even stepped outside Punjab, are completely fake. He produces another victim of their fraud. soham says that even his mother isnt real. vicky tries to protest, but buaji gives the mother and daughter to speak. they relate his story completely, about being very similar to theirs, and that the boy is actually Gurmeet Bhalla, a known fraud. vicky vehemently denies. buaji asks her to finish first. The mother tells her the same story of the NRI posing, and the way he had taken money from them on the pretext of passport. Buaji is shocked as she relates to it. She says that she decided to find out first about their background, before handing the money, and found that they are habitual offenders and asks buaji not to get kuki married to vicky at all. vicky starts clapping and terms it all a drama, trying to turn the tables around, and how well they have planned against him. he asks buaji if she too thinks that this is the truth and tries to implicate that this is all soham and kuki’s concoction, as they never liked him. Buaji is tensed.

Scene 2:
Location: Bani’s residence
bani is getting tensed that its 1 and parmeet hasnt come back yet and hopes that everything is alright. She thinks that she is getting late for rajji’s house too, and hopes that everything is right there too.

Scene 3:
Location: Rajji’s residence
Vicky’s mother tells buaji to decide once and for all, if she wants to believe these bought, false witnesses, or her, not that she cares even. she says that after such insult, she doesnt want to stay back and asks vicky to go too. As they begin to leave. buaji stops them. they turn around. all eyes turn to buaji. The screen freezes on buaji’s face.

Precap: NONE

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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